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IMG 94316th grade girls basketball -2016 -driveWildcats Softball

Wildcats Athletics


School/Venue location for Athletic Events

GRACEAC has a list of all venues with addresses and links for directions.

Winter Sport Information:  

7th and 8th Grade

End of Season Tournament Schedules have been released.  If you did not receive an updated schedule please contact Angela VanDuyn at

Spring Sport Remember:

Spring Sport Registration is now closed, please look for an email by February 20 with team information. 

General Dates to Remember:

Season Start Date:  Monday, March 10

First Week of Games:  Monday, April 8

Last Day of Games:  Saturday, May 25

Please note: if school is cancelled, so are practices/games for that day.

Life Lessons On the Playing Field – Colossians 3:17

Athletic Code for Students & Parents

  1. Student athletes must have a physical on file in order to participate in ACS athletics. If there is no physical the student athlete will not be allowed to participate until one is on file.
  2. ACS athletics must take priority over outside sports teams. This includes leaving practice for an outside practice/game or missing games for either a practice or a game. 
    1. If you are worried about a conflict it must be discussed with the AD prior to the season beginning and sign-ups. If a student athlete is consistently missing ACS practices and games they may be asked to stop participating by the AD.
  3. If an athlete is absent from practice or a game the parents must notify the coach via email or a phone call. An unexcused absence will result in limited playing time at the next sport event.
    Please note: The success of the overall team is determined by the level of commitment from the players on the team. It is hard to coach a team and experience a successful season when athletes are consistently missing practice or games. 
    1. Commitment is a life skill that is necessary and can be fostered in a positive way through participating in ACS athletics.