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Outdoor Education – Immersing our students in every square inch of God's creation

Every Square Inch

Hoophouse OverviewACS is blessed with a beautiful campus that offers miles of hiking trails, wetland areas, an abundance of trees that provide an opportunity for tapping and syrup production in the spring and a wide variety of plant and bird life for students to identify. There are regular sightings of deer, wild turkeys and the occasional fox.

Our outdoor education program has brought many amazing discoveries and excitement to our 37-acre campus. Outdoor education is integrated in all subjects preschool-8th grade.

There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, "Mine!" – Abraham Kuyper

Goats in Pajamas

Growing In Wonder

We are happy to house three friendly goats on our property. The goats, Joy, Beau and Moonbeam, help our campus by eating many of the invasive plants. Every Spring we welcome new baby goats, what joy it is to experience new life!

Caring for creation

Each grade level at Ada Christian plays a unique role in our Outdoor Education program.


We are engaging our youngest learners in God's creation in a variety of way.

  • 3's: meet the animals, story times outside in OE spaces
  • 4's: planned day in OE every other week
  • 5's: one hike day, OE adventure or game per week per week

Preschool Chickens


Our Kindergartener's are encouraged to explore the world around them. We spend focused time on planting our salad garden as well as a tree.

Kinder Salad Garden


Harvesting herbs, garbling, and making tea bags from those herbs!

Herb Garden 1B

Local history

Students learn about local history through trips to Ada Covered Bridge, Ada Cemetery, Ada Museum and individual projects.


Our campus is home to many beautiful birds. In third grade students learn how to identify different Michigan birds and to recognize their unique calls and songs. Students take care of our bird feeders and make sure our feathered friends are well taken care of. 

Boy Pouring Bird Seed


In fourth grade students begin using the greenhouse and experience a more hands on learning with planting and harvesting. Our fourth graders also run our weekly Outdoor Ed store which sells fresh produce to our school families. 

Greenhouse Aerial

Goat Whisperers 

We are happy to house three friendly goats on our property. The goats, Joy, Beau and Moonbeam, help our campus by eating many of the invasive plants. Our fifth graders fill their water, change hay and spend time showing love and care. 

Goat Cleanup Girls

Chicken Tenders

Our sixth grade students are responsible for the care of our chickens. Students are given various weekly tasks such as egg collector and coop cleanup to help with our 50 chickens. Sixth graders also run our school egg business "GOT YOLK?"

Chicken Checker Girls


Our seventh graders track our wind and solar energy and oversee our composting on campus.

Trail Blazers

Each year the eighth grade class works together to complete a legacy project, something they can leave behind and be proud of. 

Sugar Shack 8th Grade Helpers

2018 – OE Sandbox

2019 – Maple Sugar Shack

2020 - Log Cabin

Observing the Wonders of Creation's King

  • Studying and observing the root structure of plants
  • Exploring the forest floor to collect critters
  • Adopting trees to study how they change through the seasons
  • Recording water loss in plants
  • Studying solar angle through the seasons with shadow positions
  • Creating homemade hot air balloons to discover density
  • Collecting seeds and discussing dispersion
  • Observing and feeding birds
  • Discovering how animals camouflage themselves
  • Collecting pond water to observe organisms

Come watch us grow!


Our Outdoor Education program still has plenty of excitement to come. Here are some ways we expect to grow our program: 

  • Permanent and Vernal ponds – promote and accommodate diverse aquatic environments (from amphibians to waterfowl!)
  • Michigan Native American dwellings and cultural education area
  • Numerous pathways, trees, sculptures and habitat tunnels
  • Hand-hewn Michigan homestead/pioneer cabin with root cellar