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One generation will commend your works to another; they will tell of your mighty acts. - Psalm 145:4

Partners in Christian Education

Since the mid 1940’s, Ada Christian School has been blessed with committed supporters of its mission to equip students for service in God’s world. Many have invested much to carry forward a tradition of excellence in Christ centered education at Ada Christian School. 

In 1950 at a meeting of the school society it was decided that it was time to build a two-room school. The treasurer reported a balance of $4.35. They planned a fund drive – and it did not go well. Clarence Andre came forward and wrote a check for $500, which was more than he could spare. He was determined that there would be an Ada Christian School.

With thousands of graduates carrying our mission into the world, we remain committed to providing the same opportunity for the generations to come. Together we can make a difference.

Here are a few ways that we need your support

Volunteer your time

There are hundreds of opportunities for parent involvement in all areas of your child's education and growth at ACS. You will see opportunities to serve on a variety of school initiatives throughout the school year. These are shared in our weekly school newsletter, The Ada Connection.

Learn more about how you can support ACS through volunteering your time and effort.

Pray with us

We are a community grounded in prayer. We are blessed to know that students, teachers, parents, grandparents and many others pray daily for our school and in support of our mission to equip students for service in God's world. Please join us in this vital effort.

If you would like to support ACS in prayer along with other parents, join us each week for Moms in Prayer.

Donate to Ada Christian School

Each year there are three ways for you to partner with us in our mission:

  1. Pay the Full Cost of Tuition

    Parents of Ada Christian School students may choose to pay the full cost of education each year when they enroll their children. Because of our Ada Christian School Education Foundation we are able to offer a reduced tuition rate, listed as required tuition, for all families.

  2. Give to the Annual Fund Drive

    Each year there is an Annual Fund Drive. When our school budget is prepared there is a line item designated for donations to this drive to fill the gap between tuition income and expenses. We count on receiving at or near $500,000.00 each year in support of the schools mission. Donations to this fund are accepted throughout the year.

  3. Contribute to the ACS Education Foundation

    You can also support ACS by giving to our Ada Christian School Education Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to ensure the future of Christian education at Ada Christian School through the building of an investment fund. Proceeds from the fund help keep the cost of tuition affordable and specifically provide tuition assistance to deserving families.

    In 1989 as costs continue to rise and more families struggle to cover the cost of Christian education and group of concerned parents developed a plan and established the Ada Christian School Education Foundation. The purpose was to build an endowment fund from which earnings could be used to reduce the cost of education. Today, 25 years later, that fund is nearing the 10 million dollar mark and will soon be contributing $500,000 annually to defray the cost of tuition for our families.

    Each year we hold a Foundation Dinner and the proceeds go directly into the fund balance. The foundation welcomes donations throughout the year and gifts can be structured in a variety of ways.

For more information and to support ACS please contact our Director of Advancement, Mark Stuit (616.676.1289, )

 bearing good fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God. – Colossians 1:10b