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Student Relations Initiative

Our goal is to model and foster Christ-like behavior. If students engage in unkind behaviors towards others consequences will occur along a defined continuum. We will infuse empathy training into the core curriculum; teach children how to be “good bystanders”; show how to respond to bullying to reduce future risk; and provide effective ways for students to get adult help.

Steps we follow are:

15-Second Intervention

When witnessing the incident

I saw you ... (repeat what you saw and heard exactly.)

  • This behavior is hurtful/unkind.
  • I would never let someone disrespect you in that way if I saw it, and it’s not okay to do what you just did to ____ (other student).
  • We don’t do that at Ada Christian. 

This needs to stop.

Questions if there are no adult witnesses

  • Who was involved? What happened?
  • Where at school did it happen?
  • When did it start? How long has it been going on? How often? Witnesses? (other 
students who saw or heard)
  • I will not tell the other student(s) who told.
  • I will document this and there will be an investigation.
  • Don’t go back and tell your friends.
  • Come back to me right away if this happens again. 

Thank you for coming to me. It took courage and you did the right thing. 

Rubric Grids for Unkind Behavior

The following guidelines provide age-specific consequences for unkind behavior.