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Whatcha Doin' Out There?! – May 2019

L'chiam! to life!

Is there anything we want more for our kids than to love, celebrate, honor, and understand the LIFE that God has provided for them?

More than anything OE at ACS is doing that, especially this Spring. Come out some night or weekend and have your child give you a tour of everything coming to life in the hoophouse, gardens, barn, fields and forest ACS!

Enlarge image Herb Garden 1B

Enlarge image Goats in PajamasEnlarge image Pig Closeup

"Respect, Work, Delight"

Enlarge image Three Sisters GardenThe three words we say and do every OE period at ACS. God's plan for us in His beautiful world is really that simple!

Summer Help

Spend a few hours this summer helping out. Just you, your parent, your grandparent, your friend... or your whole family.

  • putting the rafters on the log cabin with Mr. Hoo and Miss Leah
  • cedar shake roofing on the Sugar Shack
  • helping out in our gardens
  • trail maintenance
  • special projects
  • animal pen cleanup (and delight time with our little goats)
  • getting the next Native American dwelling ready for the kids to build next year

Mr. Hoo (616.250.0089)
Miss Leah (616.780.7401)

Summer Camps

Lot's of kids are signing up, check it out!

Farm Club

Wednesdays, Jun 19-Aug 14, 9:00am-12:00pm

Bring the ACS Farm to life this summer! Plant, harvest, sell veggies, milk goats, gather eggs, take a trip to the fair, get messy and make friends!

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Farm & Forest Adventure Camp

Session I – Jun 24-28, 5:00-9:00pm
Session II – Aug 05-09, 5:00-9:00pm

Herd the goats. Make campfires. Work in the garden. Do devotions. Cook dinner & sing songs! Play forest games with new friends!

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Hoophouse Overview

Enlarge image Turnip Sale 4th GradeEnlarge image Goat Music