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Kindergarten is an exciting year for both you and your child! It is filled with incredible change and wonderful growth! At ACS we believe each child is a unique gift from God and we are eager to discover the God-given special qualities of your child! We encourage growth as a whole person — academically, spiritually, physically, socially, and emotionally. We value partnering with parents in this exciting year!

During the kindergarten year children will work as individuals and in groups, develop letter, sound, and word skills, work with basic concepts of mathematics, discover and explore through science and social studies topics, and grow in their knowledge and understanding of God’s love for them through devotions, Bible stories, and community building activities.

At Ada Christian we offer the following options:

# daysMonTueWedThuFri
5-days (full day)xxxxx
Progressive* (full day)+x+xx

*Progressive – The ACS Progressive Kindergarten class is a full-day class that begins 3 days a week for the 1st trimester (T, Th, F), 4 days a week for the 2nd trimester (M, T, Th, F), and 5 days a week for the 3rd trimester (M-F).

Curriculum Overview


We learn about Old Testament stories and the New Testament stories in the life of Jesus. Kindergarteners learn to see the relationships between God's world and His Word, to respect and care for His creation, and to view the world and its people through what the Bible tells us. While our Christian perspective permeates through every aspect of our day, our Bible time includes devotions, singing, Bible stories, memory work and service projects.


Children use hands-on materials to explore mathematical concepts such as: sorting, classifying, graphing, exploring geometric shapes, patterning, number writing, counting, skip counting, solving simple addition and subtraction, weighing, measuring and estimating

Language Arts

This curriculum integrates the skills of pre-reading, writing, speaking and listening. The kindergartners are provided with a print-rich environment to help them realize the importance of reading and developing a love for literature. While we use a sound of the week to structure our school year, our learning encompasses so much more! We work with all the sounds all the time, developing a strong phonological awareness, building comprehension, recognizing sight words, writing words and sentences, and building our reading skills.

Social Studies

The social studies curriculum is integrated with other subject areas throughout the year. Kindergarteners learn and share about themselves, their families, their community and the world around them. Children begin to develop a historical understanding from the people, places, and events of the past.


Experiments and hands-on activities help students explore different science topics that reinforce their natural curiosity and draw from their own experiences. This is done not only in the classroom but outside in God’s world.  The curriculum is designed to help children develop an appreciation and respect for living and non-living things, improve their observation skills, and discover properties of the world using their senses.


In addition to what occurs in the classroom, we also value the foundational skills our students gain in the classroom. The kindergartners enjoy a variety of additional classes throughout the week.

  • Physical Education (2x/week)
  • Music (2x/week)
  • Art (1 x/week)
  • Library (1x/week)
  • Computer/iPads (throughout the year)

Outdoor Education

The Kindergarten curriculum integrates many outdoor educational experiences from hearing a Bible story out on the top of the mountain, to experiencing what life was like long ago. The kindergarteners learn about apples, using the trees growing right on our own property. Children interact with Creation as part of their learning.


In Kindergarten music we begin to explore and create the talents that God has given us by moving and making music together. The larger goals include: being able to match musical pitch, tap the beat of songs, and learn about instruments.Some events include: various Elementary concerts, and GrandFriends Day.