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Ada Connection – Jan 20, 2021

Action Needed

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Snow, Parking Lot & Kid Danger
  • Kindergarten Intentions

Now You Know

  • Art Box
  • GRASP Summer Program
  • 2021-22 Preschool Registration Now Open
  • Moms In Prayer

ACS Athletics

  • PurePlay

Calendar Reminders

Action Needed

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Feb 16 4:30-7:30pm
Feb 25 4:30-6:30pm 

K-4 Teachers Classrooms
Specials Teachers Commons
56er Teachers North Gyms
78er Teachers South Gym 

*Mrs. Van Noord and Mr. Schrotenboer in-person only on Feb 16 (Due to request for numerous virtual conferences)

If you requested an in-person conference you will receive a schedule in the coming weeks with your appointed time. 

Snow, Parking Lot & Kid Danger

Students can and have slipped and tumbled into the parking and driving areas while climbing on the snow piles on our sidewalks and parking lot. Please help us keep our kids safe by helping us enforce the "Feet on the cleared areas of the sidewalks and parking areas, please." rule. 

Thank you!

Kindergarten Intentions

If you intend to send your child to kindergarten for the 2021-2022 school year, please call the office at 616-676-1289 or email Sharon DeJong () We need your child’s first, middle and last name, address, email address, parent's name, phone number as well as your child’s  birthdate for the list we are building.  

We would also like to know if you prefer 5-day or Progressive Kindergarten. Parent preferences vary from year to year. To help us plan for staffing needs, we will cap the list for each option at 22 and then begin to build our 3rd class list. There is a chance that those on the 3rd list may be asked to alter their preference. 

For families enrolling their oldest child in kindergarten, another part of the enrollment process is a meeting with Melissa Brower, our principal. This meeting may happen any time before enrollment. If you would like to schedule that meeting, please contact Mark Stuit at 616-676-1289 or

Now You Know

Art Box

These days of restriction have been hard on all of us, but especially our older population who are most at risk.  A woman in the Ada Community has begun The Art Box Project where schools can collect children’s art to share with our elderly.  The pieces will be gathered up at the end of each month, attached to an encouraging note and delivered to the GR Home for Veterans  The volunteer coordinator shared that this art brings many smiles and much happiness to the 160 residents. Our art box is located in the foyer of the school. Please consider sharing this project with your children. Their creativity will bring needed cheer to these individuals who have served our country so well.

GRASP Summer Program

Forms can be downloaded or can be picked up in the ACS office. GRASP is an optional summer correspondence education program for grades K through 8, which helps students maintain reading and math skills while they are on summer vacation. Forms are due Feb 12. 

2021-2022 Preschool Registration Now Open

Preschool registration for 2021-2022 has officially begun!

Attached you will find class offerings, tuition information, and more for the 2021-2022 school year.

Please note that some classes are nearing capacity. If you have any questions please contact Jennifer Gormley, Preschool Director, at 616.676.0254

Thank you also for sharing ACS with your friends and family. We have heard from so many already for tours and more information. 

Moms In Prayer

This week we’re praying for our specials teachers and assistants. 

God is Immutable — One who never changes or varies.

"Jesus Christ, may we know that You are the same yesterday and today and forever." - Hebrews 13:8

We’re a group of Moms passionate about lifting up our kids and ACS faculty and staff in prayer — we are undaunted by COVID and will continue to pray every Thursday, 8:00-9:00am. If you’d like to join us via Zoom, please do! Below are the details. If you have trouble signing on, give me a call (Kelly, 616.304.2963)

Kelly Stafford is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: ACS Moms-In-Prayer mtg

Time: Dec 03, 08:00am        

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 765 8779 5106

Passcode: TmSSV7

ACS Athletics


PP Basketball is happening!

Co-ed Child-Parent Volleyball Clinic: Saturday, March 6 from 9-noon.

Boys and girls and Moms and Dads are welcome to this fun morning. Each child needs to be accompanied by an adult who will be his/her partner. The focus is on fundamentals and fun. Cost is $30 per pair. Two t-shirts included. To sign up, email Coach DK (). Deadline Feb 19.

Calendar Reminders

Feb 16 & 25 – Parent Teacher Conferences

Feb 18-22 – No School - Winter Break

Middle School Matters – Jan 15, 2021

Middle School Matters

General Announcements

Wildcats of the Month:

Congratulations to our December Wildcats of the Month: Brinley Jung (5th), James VandenBosch (6th), Mia Roe (7th) and Alexandra Osborn (8th).

