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Whatcha Doin' Out There? – Dec 2018

WoodShed Christmas

Outdoor Christmas – Imagine

1st Grade Christmas Story

A Christmas Story By Mr. Hoo

Our imaginarium. That's the result of the imagining centers in our brain, incredibly active with kids but activated less and less in our adult "details of life" minds. Creative and functional pursuits, both art and science, rely strongly on our imaginarium. It's my strong ally as I develop history, science, and faith activities in the outdoors with kids – telling the Christmas story huddled in the hayloft of the barn with wide-eyed first graders connects kids to their imaginarium and creates embedded memories. 

Let's go back in time to the first Christmas and imagine...

Imagine. The dusty, dirty road over Gallilean hills that a young couple walked for days and days. Wait, not so fast...picture it. Imagine the landscape, imagine where they slept, what they ate, how tired and dirty they were. The thoughts that went through their heads about what lies ahead, "where would she have this child and HOW?

Imagine. The destination town, the small, dirty, lonely, far away from home, no place to stay. The cave. Spend some time in the cave amidst animals and smells and imagine the actual birthing. And the God-chosen visitors. Shocked, confused, awed...who wondered and wandered in after their stunning, ethereal event in the hills. Can you see their faces?!

Imagine. Afterwards, fleeing certain death of their baby. Infanticide was decreed. Another very long journey, more dirty, dusty, lonely roads to a far away country on foot. But this time, a baby to care for and fear for His life, perhaps hiding at night, sleeping behind rocks, huddled together, terrified, hushing and warming the Infant. Refugees! Can you "see" them?

If we're honest, much of this seems troubling. If we're honest there is a huge disconnect with the modern American Christmas. But wait...there is a tear in the eye beauty to how God chose to do this! And WHO our Savior is!

Dirt, hunger, pain, loneliness, uncertainty, even death were there at the first Christmas. I humbly suggest that's because that stuff is in all of history, in every corner of the Earth, and IN ALL OUR LIVES.

And I'm smiling, because I'm imagining a starry night, I'm imagining an infant curled up with His mom. Yes, in a cave. And how that Child brings light to a world where beauty and despair are side by side. Beauty down to the marrow in our bones and despair that haunts our very being. The Spirit of our God and this Child are right at that intersection to give us both joy and peace.

We like our Christmas wrapped neatly, cozy, safe and indoors. But this Christmas I invite you to go outside and breathe in the cold night air, imagine the beauty and the pathos of the first Christmas.

Look up at the starry sky. Wonder. Hope. Believe. The Spirit will be there waiting. And whatever it is you imagine on that night: "Ponder those things and treasure them in your heart."

-Mr. Hoo

OE Bird Food

Up Close Goat
Help Outside

Thursdy, Jan 03 8:00am-1:00pm 

Come for an hour, two, three, four or five.

Work and fun to be done:

  • Chicken coop cleaning
  • Log Cabin and sugar shack logs (cut and hauled)
  • Native American Longhouse (finish and cover)
  • Bonfire and hot chocolate!

Volunteers for the New Year

We are looking for a couple of volunteers who could come once a week or a couple of times a month. Tasks we need help with include:

  • General cleanup and organization in the greenhouse
  • Plant watering and care in the hoophouse
  • Spring readiness for planting

No experience needed. Enjoy the wonderful, warm greenhouse/hoophouse environment on cold weather days. This is a perfect opportunity for a Grandparent who is looking to be involved in the ACS community.

Interested? Talk to Mr. Hoo. Thanks!

Share the Light: ACS Advent Walk

It was a joy to Share the Light with you at our advent walk. 

Advent Wise Women

Advent Barn

Advent Luminary

Advent Shepard

Advent Bonfire