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Middle School Matters – Sept 25, 2015

General Announcements

Next week for 6th, 7th & 8th grades:  

  • Mon: No school
  • Wed: ArtPrize trip
  • Thurs & Fri: Service Projects

Family Activities and Support ACS Fine Arts: Monday, Sept 28 the PTO has a party planned for the afternoon at the Mudroom and we also have an ArtPrize Family Activity you can enjoy. Use these coupons from Bagger Dave’s and the ArtPrize scavenger hunt for you to enjoy with your children. The coupons will raise funds that Mr. Wanner will use to enhance the arts at Ada Christian School!

Clean Plastic Milk Jugs: We need these for making shoes for African Children via the Sole Hope Project. Please send clean plastic milk jugs to Mrs. Van Noord by Oct 01.  Thank you!

7th & 8th Grade service project: your 7th and/or 8th grade students will be coming home next week with specific tool requests for this project. Please ask your student(s) what they need to bring.

5th Grade News

Art: In class we are working on completing our abstract landscapes and next will be moving on to printmaking.  

Band:  Pages 4-7!  Go team!  Practice frequently on all songs...make sure they know the fingerings, how to read the notes - and tongue (drummers should use R or L sticks….not tongues!) Everything is clearly written in their books.

Orchestra:  Fifth graders are working on their bowing on pages 4, 5 and 6 and then using fingers  through number 25 (and some students are even playing beyond).

PE: We will wrap up our soccer unit next week with indoor soccer games! Students will put their skills to the test.

Spanish:  With Survival Camp this week, we have moved our numbers quiz back:  5H on Wednesday, Sept 30.  5B and 5DW on Monday, Oct 5

6th Grade News

6th Grade Service Project: Our service project on is scheduled for Oct 1 & 2.  We will be contacting parents volunteers very soon with details.  

ArtPrize: Wednesday we will eat lunch early and head downtown by 11:30am.  We will be home by the end of the school day. We still need some of you to complete a permission form.

Art: in class students are nearing completion of working with pattern and then they will transition to working on how to visually display how the artist see God’s hand at work in their life.  Please continue to check the homework calendar for due dates.

Band:  We have been recording one of our hymn tunes.  Here is a link to our first video!

Bible: Bible Memory due on Wednesday - II Timothy 3: 16-17.

History: Next week we will be working on a Latitude and Longitude Research Project.

Language Arts: Weekly Work #4 is due on Tuesday, Sept. 29!  Students need have a “Clues” sheet and grammar toolbox to assist them on this work. During the day and a half of “normal” school, the 6th graders will work on an interdisciplinary project involving research, geography, and math.  We will resume normal LA classes on October 5.  

Math: We are digging deeper into our understanding of converting decimals to fractions and fractions to decimals. Students have been working hard learning their facts and working through problems. Next students will be working on an interdisciplinary project relating to latitude and longitude. This means we’ll be taking a short break from decimals and fractions.

PE: We wrapped up our soccer unit this week with a test on the rules and basic concepts of soccer. We will begin fitness testing next! Students will be able to evaluate their own personal fitness level.

Orchestra:  We will learn and practice pages 32 and 33 and Advent Carol. Focus on intonation on Advent Carol.  

Science: Test on metric measurement, equipment, and science safety on Wednesday. Review was sent home.  We will review in class together on Tuesday.

Spanish:   Their iMovies are in!  We have already begun our unit on the alphabet and phonetics.  Proper pronunciation is near and dear to my heart, and these kids are diving in and sound amazing already.  Ask students to spell their names in Spanish...and anything else to keep them practicing!

7th Grade News

Algebra (7th):  Presently working on chapter 2 which focuses on properties of real numbers.

Art: in class students continue to work on displaying their chosen art elements or principles inside small human figures.  Please check the homework calendar for project due dates.

Band:  We are working on a number of songs.  It is really fun to hear how they are progressing.

Bible: We are focusing on God’s faithfulness, Psalm 89, and also the divided kingdom following King Solomon.

History:  Next week we will only have one class!  We will continue to look at South Asia and practicing learning names of Asian countries.

Language Arts:  There will be a test on short stories this Wednesday. 7H will have the test rescheduled to accommodate the Art Prize trip. We will start our first novel study next week.

PE: We wrapped up our soccer unit this week with a test on the rules and basic concepts of soccer. We will begin fitness testing next! Students will be able to evaluate their own personal fitness level.

Pre-Algebra (Kiser): The next topic we will focus on is rational numbers; evaluating problems with integers and fractions.

Pre-Algebra (Holtrop): We will continue working with integers during our short week together! We will especially be reviewing how to multiply and divide integers.

Orchestra:  We are planning to get all of the 8th note passages - in tune and faster by Tuesday!  So focus on 8th notes on both of your pieces.

Science: Continuing our study of plants around our school grounds.

Spanish:  In addition to our activities that reinforce the vocabulary, we will be reviewing pronouns and learning when and how to use the verb “estar.”

8th Grade News

Special Announcement: Eighth graders and their families are invited to an evening of Yesterdogs & Eagle Football next Friday, Oct 2. Festivities begin at 6:00PM with Yesterdogs at the GRCHS Football Stadium Event Deck & tours of the high school. Come and learn more about the recently renovated GRCHS and head over to the event deck to enjoy the food and game. Questions?  Contact Jana Hoglund (616.574.5605, )

Dessert Theatre:  The show is selected, and we’re gearing up! Scripts should be arriving in the next week or two; there will also be music CD’s available to help in preparing for auditions next month.  A great link to have quick access to for scheduling and announcements will be our Dessert Theatre website:

Algebra (Witte): Next week we will start reviewing chapter 2.  There will be a ch 2 test on Tuesday after the Service Project.  

Algebra (8th): We will continue working with Integers; distributing and combining like terms.

Art:  In class students are nearing completion of their first project, which was printmaking with the student’s initials.  There will be a quiz coming soon on the history and tool of chop/printmaking.  Please check the homework calendar for project due dates and sketchbook assignments.  

Band: Excellent progress is being made on our March for Band Festival. We will continue to add to our repertoire when we return from Service Project.

Bible: Bible Memory - Philippians 4:6-8 due on Tuesday.  Beginning a new unit looking at the characteristics of Christ.

Geometry: Next week we will be finishing the last portion of Unit 2 and reviewing for the test that will be the test that will be early the following week. Students were given a review assignment today. Please encourage them to keep studying.

History:  We will continue to study the American Revolution next week and soon focusing on how the colonists were able to defeat the British at Yorktown.

Language Arts: Students are continuing to learn about writing techniques that will directly influence the effectiveness of their NHD essays. We are hoping to have the NHD outlines returned by next Tuesday or Wednesday.

PE: We wrapped up our soccer unit this week with a test on the rules and basic concepts of soccer. We will begin fitness testing next! Students will be able to evaluate their own personal fitness level.

Orchestra: Focus on the 16th note parts of For Unto Us.  Learn slowly and then gradually increase tempo but keep all notes very even!

Science: We’re studying density and are creating particle models of air that help us understand how weather occurs.

Spanish: We are finishing our unit on clothing, quedar, IOP’s, near future, and possessive “de.”  Upcoming tests:  8A on Oct 12th; 8B on Oct 13th.

Wildcats Athletics

Winter basketball sign-ups for grades 5-8 are closed.  Within the next 2 weeks you will receive an email about your child's coach, practice days and times.

8th Grade Girls Basketball: Open Gym: Monday Oct 5 from 3:15-5:00pm.

Sports physicals are due on Monday, Oct 5. If your child is playing winter basketball this form must be turned in before the first day of practice.