Parent Teacher Conferences: Dear ACS Parents, We miss seeing you! For parents comfortable meeting in person, we are offering in-person parent-teacher conferences Feb 16 and Feb 25.  We understand there are a variety of family circumstances this year, so we are also offering virtual conferences with homeroom teachers. 

Please read through the following information and then respond to a very brief questionnaire to let us know your preferred choice for conferences. It is important that we hear from each family no later than Jan 15 so we can plan and schedule appropriately.

Parking Lot Reminder: As a reminder please do not block the entrance off of Fox Hollow. If there is not room to pull forward fully into the bus loop please pull into the parking lot instead.

5th Grade

Upcoming Event: Students received a flier about a special “secret” event happening on Fri Jan 15. Parents received an email on Tuesday from Mrs. Westrate. If you’re not sure you saw the paper or the email, please let Mrs. Westrate or Mrs. Reidsma know.

Fundraising Totals: Wow! What a success! Students did an amazing job raising money for Water for South Sudan, as well as SEED Market. This year’s totals are as follows:

Water Walk Fundraiser =  $983.20

SEED Market = $2,941.08 

Art: 5th grade will complete glazing next week and transition on to their next project. The next projects in art students will learn about various 20th century artists. 

History: Students completed the Reading MAP Test in social studies class. Next week, they will continue learning about the 1st colonies!

Language Arts: This we read many books and took many quizzes for B.O.B. We also read The Unsung Hero of Birdsong, USA and The Story of Ruby Bridges. We focused on analyzing character traits and identifying evidence to support our ideas. Next week we will continue B.O.B. and complete the Language Arts MAP Test.

Math: We just completed multiplying and dividing decimals. We will now be working on expressions and patterns. 

Music - Band: We had a quiz this week on #83 - the B-flat concert scale. We are finishing page 23. Ask for a mini concert and encourage students to practice and write down their minutes on the practice calendar. :)

Music - Choir: We are singing worship songs, a Sound of Music song, doing body percussion and bucket drums, and getting ready for a virtual concert performed by the Grand Rapids Symphony.

PE: This week we are finishing up our time playing floor hockey in class by applying our skills to a floor hockey tournament. Next week we will be starting up a jump rope unit!

Science: Students have been mixing up many solutions in class. We are learning about concentration and saturation and crystals and more!

6th Grade

Upcoming event: 6th graders will soon learn about an exciting event that is taking place on Friday, Jan 29. Look for an email from the 6th grade teachers this coming week with more information.

Art: In class student’s are starting a watercolor unit. Students have to watch and take notes on 12 watercolor techniques video that are posted on the art Google classroom by the next art class. In class next the emotion monster project will be collected. Please check the homework calendar for project due dates and sketchbook homework. 

History: Students completed the Reading MAP Test in social studies class. Next week, they will continue learning about ancient Egypt!

Language Arts: This week we learned more about plot and the types of conflict by reading “Jack and the Beanstalk” and “The King of Mazy May.” Next week we will complete the Language Arts MAP Test and learn more about setting in short stories.

Math: We are starting to learn about expressions and the distributive property. In this chapter Algebra is introduced! 

Music - Band: We began working on an African piece with a lot of percussion parts. It already sounds cool! We are going to be doing a solo unit soon. Each 6th grader has a solo in their band book to practice. 

Music - Choir: We are singing all sorts of different songs, doing body percussion, buckets, and also learning about a number of different instruments as well.

PE: This week we are finishing up our time playing floor hockey in class by applying our skills to a floor hockey tournament. Next week we will be starting up a jump rope unit!

Science: 6th graders took a test this week over our Weather unit so far. We are continuing our study with a focus on the impact latitude has on weather and climate.

7th Grade

Art: 7th graders have started exploring creating non-traditional self portraits in class. Ask your students what style their portraits are going to be. Please check the homework calendar for sketchbook and project due dates.

Bible: In Bible Class we are working on our sermons unit. Students are beginning to answer big questions about sermons, why we should listen to them, and the importance of Scripture.

Language Arts: We will continue our study of the novel Trouble by Gary Schmidt.

