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Ada Connection – 02.28.24

A Note From The Principal

  • Beautifying Our Spaces

Action Needed

  • Enrollment Forms Due Mar 1
  • Sticky Faith Small Groups

This Week

  • "Faith. Strong." Friday - Mar 1
  • Report Cards
  • Moms In Prayer

Now You Know

  • Spring Book Fair
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Forest Hills Expo - Mar 9
  • March is Reading Month 
  • Joy In The Gym
  • School Lunch Program - March Menu

PTO Happenings

  • Staff Appreciation Week - Mar 11-15
  • Mother Son Event - Apr 12


  • PurePlay (K-4th)

Mark Your Calendars

Requested Announcements

A Note From The Principal

Beautifying Our Spaces

Last spring, many of you lived through the core renovation project with us. There are many facets to that project that are still going on today. Many of our students were able to contribute to the new mural that is being painted in our library. Mr. Joel Tanis was able to coordinate with middle school students during exploratory week for various parts of the mural. Currently, he is finishing up more portions, which is shown in this picture.

This brings our spaces to life, especially since students were actively involved in the project. We are blessed to have this space and are ecstatic about how our students contributed to it.

Action Needed

Enrollment Forms Due Mar 1

Enrollment for the 24-25 school year is now open! We have included a comprehensive breakdown of 24-25 tuition rates and fees

Each family received an email on Feb 12 with an invite to start a Blackbaud account. If you need help finding this email or logging into Blackbaud please email Dani Buchanan,

Once you are logged into Blackbaud:

  • Review and submit contracts (enrollment forms) for each of your children entering grades K-8. You can find the contracts in the top yellow banner.
  • At the start of the contract you will be prompted about a Tuition Management account. Please select "No, I do not have an existing Tuition Management account." as we are switching all of our enrollment process over to Blackbaud. 
  • For families needing additional tuition assistance, you may follow these instructions and complete an online application through Blackbaud Financial Assistance. We respectfully request that the deadline for tuition assistance applications, May 6, 2024, is met, as this is a time sensitive process. Qualifying families will be notified of the assistance amounts by June and adjustments to your tuition total will be made at that time. 
We have worked hard to ensure our online enrollment process will go well for our families; however, we realize you may have questions during this process. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 

We ask that all enrollment forms are completed by March 1. 

Sticky Faith Small Groups

This is your last chance to express your interest in becoming a part of a Sticky Faith Small Group. Our groups are currently in the process of formation. Last week, we had the privilege of hearing from Dr. Chap Clark, who provided invaluable insights into the concept of Sticky Faith, the motivations behind the book, and key themes to explore as we delve into its pages. This promises to be an enriching journey for those who are able to participate.

Our groups will convene 4-5 times at various dates and times. The aim is for each group to complete the book by May 2, enabling us to reconvene via Zoom with the author for an insightful Q&A session. If you're interested, please complete the brief survey by Friday, March 1. Contact Mark Stuit, Director of Advancement, at "> for your free copy of the book or if you have any questions.

We look forward to embarking on this journey with you and creating a space for insightful discussion and shared insights. 

This Week

"Faith. Strong." Friday - Mar 1

Get your ACS gear ready for Friday! On Friday, Mar 1 we encourage all students, parents and staff to show their ACS spirit. If you don’t own any ACS gear you can wear your favorite blue t-shirt!

Report Cards

Report cards will be coming home Friday, March 1. 

Students in K-4 grades will come home with a printed report card. Please sign and return your child’s envelope / slip of paper and return it to their homeroom teacher. 

Parents of students in 5th - 8th grade will receive an email with a digital copy of the report card. 5th - 8th grade parents can also log into their Powerschool parent portal and click on “Student Reports” in the left navigation to view the report card.

Moms In Prayer

Join us for Moms in Prayer on Thursday, February 29 from 8:00-9:00am in the back ACS conference room. Our attribute this week is "God is Our Portion". We will be praying specifically for our 5th grade students and staff. Contact Kristen Yeh at any questions. Younger siblings are always welcome.

Now You Know 

Spring Book Fair

The Spring Literati Book Fair starts on March 21. Before our Story Safari begins, there are two details to share.

