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Whatcha Doin' Out There? – Sept 2018

Chicken Girls

Wonderful Workers

The sixth grade egg business "Got Yolk" is in full swing. Our chicken checkers and coop cleaners help run our business. 

We are looking for 20 customers who would like to receive 1 dozen eggs per week for $3. The remainder of our eggs will be sold for $4 a dozen. See Mr. Hoo or sign up at the farm stand on Wed & Thur after school.

Goat PenOur fifth grade students work hard each lunch caring for our beloved ladies: Moonlight, Joy and Beau. Once again we are hoping for beautiful baby goats next spring. "Dreamgoats" sells a half gallon of milk to over 20 customers each week.

Dried HerbsGrape PressPioneer History

We are busy learning as we're doing. The kids will be using augers, chisels, adze, drawknives, cider press, grape press, grain grinders etc.

Building a log cabin, churning butter, cooking with a dutch oven, making apple cider, wild grape juice, drying herbs, harvesting Native American "three sisters" garden, potatoes, squash, gourds and pumpkins. 

Creation Mountain
Respect, Work, Love

Our every week Outdoor Ed talking points and God's Kingdom intent for His world. 

Wednesday, Thursday Sales

Farm Punch CardsJoin the many families that have already bought their punch cards for eggs and veggies throughout the school year. Fourth graders are ready to help you after school on Wednesday and Thursdays. 

Lumber JillOutdoor Photo Fun

We want to know WHAT YOUR DOIN' OUT THERE with your family.

How to enter: Tag a picture of your family or your kid(s) doing something OUTDOORS to ACS Facebook. A hike, running the dunes, looking under a log, in a tree...WHATEVER!

Mr. Hoo and Leah will select the winning entry. The selected winner will receive a free $20 punch card and another free $20 punch card for a random drawing entry. Winners will be announced in next month's issue of WHATCHA DOIN' OUT THERE?

Cider Press and DrawknifeJoin the Adventure

Sat, Oct 12 from 8:00am-12:00pm

  • Log Cabin & Native Longhouse building
  • Composter Construction
  • Cider Press
  • Trail chip spreading
  • BIG OLE' fire with s'mores at 11:30am

Holler at Mr. Hoo or Leah if you can help. Even during or after PurePlay. 


Anyone (grandparents, parents, former graduates) who has time during the week to volunteer we need help with trail work, gardening, light carpentry and assisting with classes. Reach out to Mr. Hoo and he will put you to work.