Math - Algebra: We are wrapping up our chapter on systems of equations with a test tomorrow. (We will complete this test in two parts - part A will be completed on Friday and part B will be completed on Tuesday.) Next week we will also be taking the MAP test and reviewing Chapters 1-5 before beginning chapter 6. 

Math - Pre-Algebra: We worked through a quick Chapter on Linear Expressions and will be reviewing for a test next week. Wednesday, Jan. 20 we will be taking the math MAP test, and that will go until Thursday or Friday. 

Music - Band: We had a quiz on a choice of two songs this week. Some students chose to do both, which is so awesome. We also have two major works we are beginning to learn - First Suite in E-flat and Harrowgate Festival. These both need practice time at home.

Music - Choir: We are continuing to work on the Seven Brides unit and also bucket drumming/rhythm and singing songs as well. 

PE: This week we are finishing up our time playing floor hockey in class by applying our skills to a floor hockey tournament. Next week we will be starting up a jump rope unit!

Science: Students are looking into the ecosystem that our fish will be diving into this spring: The Grand River and then Lake Michigan. We are comparing water samples from multiple places with our tank water and discussing how it would affect our fish. 

8th Grade

South Christian High School - Explore Night 

Eighth grade students and their families are welcome to join us to Explore South Christian on February 1st or February 3rd from 7:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Please enter the Main office entrance (Door A), grab a map and Explore the SCHS campus! Masks are required.  If you have questions or concerns please contact Sherri DeVries (). 

Grand Rapids Christian High School Scheduling Night

Ada Christian 8th grade students and their parents are invited to attend a virtual 8th grade night with the Grand Rapids Christian High School counselors. We are so excited to show you what GRCHS has to offer! Please join us on Thursday, January 21st at 7:00 PM, when Renee Hartman, GRCHS Counselor, will lead a virtual scheduling event over Zoom. We will begin with an information portion followed by a Q & A where she will assist you in selecting your child’s classes for their freshman year. We appreciate your attendance at the Jan 21 meeting as you contemplate this transition from middle school to high school! If you cannot attend the meeting, you may call the GRCHS Counseling Office, 616-574-5650, or email we can assist you in finding another virtual night to attend. If you have any additional questions about the enrollment process or variable tuition, please contact our Director of Admissions, Vickie Fischer ().  We hope that you can join us!

Zoom link

Meeting ID: 264 623 7593
Passcode: 150453

Art: 8th graders are working to take their ideation work to the next level in the Frank Stella inspired family shape project by creating their ideas out of cardboard. Please check the homework calendar for project due dates and sketchbook homework. 

Bible Huttenga: Students are working on a poster tying together the Reformation Worldview and important scenes from The Last Battle. 

Language Arts: We are close to wrapping up NHD! Parents, you will be asked to assist in an aspect - more information will be sent in an email. This coming week, we will start reading the theater adaptation of The Diary of Anne Frank. In the time following, we will begin further installments of the Book of Memoirs project as well as language/usage studies as we draft these creative nonfiction essays.

Math - Algebra: We have our chapter 5 test coming at the end of next week. We are becoming pros at working with linear functions and systems. 

Math - Geometry: We are currently reviewing chapters 1-6. It’s hard to believe we are halfway through the course! On Tuesday we will begin chapter 7 and learn more about quadrilaterals and other polygons. We will also be taking our MAP test. 

Music - Band: We had a quiz on L’Arlesienne; a beautiful piece by Georges Bizet. We continue to work on our major work: First Suite and also Harrowgate. Lots to practice in the First Suite for sure.

Music - Choir: We are working on our musical. SO FUN to see them develop their characters.

PE: This week we are finishing up our time playing floor hockey in class by applying our skills to a floor hockey tournament. Next week we will be starting up a jump rope unit!

Science: We are studying light and what we see. Specifically we are learning about additive light- when you add the colors of light together- and subtractive light - when you take away the colors of light you are seeing. 


We are scheduled to start up 5-8 Girls Basketball practice next week. After the recent announcement from the MDHHS, we are allowed to begin with “non-contact” practices with our teams. Watch your email for more information on this soon.

Please make sure that you have turned in your child’s 20/21 Sports Physical form OR 20/21 Sports Health Questionnaire by the first scheduled practice. 

