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Frequently Asked Questions

Each student gets a school issued laptop?

In 5th grade, students will have a dedicated laptop for their use that remains at school. All incoming 6th graders will receive a new laptop, this machine will stay with them during their three years in middle school.

Who owns the laptops and why?

Ada Christian School will own the laptops, maintain the computer software, and manage warranties. The school carefully reviewed various ownership models. School ownership actually reduces the cost of ownership to the family. School software licenses may only be installed on school owned laptops.

What if we already have a laptop?

All students will be issued a laptop as part of their education in Middle School. When using the school issued laptop, students will have access to the same version of software installed on teacher laptops. Troubleshooting for students, teachers and support staff will be streamlined when the school maintains laptops.

Do I need to bring the laptop to school each day?

Generally, yes. There may be times when teachers announce that laptops may be left at home. This might include days where there are all-school events, no class, field trips, etc.

Won’t they break it?

While we can’t say that accidents won’t happen, schools that have implemented similar programs have found that when students receive a new computer, they take ownership in it when they know it has to last them 3 years.

But really— what if they break it or lose it or it is stolen?

ACS will self-insure to cover these incidents. A maximum $250 deductible per incident will be charged. This means that if the computer is thrown out of a bus and destroyed, the student would owe $250. For lesser damage, the student is charged the amount of the repair as determined by the technology coordinator. All laptops are taken in for maintenance each summer and the student is charged for any necessary repairs for excessive physical damage.  For details see ACS Laptop Incident Policy.  

A lost of stolen laptop should be reported to ACS tech staff no later than 8am the following day.  If laptop is lost or stolen, a police report is required for coverage. Ada Christian will cover the lost or stolen laptop after the $250 student deductible.

Why laptops?

Students will use digital technology naturally as a tool of the learning process and extend their learning community. Used this way, the tool itself becomes transparent— utilized as an integral part of the learning process. A vital aspect of the 21st century classroom is offering a variety of ways to communicate with students and the laptop provides the exact connectivity needed at school and away from school.

Will the laptops be used in all classes?

Teachers will still direct what happens in their classrooms. The laptop will be another tool teachers have at their disposal to use in the classroom and as an extension of the classroom. This maximizes discussion and conceptual exploration during class-time. Compared to our current system, more face-to-face contact with teachers is achievable compared to time spent managing computer carts and moving to and from labs. Every teacher will use the laptop differently to fit the needs of time and task.

Will they be allowed to take them home?

For the first several weeks, the laptop will stay at school so the student can be taught the proper care and use of the device. After that time students will be able to take the laptop home as they do now with school textbooks.

What is my financial responsibility?

Families will pay an annual technology fee for each of their middle-school students to cover the ongoing costs of the program. Startup costs, including the initial hardware expenditures and staff development, are being funded through a fundraising campaign. All ACS families and supporters are invited to participate in this important investment in our school’s future

Social networking websites are a concern. What is the school policy on their use?

Ada Christian School will be filtering social networking access to students. As recommended by the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act students under 13 years of age will not have access to social network sites on their school issued computer. Students in 8th grade will be given limited access with parent consent.

What about content filters and parental controls?

One of our goals is to train our students to live godly lives in the digital world. ACS will be your partner in discipling your kids to use godly discernment and make responsible choices when using technology. Part of the implementation of this is the careful use of school-controlled content filters.