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Ada Christian School Education Foundation

The mission of the Foundation is to ensure the future of Christian education at Ada Christian School through the creation of an Investment Fund. To keep pace with the growing financial need the Foundation's goal is to continue building the Investment Fund at a rate equal to or greater than the rate of increase in the school’s budget. To date, approximately $7.2 million has been raised. Investment proceeds are contributed to the school to help keep tuition affordable and to provide tuition assistance to deserving families.

The Foundation hosts an annual fundraising dinner with various table sponsors . Proceeds from the event are applied to the principal amount in the Foundation's investment fund. In addition, planned gift contributions can be made in a variety of forms.

For questions or additional information about charitable trusts, gift annuities, memorial gifts, life income agreements or estate planning; please contact Mark Stuit, Director of Advancement (676.1289, ).

How the Foundation Works

The Foundation is lead by a group of ten Ada Christian School parents, collectively called the Board of Trustees. Their primary activity is to engage in fund raising activities used to build an investment fund.

Each year approximately five percent of the total amount in the fund is returned to the school. That means for every $1,000 once invested in the fund, $50 will be returned to the school every year thereafter. As the fund grows, every $1,000,000 invested will return $50,000 a year thereafter.

Collectively these dollars help to lower the cost of tuition for every family and to provide tuition assistance to deserving families!

Foundation Board Members

David Leonard, President Ben Ferwerda Amanda VanderHeide
Tom Welch, Vice President Sally Schrock Dayna Yaffey
Trent Bremer, Treasurer Dawn Semple
Ryan Cook, Secretary Sara Uekert
Colin Kraay, School Board Liaison
Mark Stuit, Director of Advancement