Every safari needs a guide—and it could be you! Help our students explore the reading wilds as a book fair volunteer. All volunteers get 20% off of their purchases. Sign up here.

The online companion fair is up and running. If you, family or friends care to order this way, the books will be shipped to school and ready for pick up after Spring Break. Click here to start shopping.

Employment Opportunities

We currently have openings in the following positions for the 24-25 school year:

  • 4th Grade Teacher
  • Y5s-1st Music and 7th/8th Choir Teacher
  • Elementary Math Interventionist
  • Band/Orchestra/Music support
  • Sub bus driver

Forest Hills Expo - Mar 9

The Ada Business Association (ABA) and Forest Hills Business Association (FHBA) proudly present the Ada/Forest Hills Community Expo at Ada Christian! The Expo will highlight businesses, products and services available in the local area, while offering great entertainment and engaging activities for the entire family! 

Saturday, Mar 9, 2024
10:00am - 2:00pm

This event is open to the public with FREE admission and parking. Additional parking will be available at Ada Congregational Church.

At the Expo:

  • Over 90 exhibitors.
  • Guest Emcee - Shelley Irwin!
  • Door prizes
  • Live entertainment - schedule TBA
  • Food court
  • Girl Scout cookies for sale
  • A Kid's Zone with tumbling by Grand Rapids Gymnastics
  • Interactive games hosted by i9 Sports, complimentary face painting and caricature drawings, mascot meet & greets and ACS Robotic Team demonstrations.
    And more!!

March is Reading Month

We are celebrating all month long with author visits, special events, field trips and fun activities. Not to mention our treasured Book Fair! An informational packet will be coming home with your oldest child this afternoon. For a sneak peek or a back-up copy, please click here.  

Please note: There is a special opportunity to purchase a signed copy of the book(s) written by the authors visiting K-4 and also 8th grade at a discounted price. Order forms for these books are kindly requested to be returned by Friday, Mar 8. 

For a bit of extra fun, check out this recent WZZM video highlighting authors Eric and Meredith Schrotenboer, along with the release of their new book. We are honored to bring them in for the Kindergarten through 4th Graders in March.

Questions? Please contact Holly Karasinski () or Anna Hartemayer ()

Joy In The Gym

Coach DK has put together a newsletter to share what's been happening in elementary PE for the month of February. 

School Lunch Program - March Menu

Check out the menu and plan for the month of March!

Visit for details or to apply for lunch assistance. For questions on your hot lunch account please contact Jill Zondag,

PTO Happenings

Staff Appreciation Week - Mar 11-15

Our Staff Appreciation week is just around the corner, March 11-15. As we appreciate the ACS staff year-round, we set aside five days to celebrate and recognize their hard work with our families. Stay tuned for volunteer opportunities and more information in the coming weeks for Staff Appreciation Week.  

Mother Son Event - Apr 12

Save the date: The Mother Son event will be on Friday, April 12.  More details to come!  


PurePlay (K-4th)

Spring Soccer
Deadline March 15

Mark Your Calendar

Mar 11-15 - Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week
Mar 21&22 - 8th Grade Musical 
Mar 28-Apr 7 - Spring Break

Looking ahead: 24-25 Calendar

Requested Announcements

Exchange Student Program

During the fall of this school year, Ada Christian had the opportunity to participate in a cultural exchange program for Guatemalan students and we are excited to continue the program this coming school year, 2024-2025.

The Faces And Our Cultures program is designed to provide Guatemalan students the opportunity to spend seven weeks in our community. We are looking for host families to host students this fall. Each participant will attend Ada Christian for seven weeks as a full-time student, have their own schedule, and will participate in all aspects of the school day.  These student ambassadors are fluent in English and will arrive on Sunday, Oct 20 and depart on Saturday, Dec 14.

All the school related costs will be covered by the Faces Program.  

Host families kindly provide homestay and make them part of their family's routine for seven weeks.

Each child will need a host home. The assigned child will be the same age and gender of the host child.

To learn more please complete this form.

