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Off-Campus Learning: Day 38

A Note From Principal Brower

Welcome to School

It's a wonderful day for learning!

Final Drop-Off Information

Final Drop Off - May 26-28 -  9:00am-1:00pm

Tues, May 26 Last Names beginning with A - G

Wed, May 27 Last Names beginning with H - O

Thurs, May 28 Last Names beginning with P - Z

Used Laptops For Sale

Ada Christian School is selling a variety of used 11inch MacBook Air laptops.


Please indicate that your student(s) will be checking in for school today. 

Daily Devotion

Here’s your morning devotions from Mrs. Kraft from Covenant Care.

From The Library

Click here to see what story Mrs. Boerman has dug up today.

OE Activities

100 Owls "The Great Hunt"

Mr. Hoo has hidden 100 Owls within eyesight in our 3 miles of trails. The picture shows the owls and their values.

Can you find a rare one? Tack the owl and bring it to the bulletin board. Tack it up on the back of the bulletin board with your name and grade on it. Markers and tacks are in the container on the back of the bulletin board.

There are both grade level and individual competitions. You may search as many times as you want! Rare owls are worth more, especially flying barred owl, the rarest! 50 owls will go up on May 13 and then 10 more every couple of days for all of May and June. Also, 10 of Mr. Hoo's owls will be hidden (very hard to find) and are worth a small prize when you bring them to him. 

Winning individuals and grades will be posted in the Ada Connection this summer. Have fun!

PE at Home

Here is a calendar of fun activities you and your children can do together.

Tech Projects

Ms. Frens has compiled some coding, multimedia journaling, and other fun tech activities that your child might enjoy. We hope these optional activities will foster creativity and problem solving skills.

K-4 Tech Activities

5-8 Tech Activities

Student Learning

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