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Middle School Matters – Sept 28, 2018

General Announcements

Digi Know? Gaming Addiction is becoming more and more real. Recently, the World Health Organization has started talking about gaming addiction having similar impacts as substance abuse. Have your kids pressured you about Fortnite? Is gaming addiction real?

Our friends at Protect Young Eyes provide some balanced information about the signs of gaming addiction that you can use to assess your own children.

Baseball practice: Jeff Stafford will be hosting AC "BP".  This is an opportunity for boys to develop their baseball skills.Batting, pitching, fielding and throwing will all be covered. There is no charge. 

Service Trip Excitement

Fifth Grade:

Art: 5th grade starts printmaking next week.  Students needs to be thinking about what is their favorite fresh or saltwater fish.  

Band: We can play pages 6-8 and are beginning to work on p. 9. Sep practice records are due Oct 01.

Bible: This week was the last week of our archaeology dig - the kids found so many artifacts and made a lot of progress in their squares. Check out the pictures!

Language Arts: Students will continue to work on survival books, descriptive writing, and new vocabulary.  

Math: Tuesday Sept. 31 math review is due. Wednesday Oct. 01 is the Chapter 2 Multiplication test - all missing math assignments must be turned in by the test. Here is the answer key to the practice test.

Science: We continue to explore the solar system this week.

Social Studies: Students will finish their “Create your own Country” projects this week! The will also be reviewing U.S. states and capitals.

Spanish: No class this past week! We will pick up our stories where we left off.

Sixth Grade:

Art: Pattern hands need to be completed and traced by next class and some students have taken art supplies home to complete this part of the project. Next students will be working on creating their hand that visually displays how the artist see God in their life. Please check the homework calendar for due dates and homework.

Band: Sep practice records are due Oct 01.

Bible: We will be reflecting on our service projects this coming week.

Language Arts: We continue to learn the parts of speech and enjoy A Fish in a Tree.

Math: We will continue to study the relationship between decimals, fractions and percents.

Orchestra: Bring in 40 minutes for your practice records. Due Monday.

PE: We will wrap up our soccer unit with a test on Wed, Oct 03. Please remind your students to bring PE clothes and shoes to class.

Science: We’re using our microscope skills to look for evidence of life on a tiny level.

Social Studies: Students will begin working on their landform projects. Part of this project is creating a diorama as a group. Please start collecting items from home to bring in to school. (Ex: toothpicks, pebbles, sand, jars, shoe boxes, rocks, Yogurt cups, scrapbook paper, legos, tissue paper, toilet paper rolls, etc.) Thanks!

Spanish: No class this past week! We will review Monday and have a TEST Thursday. See Moodle for more information.

Seventh Grade:

Algebra (7th): We will finish chapter 3 this upcoming week and have a test near the end of the week.

Art: 7th graders are moving along to the next step of their sculpture project where color will be added to their sculpted forms. Sculptures must have 2 coats of gesso by next Wednesday morning. Please check the homework calendar for due dates and homework.

Band: Sep practice records are due Oct 01.

Bible (Holtop/Huttenga): The 7th graders will return to work on developing their devotionals for the eventual anthology they will be releasing later in the year.

Choir: Great work on the Erie Canal projects!

History: We are continuing our look at different world religions. Next week we will also start discussing different worldviews that these different world religions hold.

Language Arts: 7th graders will be practicing recursive revision as they continue to develop their organism monologues. As they develop a strong voice they will also focus on concrete description (using sensory details), comparison using figurative language (similes and metaphors), and anchoring an audience to a character by learning to articulate emotional expression (thoughts and feelings).

Math (Holtrop): We will continue to study proportions and begin wrapping up the chapter.

Orchestra: Practice record of 40 minutes - due on Monday.

Pre-Algebra (Kiser): We continue strengthening our fraction skills - simplify first!

Science: We will monitor our producer experiment and continue looking into the impact producers have on ecosystems. 

Spanish: This past week: Free Volunteer Reading time. Next week, we will start a new unit.

Eighth Grade:

Algebra: We will be finishing up chapter 3 next week with a possible test at the end of the week or early the next.

Art: 8th grade is moving along in printing most student are printing final copies.  Make sure to study for the printmaking quiz. Study the printmaking tools notes, chop and monogram notes done on the google classroom, and the numbering, title, and signing handout. Please check the homework calendar for due dates and homework.

Band: Sep practice records are due Oct 01.

Bible (Huttenga): Students will be wrapping the unit on The Last Battle and then use the allegory to help reflect on essential questions on Faith and Reformation, specifically engaging in ideas of transformation in terms of culture and the self.

Bible (Van Noord): Parable Projects and questions and memory work...see calendar for due dates for all.

Geometry: We will start a new unit on Monday about angles and angle relationships.

History: Next week we will continue our study of the American Revolution. We will be focusing on the Battle of Saratoga as it is a key turning point in the war.

Language Arts: 8th graders will be taking a brief reprieve from the National History Day project as Huttenga and Witte work to give electronic feedback (via Google Classroom) to the drafts of their outlines. In the meantime, students will focus on independent reading and developing habits and skills necessary to discuss literary works in a series of critiques and reviews throughout the year.

Pre-Algebra: We continue strengthening our fraction skills - simplify first!

Orchestra: Practice records are due on Monday- 40 minutes.

Science: We have been studying scale models with the Moon and Earth. We will finish this and move into the phases of the Moon.  

Spanish: This past week: A fun reading about an experiment gone wrong.  Next week we start a new unit.