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Moodle: Organizing Course Content

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Moodle is an online learning community that allows students in grades 5-8 to have access to resources, activities, assignments, and tests provided by their teachers.  Each teacher’s moodle course is an extension of his or her classroom.  It is a space where teachers can provide extra support or extensions for students as well as a place where students can collaborate and show evidence of their learning.  ACS Moodle is a secure environment for students, staff and parents only.


How can Moodle help me support my child?

Each student in grades 5-8 has an ACS Moodle account. Students use their school username and password to log in. ACS encourages parents to know their child’s username and password.  By logging in as your student you will have a better view of each resource. Parents can choose to “Log in as Guest” to view some resources like homework calendars; however, access to many things requires a student log-in.

New resources become available daily for students in their various Moodle courses. Because of this, it can be difficult for a parent to know exactly where to find the information that he or she is attempting to find within a course. For this reason, we suggest that you work with your child as you visit a class page on Moodle, since your child will be familiar with the layout of the Moodle course.

Can I find my student’s grades on Moodle?

When a student submits homework or completes a test on Moodle, the grade may be available on Moodle. However, to see a more complete overview of a student’s grades, we encourage you to use PowerSchool.