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Middle School Matters - Oct 28, 2016

Fifth Grade:

Art: 5th grade is working on their prints. Soon we will be learning how to do the cutting of the design.

Band: Mon - WW and Perc, Tue - Brass, Thu - Full band! Great work - we are making excellent progress. Our second practice record is due Nov 01.

Bible: November begins already this Tuesday, and during this month we will start thinking and learning more about our world and its people. The 5th graders will be given a new identity to match a 3rd, 2nd or 1st world country. For example, we will have a Malita from Malawi, Pablo from Chile and Andry from Madagascar, etc…, and they will be learning about the culture and resources in their assigned country. We are trying to put into perspective what life looks like in 3rd world countries versus 2nd and 1st world countries.

Language Arts: We started writing our disappointing personal narrative stories and will continue writing and editing them for our first formal writing grade. We will also continue reading our just-right book choice before our next unit on Multicultural literature starts.

Math: DMSBR… Divide, Multiply, Subtract, Bring Down, Repeat… Does McDonald’s Sell Burgers? (Repeat). The 5th graders are welcome to check their answers with calculators and go back to correct any errors on their long division homework, but only after they have shown their work. We will take our first long division quiz next week Tuesday. There will be another online review for the class to work on at home for practice. They could also practice at home on IXL over the weekend.

Orchestra: Playing quiz #30 &#39&#40 in All for Strings next Mon &Tue. Be sure to practice every day-15 to 20 min so you don’t get lost when we learn new music in class.

PE: We are just beginning our volleyball unit. We worked on serving last week. This week we will be focusing on passing and setting.

Sixth Grade:

Art: We continue our work on the hand project working to show visually how the artists sees God in his or her life. There is now a due date posted on the homework calendar for this hand project. Additionally, check the homework calendar for the sketchbook assignment and due date.

Band: We had a quiz Thu - many many As - some students did not do as well. Practice really helps! Oct practice records are due Tue Nov 01.

6K Bible (Koetje): We are learning about the Bible as a book, as God’s story. We will learn about the divisions of the Bible and the different kinds of writings in the Bible next week.

6W Bible (Westrate): We are thinking about what it means to be in relationship with God and what it means to trust him. We’re discussing the story of Job and are eager to be inspired by his patience and passion for being in right relationship with God.

History: We are continuing our study of landforms. Possible quiz at the end of next week on the different variety of God’s creation. Global Studies Weekly on South Africa next week. (#6)

Language Arts: We will complete Tuck Everlasting next week and begin a writing unit. Students will have a quiz on similes, metaphors, and personification next Thursday.

Math: We started a new chapter about fractions. Be sure to encourage your student to use their notes from class as they complete their homework and to show all of their work.

PE: We will continue our volleyball unit. There will be a quiz at the end of the unit. A review sheet is posted on Moodle and a hard copy will be handed out in class.

Orchestra: Congratulations to Camryn Stabler! She was selected as Concertmistress of the St. Cecilia Concert Orch. this fall! She will perform a solo with the orch. at a Jan. concert. WOW!

Science: We will take a quiz over investigations 1 and 2 this week. Keep your eyes on the planner page for the date. Students will have a study list in their notebooks.

Spanish: Once again we are being flexible to accommodate some very special activities around the school. What they will mean specifically for us is that our big TEST scheduled for Monday, is now rescheduled for next Fri, Nov 04.

Seventh Grade:

Algebra (7th): Chapter 6 test on Friday. We will wrap up the new material on wednesday and have review on thursday.

Art: The 7th grade is working to complete their texture paintings. Students have seen the rubric for this project and it will be given a due date next week. Check the homework calendar for due dates of projects and sketchbook assignments.

Band: Solo Day is Nov 08. The schedule is on Moodle. PRACTICE loads! :)

Bible: We’ll be wrapping our unit on devotions. This week we hope to be sharing devotionals with some of the younger grades.

Language Arts: Students will continue with the Witch of Blackbird Pond novel study. We will be incorporating descriptive writing with the unit, and the students will also be introduced to an interdisciplinary project on Monday that will incorporate writing, art, science and outdoor education.

