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Third Grade

Welcome to third grade at Ada Christian – a year of new beginnings and transitions. Third-graders receive their very own Bible; learn to use textbooks for the first time, are introduced to the wonderful patterns God has placed in multiplication and division, and switch from learning-to-read to “reading-to-learn.” Just-right chapter books chosen from the classroom library are at the heart of reading. We share our thoughts and ideas creatively in our Writer’s Notebooks. We explore God’s wonderful world through our science and social studies units and experience some of it first-hand through Outdoor Education, field trips, projects, and celebrations. Come join us as we learn and grow as third-graders in God’s World!

3rd grade mountain

Curriculum Highlights


Through our FOSS science curriculum we use a hands-on approach as we investigate God’s wonders in the scientific world. Our third grade units of study include Structures of Life, Motion and Matter, and Water and Climate.


While math in 3rd grade still involves learning facts and performing basic computation, applying those skills to real-world problems is an important component of our lessons.  We also add many new math words to our vocabulary. New concepts in 3rd grade include multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, area and perimeter, and even a little algebra!

Social Studies

Come to third grade and meet Michigan with us! We explore our wonderful state, from the symbols and features of our state through the early history of Michigan up to statehood.

Language Arts

A Readers Workshop approach is used in 3rd grade. Students learn to choose good-fit chapter books for themselves, try a variety of reading strategies, and read voraciously. 3rd-graders grow as writers through our Write Steps Writing curriculum. Writing techniques and tools are used in crafting personal narrative, expository, persuasive, and research pieces. Grammar, conventions,  and spelling work together to help us write correctly and effectively. Cursive handwriting is reviewed and implemented.


God’s Word is filled with promises for His people. In third grade we look at the promises made through the stories of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, and the Israelite people.  We see God’s guiding hand in the lives of His people and the fulfillment of His promises in Bible times and in our lives today.  Our Bible memory ties in with our stories, but also helps students remember and reflect on God’s promises to us now.

Physical Education

In 3rd grade, students practice basic movement skills and sports skills, and are encouraged to work on their fitness levels with class time workouts and participation to take care of the bodies God has given them. More sport-oriented games are played, and teamwork and sportsmanship are emphasized. 

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education is an integral extension of our third grade curriculum. Students are given the opportunity to interact with “every square inch” of God’s creation in hands-on ways. From bringing Bible stories to life, to building an authentic homestead, planting and harvesting a three-sisters garden, using a grape press, and so much more!

In third grade music we have several highlights in the school year including a visit to Bill Vit’s and his percussion show, third grade choir, and learning how to play the ukulele. Ada Christian has a classroom set that we use to teach students chords, and melodies to many different songs. Some events include: Ukulele concerts, various elementary concerts, Grandfriends Day, and singing the national anthem at the whitecaps.

3rd grade ukulele

Special Events

  • a trip to Dairy Discovery at Swiss Lane Farms
  • a Michigan Farm Feast
  • time with our buddies
  • playing in the forts!
  • end of the year picnic at Fallsburg Park
  • singing The National Anthem at the Whitecaps game
  • Grand Rapids Symphony field trip featuring Bill Vitts percussionist
  • singing in the 3rd grade choir
  • learning to play the ukulele