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Middle School Matters - Oct 14, 2016

General Announcements:

No School for Students Oct 19-21.

Fifth Grade:

Art: We are completing our abstract landscape project and now moving on to designing and creating prints. Through this project we will work on learning about the whole printmaking process.  

Band: Full band both Monday and Tuesday! Keep the practice minutes coming!

Bible: We continue to work our way through the Pentateuch. We look forward to a short unit on Psalms and Proverbs. New Bible Memory will come home after CEA convention week.

Language Arts: We are finishing our survival unit by making our newspaper. Our next unit will focus on narrative writing.

Math: The chapter 2 tests came home yesterday, and we started a new unit on long division this week. This is a great time to be practicing your math facts if they’re still fuzzy!

Orchestra:  Wow! We have already learned so many new things on our stringed instruments! Retakes, bow lifts, first and second endings, down and up bow markings. We have played our first scales as well as quite a few songs. This wonderful group of fabulous fifth graders has a great sense of intonation! Be sure to practice pages 19 and 20 in All for Strings for short playing quizzes on Monday and Tuesday.

Spanish: QUIZ on the #’s (0 - 100) on Tuesday!

Sixth Grade:

Art: In class we are working on part two of our project which is to visually show how the art see God at work in their life.  Please check the homework calendar for project due dates and sketchbook assignments.

Band: What a great group! A few turned in lower practice numbers for Sep - they can totally make this up in Oct! :) Go team!

Bible: Students continue to work on Bible cubes in class. They are due Mon Oct 24. Your child may have to “construct” the cube at home over the long weekend.  

History: Your child will receive the new Global Studies Weekly (#4) on Friday this week. We will learn about the middle of Africa in this newspaper. The newspaper and quiz will be next Monday (10/24). We will also focus on latitude and longitude activities during our short week of school.

Language Arts: Look for a spelling MY words assignment next week. Students have individualized spelling lists and will work with these 15 words in several different ways before having a test on them.  

Math: Next week we will be wrapping up our unit about decimals, fractions, and percents. Please encourage your student to continue to study their flash cards. Be on the lookout for a practice test. Students should complete that and be ready to ask questions if they do not understand.

Orchestra: Continue to practice pages 25 and 26 in Essential Elements so that we will be able to complete our playing quiz next Monday. We are working on the different types of notes and bowing in 6/8 time signatures. Scales are the F Major and B flat Major.

Science: We’ve been studying severe weather and tools that measure the weather. In the next couple of weeks, we will take a look at various factors that contribute to the formation of weather systems.

Spanish: Students completed their Adjective Quiz today, and we will resume using the verb SER and the adjectives on Monday.

Seventh Grade:

Algebra (7th): Chapter 5 test on Tuesday the 18th.

Art: The 7th grade classes have begun exploring texture. Please know that next week Tuesday, weather permitting, the 7th graders will be outside spray painting their texture explorations. Please don’t wear your Sunday best. Additionally, please check the homework calendar for project due dates and sketchbook assignments.

Band: We have been working on our solos for our Nov 08 solo and ensemble event. Students will play at school, during the day. We will share the schedule with you soon! Parents are invited to hear their student perform for the judge!

Bible: The 7th graders are working collaboratively to create an anthology of student-written devotionals.

Language Arts: We have begun our first novel study, The Witch of Blackbird Pond. During this unit we will be talking about how to analyze characters using textual evidence and inference.

Math: We will continue to study percents. On Monday they will be taking a quiz about what we have covered so far.

Pre-Algebra: Wow these students are working hard and ready to learn each day! We are now studying Powers and Roots. Negative Exponents & Cube Roots will be new to most students.

Orchestra: All solo, duet and trio groups have practiced 2 or 3 times with the piano player. Be sure to have your string student perform for you this week! Solo and Ensemble is on Tuesday, Nov 08 and you are invited to come to hear your child perform in front of the judge.

Science: Wrap up investigation 4 on Monday followed by an investigation 4 quest on Tuesday (10/18)

Spanish: We will not have any Spanish classes meeting next week. ¡Qué tengan una buena semana!

Eighth Grade:

The Oct 21 Yesterdog Event at GRCHS has been cancelled.

Art: 8th grade will work to complete the first project by mounting their best 3 or 6 prints that were created. Please check the homework calendar for project due dates and sketchbook assignments.

Band: Festival is Nov 08 at 11:00am in the band room. Come hear your wonderful students perform!

Bible (Westrate): We continue to study the Gospel of Matthew and how it emphasizes that Jesus is the Messiah (and truly, Immanuel). The Beatitude memory work is due on Fri, Oct 28.

Bible (Huttenga): The students are working in groups to adapt the missions of Paul into a series of short films.

Geometry: We are finishing up our chapter about properties of angles. There will be a test on Monday.

Language Arts: We’ll begin the transition from outlining to essay drafting. Parents, you’ll be receiving more detailed info in emails.

Pre-Algebra Enhanced: Our Chapter 2 test on Rational Numbers is Monday. This weekend students should organize their notes and complete another review from Friday’s class.

Orchestra: All soloists have practiced with the piano player at school. They will be able to work with the pianist this Monday and Tuesday as well. Nov 08 is the date for Solo and Ensemble--bring on the judge!

Science: Craters are the main focus of our study this week.

Spanish: 8th graders have a vocabulary QUIZ on Tuesday, October 18th. They should use the Moodle resource “U.7 Quehaceres Vocabulary” to study. Quiz will cover chores and things we use to do our chores.