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Ada Christian School Board

The Ada Christian School board sets vision and policy for the school. Members are elected from the constituency for three-year terms. From a list of nominations, the existing board members elect a slate of candidates to present to the school society for a vote. New members are then elected at the Annual Meeting of the ACS Society, which usually takes place in March.

The school families are divided into "districts" served by individual board members. The directory lists the districts. If parents wish to contact a board member with a question or suggestion, they are invited to call their district board member.

In addition, board members serve on a variety of committees. Other parents are also asked to serve on these committees. The chair of each committee is responsible to decide on the skills and qualities needed for the committee and then to seek parents to fill those roles.

Current Board Members

, President Steven Biel Erin Kilby
, Vice President Ryan Grayburn Rob Knecht
Alissa Hollander Sarah Kraay
, Secretary Matthew Hudson Luther Trook

Committee Structure

Board members serve on a variety of committees. Other parents are also asked to serve on these committees. The chair of each committee is responsible to decide on the skills and qualities needed for the committee and then to seek parents to fill those roles.

The Development Committee

The Development Committee is responsible for the financial development program for the school. In the past year, this committee has been primarily focused on raising funds for the capital expansion project. In addition, the committee requests gifts, organizes events, and coordinates volunteers to raise funds that are applied to tuition and to support activities that are not covered in the budget.

Chair: Michael Hollander

The Education Committee

The Education Committee works to integrate academic excellence with Christian values, enabling students to graduate as academically equipped servants of Jesus Christ. Current conditions of curriculum enhancement and assessment, student assessment, and technology are reviewed. Class time, class size, and student activities are evaluated. Teacher assessments, teacher development, and staff hiring are addressed.

Chair: Sarah Kraay

The Finance Committee

The Finance Committee facilitates communication between administration and the school’s accounting staff. Financial statements are reviewed and presented to the Board at the monthly meeting. This committee administrates the tuition assistance program. Cash management strategies are reviewed and the financial performance of the school is assessed. A budget for the following school year is formulated in November. The final draft of the budget is approved by the board at its February meeting and brought before the Society for its vote at the annual meeting in March.


The Long Range Planning Committee

The Long Range Planning Committee (LRP) studies and makes recommendations to the board on matters related to the future of Ada Christian School. This committee focuses on long range planning as a process and not a project. The short term and long term goals of each board committee are evaluated. Parent surveys are conducted, and the results are passed on to the pertinent board committees so new goals can be set.

Chair: Mark Plaisier

The Operations Committee

The Operations Committee oversees the maintenance, safety, and future space needs of the school facility and surrounding grounds. Much of the committee’s recent focus has been the gymnasium expansion project. Operating and maintenance costs for the expansion have been budgeted. Inventories of equipment and furniture are conducted. Should school demographics call for it, the Operations Committee will be responsible for studying possible future expansion.

The Operations Committee also oversees the transportation at ACS snd seeks to provide and maintain safe and economical transportation for the school. Existing bus routes and pick-up points are evaluated and changed if necessary. The maintenance of existing vehicles is assessed, and the purchase of new buses is the responsibility of this committee.

Chair: Rob Knecht

The Promotions Committee

The Promotions Committee increases the school’s visibility in the community by participating in various local events and hosting various groups on campus. Establishing a sense of community for the existing families is another goal of the Promotions Committee. One of the many functions of the Promotions Committee is to manage the New Family Ambassador program. This is designed to create a warm, welcoming and smooth transition into the ACS community for all new families. Each grade level has a team of parent volunteers who lovingly serve our new families by inviting them to school events, and being available to answer questions new families may have about ACS.

Chair: Kelly Aardema

Scheduled Meetings

Meetings are held at 6:00pm

Aug 21, 2023

Sept 18, 2023

Oct 16, 2023

Nov 20, 2023

Dec 18, 2023

Jan 15, 2024

Feb 26, 2024

Mar 18, 2024

Apr 15, 2024

May 20, 2024

June 03, 2024

Series 200: Article V Section 10

The Boards regular meeting agenda will include an opportunity for members, administrators, and staff to speak, typically 30 minutes at the beginning of each meeting. The balance of the meeting will be held in executive session at which only trustees and, by invitation, specified administrators, staff, and/or members may be asked to attend and others will be asked to leave. 

Board agendas and summary minutes are available upon request from  ;

If you would like to attend the open session at the beginning of the meeting we ask that you notify the, so we can accommodate.