Whatcha Doin' Out There!? - Nov 2023

OE News

November was a month in which the weather transitioned quickly. There were many very warm days in November, but we also found ourselves in some cold, rain, and snow. As the weather turns we are able to consider what happens as creatures get ready for winter. We also wrapped up some of our fall activities like cider and began the transition into Christmas preparation. K-2nd grade made ornaments that will be on display at the Festival of Trees at Legacy Park in Ada for the Christmas season. Check out the ACS tree and the others if you're in town.  

Kindergarten - In kindergarten we began November with a review of recent letters of the week A,D,S,L. Activities included Act like animals, Dig in the sand, Strolling, Skipping and Sprinting, and Launching Leaves. Later in the month we took a look at wind and made pinwheels as instruments to measure wind, just like an anemometer.  We then shifted to making ornaments that will be displayed at the Festival of Trees in Ada.  First we made a triangle shape out of sticks and then the sticks were wrapped with yarn and decorated with mini ornaments of their own.  

1st - First grade took a turn with cider making one week and a couple weeks later had a special visitor. Johnny Appleseed met them in the woods to read about his life and enjoy some of the great cider that they made. First grade also learned about animal shelters and made some small places for animals to hide in the woods. To end the month they began Christmas preparations by making ornaments. Students made ornaments by decorating pine cones with ribbon and bells. The ornaments will be on display in the “Festival of Trees” in Ada.  

2nd - A big theme in second grade was Pioneers. They began with a turn at the cider press. Then they enjoyed some pioneer games to see what kids did for fun long ago.  They also pushed their wheelbarrow wagon through the woods during the Oregon Trail simulation facing many challenges along the way. Lastly they used their pioneer skills to make candles which will serve as ornaments in the Festival of Trees in downtown Ada. Go check it out!

3rd - Third grade took some time to review the great lakes in an activity where we put the numbers into perspective. Volume of water, perimeter and depth were all compared with the lakes and we reflected on the importance of 20% of the world’s surface fresh water that is in the 5 great lakes. We began to learn about the Native Americans by learning about the three sisters' planting method and clearing out that section of our garden so it is ready to plant in the spring. Lastly, we played games that the native americans played to practice balance and strength.   

4th - Fourth graders had multiple science connections in OE. To begin we did a simulation that looked at food availability affect population size by searching for food in the form of colored straws. The next week we considered how animals used their senses in an activity in which students had to find animals of their own species by listening for the same sound while blindfolded. It was a challenge to listen to the specific sounds while others were also making sounds and predators were on the prowl. We introduced the topic of Community Supported Agriculture. We took inventory and decided to attempt our first Farm Fresh Box for thanksgiving. They were able to produce enough products for 12 families! Lastly, we talked about soil temperature tolerance and its practical application on the farm. The students learned how to take soil temperature samples and determine by reading the back of a seed packet if the seed would germinate in that environment.

5th - This month we took a deep dive into the internal anatomy of a chicken. We studied the path of digestion and egg production. We learned how chickens break down their food and absorb nutrients. We learned what the “grade” of an egg means on the outside of an egg carton. Then we cracked some ACS eggs and studied the color/ shape/ and consistency of the yolk to decide what grade eggs our chickens lay. We rounded out the month with some Fun Farm Games. Kids learned how strong you need to be to do daily farm tasks in a fun and silly competition.

6th - Our 6th graders have spent the month learning external anatomy of a goat. To encourage them to really understand the shape and muscle structure of a goat we learned how to draw one realistically. Now we have a great base understanding as we get more specific with anatomy in December. We rounded out the month with Farm Games and learned how to set product prices for SEED Market.

7th - November in 7th grade OE involved students mapping out the memorial trees on our campus which will later be available as an interactive map with links to more information on the trees. We then turned our attention to composting. Students began learning about composting. We talked about the importance of composting as well as the basics of what materials are best including a balance of browns and greens. We are now collecting lunch scraps from 7th and 2nd grades for a compost bin here at school to put what we learned into practice.  

8th - November was a month to transition to the Legacy Project for 8th grade. We began with a tour to see projects from previous grades and considered how well they met the needs of the school and what they offered to students. We then presented students with some potential legacy projects for this year. Now students are researching these topics to see what logistics will be necessary to make this happen.