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Seventh Grade service project workSeventh Grade girls at lunchSeventh Grade girls

7th Grade

Seventh grade is a time when students truly begin to discover their agency in God’s world. Having adjusted to middle school life, students are given more responsibilities and opportunities to offer service to their community. Building strong relationships and developing skills in communication are important areas of focus in seventh grade.

Curriculum Highlights

Students are invited to travel with God's people through their Old Testament journey. Focusing on God's faithfulness to his people, even in their unfaithfulness, helps us understand his place in our lives and also his desires for our deepest devotion.

During 7th grade science, the students are made aware of the great diversity of life on our campus. We start the year with an outdoor nature study of plants.  We also study common butterfly and moth species.  In our study of bird species, the students learn to identify various bird species both visually and by their calls.  At the end of this unit, we dissect a pigeon.  After studying birds, we focus on amphibians. We end the year with a study of the human body and do a month long dissection of a fetal pig.

In seventh grade we offer three levels of math: Pre-Algebra, Pre-Algebra Enhanced and Algebra. We offer these different math courses to meet the specific needs or our learners.

We spend special time helping students grow in their ability to solve multi-step problems by encouraging the process of problem solving and mathematical thinking. These skills are foundational for them as they continue to progress in their math abilities.

World Geography is the focus of 7th grade social studies. Over the course of the year, students explore the great diversity of regions, climates, cultures, and history of God's world. Through this study students will learn that the world is much bigger than their community, state, and country, and hopefully spark a passion of caring for their fellow brothers and sisters around the world.

Band, Orchestra and Choir are all offered during 7th grade. The study of music further enhances the development of the brain. Learning an instrument uses unique parts of the brain that have been shown to enhance learning skills in other areas. During band and orchestra we work through method books and additional music resources. During choir we sing a huge variety of songs, study different types of music, watch and learn the music from at least one musical, continue to build theory skills and also do at least two performances during the year.

Physical Education is offered two times a week for 45 minutes each. In 7th grade our focus is on reviewing the rules and learning the strategies of the different sports and activities that we play throughout the year. We teach these sports and activities to show the students different ways that help us to keep active and healthy for life. An exciting experience in 7th grade is a racquet sports unit which includes eclipse ball, badminton, pickle ball, and tennis.


  • Spiritual Retreat
  • Service Projects
  • Small Groups
  • Exploratory Week
  • Dessert Theater
  • Intramurals
  • Interscholastic Athletics
  • 7th Grade Camping Trip