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Off-Campus Learning: Day 35

A Note From Principal Brower

Welcome to School

It's a wonderful day for learning!


Please indicate that your student(s) will be checking in for school today. 

Daily Devotion

Here are your morning devotions from 1st grader, Julia.

From the Library

What is Mrs. Boerman doing in a trash can? Click here to find out.

OE Activities

You are welcome to come as a family and wander the beautiful property at ACS. It's YOUR property. 

New ACS kids have arrived - check out our Goat Cam! Check out our Chicken Cam too!

PE at Home

Here is a calendar of fun activities you and your children can do together.

Tech Projects

Ms. Frens has compiled some coding, multimedia journaling, and other fun tech activities that your child might enjoy. We hope these optional activities will foster creativity and problem solving skills.

K-4 Tech Activities

5-8 Tech Activities

Student Learning

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2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
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7th Grade
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