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2nd Grade

Second grade is an exciting year of learning and growing together! We believe each student is a covenant child, uniquely blessed in the eyes of our Lord. As Christian parents, you entrust your children to us each day as we teach and nurture them. We eagerly anticipate partnering with parents as all of us work, learn, and grow together.

Curriculum Overview


Through studying Old and New Testament Bible stories students will recognize how God was visibly with His people in Bible times as He is today.

Language Arts

The Daily 5 Literacy structure guides students as they grow and develop reading and writing skills.


Double-digit addition and subtraction, telling time and counting money are a few of the important concepts covered as well as daily math fact practice.


Through using FOSS Science Curriculum, our students experience hands on learning while exploring God’s creation.  Our 2nd grade units are Pebbles, Sand, and Silt, Solids and Liquids, Insects and Plants.

Students also have the opportunity to experience learning through these same Science units in our Outdoor Education program. Making bricks with clay and straw, planting seeds in our greenhouse and releasing butterflies outside are just a few examples of FOSS experiences through Outdoor Education at Ada Christian.

Social Studies

Each week 2nd graders are introduced to a new US President. In 2nd grade we use a study tool called Social Studies Weekly to learn more about our world, our country, our government, and our citizenship.  

2nd graders are introduced to our local community and compare and contrast how it functions today as well as in the past. We also use that same lens to look at communities of Pioneers in the US,  the state of Alaska, and the country of China. 2nd graders experience a Maps and Globes unit that focuses on continents, oceans, and cardinal directions.  Students also have opportunities to experience learning through our Social Studies units in our Outdoor Education program by taking a trip to a local cemetery, covered bridge Ada.

Physical Education

In 2nd grade, the basic movement and skills begun in the previous years is continued. More sport specific skills are added, and the activity and participation focus of each PE class continues. Students often leave the gym sweating. We continue to talk about how to take care of our God-given bodies. 

In second grade music we focus especially on integrating music with what we are learning in the classroom. We also take a deeper look at musical notation and how to read and compose on the treble clef staff. We have activities such as the pilgrim dances, Chinese dance, and we are involved in Native American Thanksgiving, various elementary concerts, and GrandFriends Day.