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Whatcha Doin' Out There? – Apr 2019

Winters Last Hurrah

Winter's last hurrah! Look for a dramatic springtime change with the same drone shot in a few weeks.


The kids are coming! Goat Cam will again be live in mid-May for you to watch the miracle of birth.

Spring Greenhouse


Our greenhouse is packed with 60 hanging baskets and over 100's of other potted plants planted by 1st through 5th grade - some from seeds and others from plugs provided by Koetsier Greenhouse - thank you!


Beds are all planted with early season plants by our 4th graders to be sold at market WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY after school.

Pancake Breakfast Boys
Maple Syrup

Our eighth grade legacy project.  They helped build the Sugar Shack in the woods & collected sap each day - 125 bottles were sold!  


We are trying to be a ZERO food waste school. The 7th graders got this program off the ground.  Waste food is composted and given to our new all star composers....Willy and Dilly (think little pink guys that grunt).

Last Supper
Last Supper

Last supper in the barn. K-5 grade this week will spend time with Mr. Hoo in the barn loft reflecting on the last time Jesus had with His disciples prior to His crucifixion.

Mr. Mittens

"The Cat Came Back" to reassert his barn supervisory role.

Please Help Mr. Hoo
Volunteer Opportunities 

Log Cabin

The kids (literally K - 8) helped build the log cabin and sugar shack and now it's time to put on the roofs to these two structures.  With help, Mr. Hoo would love to get the rafters up with volunteers....young or old, male or female. Possible times - Wednesday or Thursday afternoons.

Greenhouse and Gardens

Anyone able to volunteer to help out here this spring (or summer) please let Mr. Hoo know!

Goats in the Field
Advance notice, brochures in the office soon!

Farm and Forest Adventure Camp

June 24-28, 5-9pm

August 5-9, 5-9pm

Garden Club

Eight Wednesday mornings this summer from 9:00am-noon
We had such good times last summer with about 50 kids....looking for more of the same!

3rd Grade Plant