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Faith Forward

We have assessed the challenges facing our school and have developed a comprehensive $10 million advancement campaign to address them. This three-year initiative will help us continue our mission of equipping our students for service in God's world.

Facility refresh and repurpose $4M

To meet the demands of a growing Student Support Services program, better utilize our exciting core facilities and make critical renovations and updates to our existing 20 year old school building.

  • Six additional learning spaces including flexible classrooms to accommodate a growing Student Support Services program
  • Newly redesigned library and commons area with intentional and flexible spaces
  • New state-of-the-art technology studio
  • New family bathroom and entry experience
  • New carpet, paint and lighting in all classrooms and hallways
  • New secure main entrance for visitors

Facility expansion and site work $3.45M

To meet the demands of our current student body and support expected future growth. 

  • Additional four classrooms to support middle school growth
  • Property acquisition to support current needs and forecasted growth

Ada Christian School Education Foundation $1.5M

Continued investment into the endowment for Ada Christian School which provides essential support to the school’s annual budget and secures long-term sustainability of the school. 

Annual Fund support $1.05M

A continued commitment to reducing the cost of tuition for all ACS families in order to ensure a quality Christian education for those that desire. 

You can help us achieve this important goal by supporting this campaign through:

  • A multiple year pledge commitment (may be paid over a 3-year period)
  • A one-time cash gift
  • A gift of appreciated assets (ie. stock)
  • An estate gift

Your charitable gift is tax deductible to the full extent of state and federal law. 

Winter 2021

  • Internal team of staff and board members begin work on Master Plan with AMDG.

Spring 2022

  • Master Plan approved by Board of Trustees.

Summer 2022

  • Feasibility Study conducted.

Fall 2022

  • $10 million Faith Forward Campaign approved.

Winter 2022

  • Campaign Cabinet work begins.
  • Board approves facility refresh to add six meeting spaces and flexible classroom to accommodate student support services. 

Fall 2023

  • Campaign Fundraising reaches $5 million.
  • Public Campaign launch. 
  • Board approves four classroom and commons additions to be completed by Fall 2024.

Funds Raised as of January 25, 2024

  Goal Raised Difference
Facility refresh and repurpose $4,000,000 $3,059,525 $940,475
Facility expansion and site work $3,450,000 $806,337 $2,643,663
Education Foundation $1,500,000 $563,279 $936,721
Annual Fund support $1,050,000 $652,455 $397,545
Total $10,000,000 $5,853,578 $4,146,422

Dear friends,

Ada Christian School has gone through many phases since its inception in 1949, but what remains constant is the family feel. It's the legacy that has lived since the founding families came together and said "we want a Christian school in this area for our children." Each generation since, God has provided teachers and families that embrace that and carry it forward. 

Ada Christian School today is a direct result of those families taking action to build a strong foundation in the lives of their children and of God's abundant blessings.

Now it's our turn.

Over the years our school has been blessed with tremendous growth. The faculty and staff have accommodated this using creativity, commitment, and dedication. They have refused to allow space limitations to impact the Ada Christian School education experience or culture that is critical in our community–but we have outgrown our space. 

At the same time, education is changing and evolving and it is time to make some important updates to our current facilities to continue providing an outstanding education–specifically, we need new and different kinds of classrooms to allow for collaborative learning while maintaining small class sizes.

Over the next year, a group of dedicated leaders will be working hard to raise $10 million in charitable gifts to accomplish these important goals. Of that, $1.5 million will be dedicated to growth of our endowment, specifically developed to help keep tuition affordable for all families and help cover operating expenses. We're excited about this project and proud to be part of a community that values future generations as well. We seek help in ensuring that Ada Christian can continue to be one of the best schools in our region. 

We hope you'll join us in moving Faith Forward! 

"We've seen God bless this school in amazing ways. Through the growth and change, the reality is this place just keeps getting better and better. We're at a place now where we have to ask ourselves how we can go further, because our school has needs for today and for the future that go beyond what tuition covers."
- Colin Kraay, Alumni, Parent and Campaign Chair