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K.I.D.S. Tuition Reduction Program

K.I.D.S. – "Kicking in for the Development of Students" (also referred to as SCRIP or TRIP) – is a tuition-reduction incentive program established to assist both present and future ACS families by giving them the opportunity to accumulate tuition credit.

Through this program bulk quantities of gift certificates are purchased from various grocery stores, retail stores and restaurants. These certificates are then sold to participating families at face value with the discount passed on in the form of a tuition credit.

One percent of the discount is retained by the school for operating costs and general tuition assistance. The discount that is passed to participants varies from 1%-17% of the total amount of certificates ordered, depending on the vendor.

The amount of credit you have accumulated for the year is designated on a sticker on the front of your envelope. This accumulated amount is deducted from your March tuition amount. Relatives and neighbors may also order through the school and request that their credits be posted to your account.

How to Enroll

To join the program, call the school office – 616.676.1289 – and request a start-up packet.

Drop Off/Pick Up Schedule

Orders can be turned in to the office at any time but are processed on Wednesdays at 8:00 am. Any orders received after this time will be processed the following week. The certificates placed in the box by 8:00am will be available for pick-up after 11:00 a.m. on the following Wednesday, one week after the order is placed.

Order Online - ShopWithScrip! is the online ordering system that our organization will use to gather your scrip orders. This site offers you convenience-you can now order scrip from any internet connected computer at your home or office.

Setup your online account:

  1. Visit
  2. Go to the green Family Sign Up box on the left side
  3. Click "Create Account"
  4. Follow the registration instructions and accept the terms and conditions of using the site.
  5. Select two challenge questions and provide answers.
    These answers will be required if you forget your password. They are case sensitive.

Before you order:

You must enter Ada Christian School's enrollment code — 125B8695194. By associating this code with your newly created account, all credit you earn from gift card purchases will be credited to your individual account.

Six Easy Ways to Order Online:

To place an order you can shop right from your Family Homepage which pops up after you log-in.

  1. ScripNow!
    Some vendors allow you to print an ecard to use at the retailer or for online shopping. By ordering here you can print directly from your ShopWithScrip account.
  2. Reload
    You can reload some cards you already have here and avoid waiting for them to be shipped.
  3. Favorites
    Order the same products each week? Add these items to your Favorites list for easy ordering in the future.
  4. Express Add
    Know exactly what you want? Quickly add the items to your cart here.
  5. Specials
    Add items with special rebates for a limited time from this list.
  6. Browse
    Not sure what vendors are available? Use this feature to shop by category.

Commonly asked questions:

  • How do I pay for my online order?
    (1) You can still drop a check off in the office; it needs to be there by Wednesday at 8:00am or we will not release your online order to be filled.

    (2) You can register for PrestoPay which will automatically debit your checking account when you place your order. There is a $.15 fee each time you place an order using PrestoPay (cheaper than driving to school to drop off your check). To enroll in PrestoPay visit the "my account" page at and click on the PrestoPay link on the left navigation bar. You'll find additional information and instructions for navigating this convenient payment tool

    Please allow 1-2 days for completion of the verification and approval process for PrestoPay. As soon as you contact the KIDS coordinator with your 4-digit approval code, it will be entered and available for use.

  • Can I still order local vendors like Forest Hills Foods, Baker Book, Heidi Christine's and The Mud Room?

    Yes, they have been added to the ShopWithScrip system for our organization. Simply click on the "Browse" tab on the Family Homepage and type the vendors name into the Search box. The only limitation is that if you are only placing an order for one of the local vendors listed above you will not be able to pay with PrestoPay. You will need to drop a check off in the office.

  • There is no longer a label when I pick-up my order which shows how much I've earned on this order and year-to-date, how can I find that out?

    We no longer have the ability to print those labels, but on the Family Homepage there is a tab on the left side which says "Reports". If you click on that and select the "Family Order Rebate Summary Report" and fill in the appropriate dates (the KIDS program fiscal year starts on Mar 01), you can see your earnings to date. The payout at the end of the year will be slightly lower than that because in order to cover the costs of running the KIDS program (shipping, printing...) we will deduct 1% of the face value total for your orders at the end of the year, February 28. Many schools deduct 25% of the Scrip Rebate amount which ends up being significantly higher.