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Whatcha Doin' Out There – Nov 2019

Pioneer days

Christmas in the Woodshed

Come out to the woodshed on Dec 05 or 10 for some OE Christmas fun.

  • Ornament making for kids
  • Owl search for candy canes
  • Hot chocolate
  • Bonfire
  • Holiday music

Items for sale, support OE at ACS

  • Christmas wreaths made by 8th graders
  • Holiday arrangement made by kids
  • Trees and greens

Thursday Dec 05 & Tuesday Dec 10, 2019


Treasure in the Woods

It's still out there! First clue is in the woodshed. 

What are we doing out here?

Simply put: Connecting kids to the earth, every square inch! Connections to the earth are connections to ourselves to others, to God, to history, and to how things work!

How? Hands on, active, learning adventures outside. 

Guiding words:

RESPECT - All of creation that our Creator provided for us. Plants, animals, people - diverse & beautiful. Respect is the starting point or everything in life.'

WORK - It takes work! Work is action. Work gives meaning. Work results in a happy mind, body, and spirit. It can be challenging, dirty, sweaty, time consuming, frustrating. All good things come through work.

DELIGHT - Daily delight in the beauty and harmony of what God has given us. Take time daily to see it outdoors. All around you, every square inch.

Every square inch holds the mystery and wonder of a Creative God every square inch provides clues to the cycles that were created to provide life: carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, h20. The same cycles that sustain our bodies.

Grade level emphasis areas. Every grade maintains and learns from a different area outdoors. 

A place to "be still and know that I am God" a little piece of God's peaceful, loving, beautiful intent for His World, whispers of such are all around you. Take time to see and feel it!

It may be cold outside but the Hoophouse is warm and still full of life!