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Technology for Middle School:
Why Laptops & Digital Technology

We've decided to provide our students with laptops and modern technology because it:

  1. middle school -laptop -floor
    Complements to our Mission
    Technology helps us achieve our mission to “equip students for service in God’s world” by integrating academic excellence with a distinctly Christian perspective.

  2. Provides independent learning & pacing
    1:1 Computer access encourages independent learning at the student’s own pace and develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

  3. Provides additional motivation
    Computers offer unique ways of learning which motivates students to eagerly participate.

  4. Facilitates classroom continuity
    Laptops that can be taken home provide seamless continuity on projects, homework, collaboration, and communication between teachers and students.

  5. Keeps pace with educational trends
    Our society has become increasingly dependent on technology. Computers are not a supplemental part, but an integral part of society and of the educational process.

  6. Provides equal access
    For assignments and projects involving technology, all students should have equal access to equipment at home as well as at school.

  7. Encourages timid students
    Computers allow for anonymous questioning from timid students, and provides them with a safe avenue of inquiry.

  8. Yields immediate assessment
    Computers enable teachers to instantly assess a class’s grasp of new concepts/information.

  9. Bestows access to limitless resources
    The internet provides virtually unlimited, constantly updated, and in most cases, free resources, more extensive and more up-to-date information than aging textbooks can provide, and at a lower cost.

  10. Improves future education/employment
    Technology skills are crucial for future higher education and employment. Whether high school, college or beyond, skills and values taught at ACS provide an excellent foundation for the future of every student.

  11. Encourages discernment
    Our children are already using technology. As a Christian school, ACS is uniquely equipped to assist students to exercise Christian discernment and appropriate use of technology in the academic and social setting.

  12. Promotes awareness & discussion of safety & security
    We are sensitive to the need for security when using the Internet, and safeguards have been built into our planning and delivery of this service.

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