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Middle School Matters - Oct 03, 2016

General Announcements:

Welcome to a double header week of MSM - due to the Service Project and Survival Camp, we are doing a Monday AND a Friday edition this week. Enjoy!

Queen of Katwe Fundraiser:  On Tuesday, October 4 at 7 pm at Celebration! Cinema North, there will be a showing of Queen of Katwe. This is a movie about a young girl from Uganda who trains to become a world chess champion. All donations will benefit Kabala Christian School in Sierra Leone. Please RSVP the number attending to 616-447-4220.

Fifth Grade:

Art: Continuing abstract landscapes.

Band: This week: Oct 03 will be all woodwinds and percussion, Oct 04 will be brass. Oct 06 will be full band again. Oct 10 all woodwinds and percussion, Oct 11 brass, Oct 13 Full Band.

Math: We will review what we have learned so far about converting decimals to fractions and fractions to decimals. We will also be reviewing long division, and adding decimals in the dividend to the mix.

Orchestra:  We are starting to use the bow and play “arco” on some of our exercises and songs.  Parents, be sure to ask for a mini concert sometime this week. Thanks for remembering to send in all books, instruments and bows!

PE: We will be playing flag football this week.

Science: We continue investigations of Living Systems from BIG (biosphere) to local (Ecosystems) to small (a rotting log) and the interplay of all in God’s creative design.

Social Studies: We are finishing up our study of the Age of Exploration and will have a quiz on Friday. Review sheet coming home tomorrow.  On to Colonial America.  Discovery II continues as well…...ask the kids about it:  What country are they a part of? Where in the ocean are they?  Most will soon land on the wild shores of North America and attempt to colonize…...challenges and decisions await them!

Spanish: We are practicing our math skills while learning numbers to 100.  Ask your student if he or she can “count” by 10’s to the Coca-Cola jingle later next week.

Sixth Grade:

Art: Continuing to work on our first project.

Band: Sep Practice Records are due! 300 minutes = A for Sep and also for Oct! Some absolutely GREAT quizzes have been played. Awesome!

Bible: We will reflect on the service project as well as continue to work on our Bible cubes.

History: We are continuing our lessons on maps and globes this week. The first Global Studies Weekly newspapers were sent home today. They need to read the articles, and complete the activities on the back. We will have an open-notes quiz on the newspaper on Friday.

Language Arts: Vocabulary quiz on Thurs Oct 6.

Math: We continue with Fractions, Decimals, and Percent. Your child has made some flashcards to practice common fractions and decimals. Please review with them.

PE: We will begin a short ultimate frisbee unit this week. Students should be prepared to go outside.

Orchestra: We will focus on new pages 22 and 23 with a playing quiz this week Thursday!

Spanish: There was no Spanish last week, but we will resume our adjectives and the verb SER this week. There will be a vocabulary QUIZ on Monday the 10th.

Seventh Grade:

Algebra (7th): We will continue chapter 4 on graphing. The test will be early next week.

Art: This is the last week we will work on the art element and priciple project. Please check homework calendar for due dates and sketchbook assignments.

Band: Solo and Ensemble practice continues. Nov 08 is our big day. Parents - can you play the piano? We need 2 pianists who could come play on Tuesday Nov 08 for about 90 minutes. Please email Mrs. VN if you would be willing or if you know a grandparent we should ask.

Bible Huttenga/Wanner: This week, students will continue to listen to guest speakers from our community as they share how they grow closer to God through the spiritual discipline of devotions.

History: This week we will be learning about the ancient history surrounding South Asia. While doing this we will focus on the origins and teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism and compare that to our Christian worldview.

Language Arts: 7th graders will be preparing for their short stories test taking place on Friday. Thursday will be a review period, although we will be spending segments of time throughout the week discussing essays. Students will also be finishing up their independent reading project which will be due on Monday, October 10.

PE: We will begin a short ultimate frisbee unit this week. Students should be prepared to go outside.

Math: This week we will be finishing our chapter about Ratio and Rate. Students will be taking a test this coming Thursday.

Pre-Algebra: Two main topics this week:

  1. dividing rational numbers that contain variables 
  2. adding and subtracting positive and negative mixed numbers

Orchestra: Be sure to bring in solo and duet pieces for Solo and Ensemble (Nov 08)  to begin practicing with a piano player.

Science: Test on investigations 1-3 on Wednesday. Investigation 4 begins on Thursday.

Spanish:  7th graders  will begin our new unit this week on things inside the home (living room and bedroom furniture, etc.) while we continue working with the verb ESTAR.  

Eighth Grade:

Algebra: This week we will continue our study of chapter 3 focusing on solving equations.

Art: This week we are printing in single colors with hopes of earning double colors next week. Please check homework calendar for due dates and sketchbook assignments.

Band: Festival music continues, and we are also preparing for a hymn concert.

Bible Westrate: Studying the gospel of Matthew.

Bible Huttenga: Exploring the early church and the book of Acts.

Geometry: This week we will be learning about the properties of angles.

History: This week we will conclude our study of the American Revolutionary War. We will start reviewing for our test which will take place early next week.  

Language Arts: We will continue to explore writing style and strategy. When students have their outline drafts returned, they will spend class time using the feedback to edit for the final draft. Certain changes will be made to the NHD calendar soon - please be on the lookout for those.

PE: We will begin a short ultimate frisbee unit this week. Students should be prepared to go outside.

Pre-Algebra Enhanced: We will be multiplying and dividing rational numbers.  We will also have a quiz on common decimals, fractions and percents.

Orchestra: Be sure to bring in all solo and ensemble pieces this week Tuesday and Thursday!

Science: Our moon study continues!

Spanish:  8th graders created “fashion show” clips using vocabulary and grammar learned in our last unit. I can’t wait to watch these Tuesday! Our new unit will focus on a favorite of mine: Chores we do around the house.