Whatcha Doin' Out There!? – Jan 2021

OE News

Soon after our return from our Thanksgiving break, it seemed our gears turned towards Christmas and winter activities. All the grades spent time preparing for the advent walk. Each grade was responsible for an ornament to decorate a tree. The ornaments made by each grade matched a certain Christmas symbol. Most also had at least some outdoor aspect to the ornament as well or tied in to OE in another way. Besides making ornaments, many students were able to help in the week leading up to the advent walk by putting up lights on the barn, hauling torches, creating and placing luminaries from milk jugs. It was a lot of work, but we are so grateful for the success of the event and the great weather we had to enjoy it. Many hands made it all come together. Thanks to all the students, teachers, parent volunteers who helped out. Special thanks to Mr. Mark Stuit and Mr. Bill Hoogstrate for their help in planning and guiding the process. And of course a big thanks to all those who came out to visit and see the event.  

Kindergarten made some amazing tree ornaments. Using twigs they made a triangle and they then wrapped colored yarn around the triangle to make a Christmas tree. The trees were topped with a star and ornaments. Kindergarten also enjoyed a chance to get up close with the goats as they took a hike with Miss Leah and the dream goats. Kindergartners also made an extra ornament using popcorn, cranberries, raisins and oranges that we hung at school to feed some animals. We also took a chance to read the Christmas story in the barn and consider what it was like for Jesus to be born in such humble circumstances.  

First grade enjoyed making their ornament for the advent walk. Later, the had the opportunity to use some of the pinecones to help animals by creating edible ornaments. After reading about one family’s tradition of decorating a tree in the woods (Night Tree by Eve Bunting), students made decorations on pine cones to hang on the tree and placed popcorn, apples and field corn by trees for animals to enjoy. We also had a great time acting like squirrels. We learned about how squirrels hide food and then spent time hiding corn and seeing how well we could remember where the food was stored  It was fun learning the strategies that God gave the squirrel to hide food for winter. 

Second grade had already wrapped up their ornaments in November while learning about Pioneers when they made candles. The second graders continued some thoughts on Native Americans by learning about canoes and working on the dugout canoes. They also were able to learn and play a variety of games that different Native Americans played.

Third grade had finished making their bird seed ornaments and helped on the set up for the advent walk, helping to get things in place. The ornaments they made were moved to the “V” for closer observation and while there was not a lot of activity at first on the ornaments, by the time we were back from Christmas break the animals had cleaned up. Third grade also spent some time playing a simulation to learn about how challenging it is for birds to migrate.

Fourth grade spent some time working on the advent walk by placing the jugs and candles for luminaries as well as getting some ornaments hung up, including their own corn husk angel ornaments. We also took some time to check out the pond and observe the muskrat getting ready for winter. A couple of the classes even got to see him at work! Another activity was making special ornaments for the animals. We had some leftover pinecones and used them to add peanut butter and birdseed to make feeders for the birds and squirrels.  

Fifth grade made ornaments using tin cans full of frozen water and then punched them with nails to create star patterns that would light up in the advent walk. We also took some time to revisit the water collected from the water walk to try different methods for filtration. We boiled some water over the fire to see the challenge and work that would take to do on a daily basis. We also tried out some technology that clean even the most mucky water. Of course, we got to try it when we were done. Fifth grade had the some special opportunities to use goat’s milk in a couple different ways. They turned some into cheese and also used it as an ingredient in the hand made soap they took home.  

Sixth grade was really helpful in both the set up and take down for the advent walk. They did tasks like cut and fill the luminaries, paint the silhouettes on the oak disks and take down some Christmas lights. In addition to their help, they also spent some time with their radishes. In bible class they planted seeds as a tie in to the Jesse tree for advent. We took the seeds and transplanted them and are awaiting results as they continue in the greenhouse.

Aside from help with advent walk, 7th grade tried a couple different fire-starting methods to tie into what they will be learning in science about chemical reactions. They also were able to participate in a  large simulation in a combined effort with social studies in which students found and traded resources. Students competed to become the most developed nation.    

Eighth grade made their ornaments by hand sawing, sanding, and decorating tree cookies. The wrote the names of Jesus on their ornaments and looked great. After the advent walk was done, there was a lot to take care of. The eighth grade did a great job taking down ornaments, moving hay bales and picking up the luminaries. The next week they were rewarded by enjoying the bonfire from the burn pile and the delicious food made in the dutch ovens.