PE: We will continue our volleyball unit. There will be a quiz at the end of the unit. A review sheet is posted on Moodle and a hard copy will be handed out in class.

Math: We will begin a new chapter about rational numbers!

Pre-Algebra: Next week we will review and test on Ch 4 Roots and Powers. A study guide & practice test is found on pg 180 of our text book.

Orchestra: Continue to polish all parts of your performance pieces for Nov. 8! Parents, ask for a concert this week and offer musical insights. Thanks for all of your support and encouragement.

Science: We will continue with investigation 5 on the vascular system of plants. We are on schedule to have another quest at the beginning of the week of Nov 08.

Spanish: 7th graders have a special project due Wednesday called “Peppy Prepositions Project.” Details are posted on their Moodle Spanish course.

Eighth Grade:

You are invited to the Grand Rapids Christian High School FALL SHOWCASE 2017!

On Tuesday, November 01, at 7:00pm come to the Grand Rapids Christian High School Fall Showcase 2016! See how a Christ-centered, student-focused approach to learning has made us one of West Michigan's top-performing high schools and such a good fit for so many students!

The evening will include an introduction to Grand Rapids Christian High School, including a mini-chapel service, an introduction from Principal, Dr. Randy Morris, and hear about life at GRCHS from a current student.

Additionally, choose from over a dozen breakout sessions designed to help you learn more about our academic programs, athletics, Winterim program, transportation, and much more.

You will also have the opportunity to meet members of our Spiritual Life Team as well as other staff members, and hear how they encourage our students in their spiritual journey. Talk to teachers as you explore our outstanding academic programs, meet coaches and athletes as you learn more about our broad array of athletic opportunities, discover our exceptional Fine Arts program and the many hands-on experiences it offers students, and experience the difference our distinctive Christian education makes in student’s lives.

NorthPointe Christian High School Preview Day

Thu, Nov 10 - 7:35am - 2:35pm (RSVP required)

Shadow a student for the day and experience firsthand what it is like to be a mustang. Parents are invited to stay for a tour, breakfast, and meeting with administrators. See how NorthPointe's new MakerSpace is transforming learning! Hear how students are graduating with a semester of college credit.

RSVP Required. Please contact Brittany Noll: , 616.942.0350 x276

Art: 8th grade has begun working on creating their ceramic slab pots. 8th graders will be working on this project for a while. Please check with your 8th grader and see what texture they are considering to create on their pots and ask them what their pot lid handle will be. Check the homework calendar for due dates of projects and sketchbook assignments.

Band: Festival is Nov 08 and we are working hard. Dr. Phil Hash joined us Thu and led rehearsal. ACS did a great job listening and working with him.

Bible (Westrate): We’re thinking about Jesus’ parables this week.

Bible (Huttenga): Students continue to work on their film’s on Paul’s missions. This week, the students will show their videos to other groups in class and educate their peers.

Geometry: Students have a test on Monday about transformations and then we begin proofs!

Language Arts: The first (rough) draft of the NHD essay is due Monday, October 31. In the following week, students are asked to show their essays to parents and request review. Huttenga will be sending info home with students and emailing parents as well. The 8th graders will commence their first literature study of the year, focusing on John Steinbeck’s novella The Pearl.

PE: We will continue our volleyball unit. There will be a quiz at the end of the unit. A review sheet is posted on Moodle and a hard copy will be handed out in class.

Pre-Algebra Enhanced: Next up: Scientific Notation, Square Roots, & Cube Roots.

Orchestra: Solo and Ensemble pieces remain our focus. Ask for a concert and offer musical advice! Thanks for all of your support and encouragement.

Science: Crater formation has been our focus this week. A quiz over this material will take place this week.

Spanish: Students may begin working on their TAKE-HOME TEST/PROJECT. Although it is not due until Tuesday, November 8th, it does require potential assistance from family members or friends, and some pictures being taken around the house to portray chores. The assignment is open in their Moodle course so students may begin planning and organizing.


Fall sports are wrapping up. Congratulations to all of our fall sports teams on great seasons! Please return jerseys to Miss Prins within the next week.