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Deliberately Integrated at Each Grade

  • Students have access to multimedia learning resources as well as the ability to create digital portfolios of their learning.
  • Students use online subscription skill builders that have the potential to track their progress.
  • Students connect with other classrooms through video conferencing.
  • Students connect with digital resources to research topics.
  • Students write blog posts and practice quality commenting.
  • Students are introduced to computer science with basic coding activities.

    Resources Used in the Classrooom

    Listed here are a few of the web based tools we use in our classrooms.

    • KidBlogs: Subscription based student blogs, managed by teachers
    • Padlet: Web based collaboration space used to collect and share ideas when brainstorming or presenting. Has the capability to manage publishing and group settings
    • Skype & Google Hangouts: Apps that allow students to connect with other classrooms, authors, or scientists. 
    • ConnectED: Online multimedia resources that support our MyMath curriculum. 
    • Discovery Education: Digital library complete with lesson plans, activities, projects, and videos.
    • XtraMath: Math fact practice that tracks student mastery of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
    • IXL: Skill builders that target specific curriculum standards, provides immediate feedback, and tracks student progress.
    • Introductory coding activities.
    • Coding platform for beginning coders.
    • Google Apps: Apps that allow students to store, share and compile information for various projects including docs, spreadsheets, presentations, maps, etc.