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Middle School Matters - Feb 05, 2016

General Announcements

Did you know? Every week the Middle School Matters is loaded up into our school website under News and Announcements. You can read the Ada Connection there, view our ACS Facebook feed, see the most current MSM, as well as see the archives of past newsletters. An easy way to remember how to find this page is

Fifth Grade:

5th Grade Field Trip to see and hear the Grand Rapids Symphony at DeVos Hall Downtown! We will be leaving on a field trip to the Grand Rapids Symphony on Wednesday, Feb 24 at 9:10am. Please fill out this digital permission slip so that your child may attend.

Art: We are starting our Georges Seurat project.

Band: We are almost done with song 100. Watch your email for news about a song 100 party - this will be sooo fun for us! We are hoping that everyone will be all set with song 100 by next week Thursday, and then we will celebrate!

Bible: Pilgrim’s Progress, Jesus Plays, Modern Day Parables, Miracle News Reports, Illustrating the Crosses… quite a bit going on in Bible right now.

Language Arts: We are working on writing literary essays using short stories.

Math: The first fraction quiz went home yesterday. We will soon be multiplying and dividing fractions.

Orchestra: It is so fun to reach song 100 and celebrate! It is sooo much fun! Next week we will focus on slurred and tied notes-as well as First Scale March and Beethoven’s Ninth.

PE: We are enjoying learning how to play the game of Badminton!

Science: Altair, Andromeda, Taurus, Capricornus, Ursa Major, etc...

Social Studies: The 5th graders brought their Canada folders home yesterday. They will be tested on Canada next week Tuesday, and can get a head start in studying for it this weekend.

Spanish: TEST (Clothing and seasons/months) for 5H on Wednesday, 5B on Thursday, 5DW on Friday.

Sixth Grade:

Art: We will be working to finish up the portrait project next week. Students might come home with some artwork to complete. We will also move on to watercolor next week. Please check the homework calendar because there are 2 things that 6th graders need to complete before class next week. Are your students watching the watercolor videos and looking for landscape photographs from the family photo album?

Band: We continue to work our way through our method book, and have added a number of new pieces: Armed Forces Salute, Engines of Resistance and Chester Theme and Variations.

Bible: Bible memory - 10 Commandments in the Old and New Testament - # 1-2 due Wednesday. Concluding our study of the first 9 chapter in Genesis this week. Test the following week.

History: Learning about World Cultures this week!

Language Arts: We have been learning so much about different cultures through various websites, stories, and speakers. We will continue this into next week as well as begin writing a culture poem. Students need to turn in country choice sheets on Tuesday with a parent signature. Students will also take the DEA next week Tuesday and parts of Wednesday.

Math: Students will be taking their DEA test on Monday and Tuesday. The remainder of the week will be spent finishing our chapter about equations.

PE: We are enjoying learning how to play the game of Badminton!

Orchestra: We have several new pieces of orchestra music to learn-so focus on Moonlight Tango and Burst. We will also add a longer arrangement of Ode to Joy this week.

Science: We will have a test over our water unit on Thursday. Review materials and class activities are posted on moodle. The completed review sheet is due Tuesday.

Spanish: We will continue with practicing physical descriptions of hair and eyes, while adding appropriate verbs and some additional new vocab.

Seventh Grade:

Algebra (7th): Continuing our study of chapter 8 which is on exponents.

Art: Student are completing their portraits next week and will also start a new sculpture project next week. Please check the homework calendar for sketchbook due date and project due dates.

Band: We continue to work our way through our method book, and have added a number of new pieces: Armed Forces Salute, Engines of Resistance and Chester Theme and Variations. We are also working on Dessert Theatre Ensembles.

Bible: Isaiah books are due Tuesday.

History: We will take a test on the History of Africa on Monday afternoon. Students have been reviewing at school this week and should have all the materials they need to review. After our test, we will start a new unit focusing on the geography and history of Latin America.

Language Arts: The coming week will be a mix between finishing the book Trouble by Gary Schmidt and continuing to research for the Paideia project. The 7th graders have done a nice job of getting set with their research, and now have a working bibliography. If your child still does not have a separate binder for his or her notes, please make sure one is available as soon as possible. Some time during the week the students will receive a schedule detailing a recommended number of note pages to keep research on schedule.

PE: We are enjoying playing the game of Badminton!

Pre-Algebra (Kiser): We started with equations (ch 8) today and will be taking the DEA Test 2 on Thursday and Friday.

Pre-Algebra (Holtrop): We will continue learning about ratios, rates and proportions. Students will be taking their DEA test next week as well.

Orchestra: Continue to fine-tune intonation for Moonlight Tango and Beach Spring. Speed up Night Rider! Great job on all of this new music!

Science: Continuing our FOSS unit on the Diversity of life. Presently we are studying the characteristics of life.

Spanish: We are translating full paragraphs with all our new verb conjugating skills!

Eighth Grade:

Dessert Theatre: Please note we WILL be utilizing our “TBD” rehearsal slot this Tuesday, Feb 9th. As always, here is your handy website link:

Algebra (Witte): Next week we will take our Chapter 7 test on Monday. We will also take our second DEA test in parts on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then, we are off and running with Chapter 8.

Algebra (8th): Today we took our Ch 6 test on Inequalities, the test will be returned by Monday. Next up - Systems of Linear Equations. We will also take the DEA test 2 on Thursday & Friday.

Art: 8th grade student will have one more class to complete the painting of their family shape project. This project is due at the end of next week and the artist statement for the project needs to be completed and uploaded to moodle the following week. Please check the homework calendar for specific due dates.

Band: Every week we add 2 more scales to our arsenal. We now have 6 relative major and minor scales, and have had excellent quizzes. Great work!

Bible: Continuing our study of looking at the different characteristics of Jesus through the gospel of Mark. Should be working on the February Bible memory.

Geometry: We continue to study perimeter, area, and special right triangles. Students will have a test on Chapter 8 on Tuesday and will be completing DEA on Thursday.

History: Next week we will be discussing some social changes that took place in America between 1800-1850s. These changes include religious revivals, educational and prison reform, the temperance movement, the abolitionist movement, and the beginnings of the womens’ rights. Later in the week we will start a new chapter on the Western Expansion of the United States. Book of Memories Chapter 2 on Family History is due on Wednesday.

Language Arts: 8th graders will continue to focus working through The Giver in the coming week, considering how memories and emotions play a deep role in identity and relationships. As the character Jonas continues to acquire wisdom, he learns that love is something that requires giving - a sacrifice. The students will be challenged to draw connections between Jonas’s sacrifice to save his community and Christ’s sacrifice to save us from sin. The 8th graders will also continue to work on portions of their Book of Memories project.

PE: We are enjoying playing the game of Badminton!

Orchestra: Focus on getting all of the notes under your fingers-Canon in D, Concerto in E minor and Blue Fire Fiddler.

Science: iCheck over Investigations 4 and 5 (Earth’s moon) will take place in class on Tuesday.

Spanish: We just took a test on Unit 8 and will begin Unit 9 (Breakfast!)


Spring sport registration is now open on our 5-8 ACS Athletics website. Registration for spring sports will close at 11:45 PM on Tuesday, February 16. If your son or daughter is interested in playing a spring sport, you must register before the deadline. Information for spring sports can be found on the athletics website.

Tennis: If your 5th – 8th grade son or daughter is interested in playing tennis this spring through Grand Rapids Christian Schools fill out this 5th - 8th Grade Tennis Sign Up. Please note, this is strictly run by the GRCS as Ada Christian does not have a tennis team.