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Why Christian Education?

Ask Christian parents this question and you might get one of these answers.

We send our children to Christian schools for:

  • Bible study and chapels 
  • protection from bad influences 
  • a circle of Christian friends 
  • strong academics 
  • good discipline 
  • caring teachers who communicate with parents

Christian schools do have these features. But you can expect more. Much more!

In Christian schools students learn to see the world through the lens of the Word. Christian school teachers don’t avoid the world. They help students see it just the way it is: created by God, smudged by sin, and restored again in Christ. This education is Biblevision in full color. It is learning to use the glasses of the Bible to figure out the world. Here are some of the things that students learn about the world from the Bible:

  • our bodies are temples where God dwells 
  • God made and provides for guppies and grandmas 
  • sunrises and skyscrapers give glory to God 
  • math formulas and planetary orbits show God’s intricate ordering of all things

Uniquely Gifted

In Christian schools students learn that they are uniquely gifted by God to serve him: “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others” (1Peter 4:10). Students learn to listen for God’s direction in the use of these gifts.

Here the groundwork is laid for what God will use later in their lives to extend His kingdom by

  • healing a hurt in a person’s mind or body 
  • making a beautiful building 
  • findingasourceofwaterforapoorvillage 
  • developing technology for people to communicate across barriers 
  • managing resources for the good of others


Christian schools help your children learn a worldview. It’s more than a Bible study; it’s a study of the world through the Bible. With this worldview students learn to

  • use language to build up others 
  • care for nature as God’s managers 
  • make beautiful music or art

In Christian schools students learn to transform the world. Christian schools help students learn that the world belongs to God, who created it and cares for it. They learn that Christ came to redeem the world and make it new again. And they learn that the Holy Spirit empowers people to carry out God’s work in the world.

Big Dreams

All parents have big dreams for the next generation. Christian schools can help these dreams come true. They teach your children to see and do — to see the world through the lens of the Bible and to do God’s work in his world. It’s a grand view and a great task. God’s children deserve nothing less!

Source: Christian Schools International