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Middle School Matters - Nov 28, 2016 (Special Monday Edition!)

General Announcements:

Trimester 2 begins today! We are praying for a wonderful trimester full of growth and learning for all our ACS students.

5th Band and Orchestra concerts are this Thu Dec 01 at 2:30pm. 5th band in the Commons, 5th orchestra in Mrs. VandenBosch’s room. Students do not need to dress up for these events.

Grades 6-8 Christmas Concert is Thu Dec 15 at 7:00pm in the South Gym. Call time is 6:30pm. Concert dress is white on top and black/dark all the way to the floor including dark socks/leggings and dark shoes. Now is a great time to be sure that concert clothes fit.

The Ada Christmas Parade is this week Saturday in downtown Ada. All 6-8th band members who are able to come should arrive at the float by 10:30am. The ACS truck is a DJ’s Landscaping semi truck and trailer. It will be very obvious. Our cars should be parked closer to the McDonald’s and students should carefully walk over to the truck. The parade steps off at 11:00am and we are done at the Ada Fire Station by 11:30am. All students must be picked up at the fire station and taken home from there at 11:30am. Cases must be left in cars, so instruments must be carefully carried back to them. Parents who have a cool/interesting/parade-worthy vehicle who might like to join our ACS convoy should contact Mrs. VN via school email and we can add you to our string of ACS vehicles. It is fine if your company logo is on your vehicle. Very fun! Parents - we need parents able to walk and ride with us - all band instruments are welcome - there will be extra music you could use.

Fifth Grade:

Art: Printing of blocks is happening.  

Band: Concert Dec 01 - this week Thu at 2:30pm in the commons

Bible: We continue to look at the world as a whole, and the disparities in resources that exist from one nation to another.

Language Arts: We are working on our Padlet projects on Monday and Tuesday this week. The reading of the 5th graders multicultural books was due today. Our next writing unit is on Informational/Explanatory Writing. If possible, please have your 5th graders bring in a magazine on Wednesday to use in class. They can bring it home when finished.

Math: We will have a test next week Wednesday on adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals.  We will be finishing the unit this week, and reviewing next week.  

Orchestra: Concert is this Thursday Dec 01 at 2:30 in the music suite-room #502. We are looking forward to showing you what we have learned!

PE: We will begin our basketball unit this week!

Spanish: We will begin our new unit on clothing this week!

Sixth Grade:

TODAY your child will be coming home with their school laptop. Please also look over some important information and details as you talk with your child about appropriate use of this device.

Art: 6th grade will be working on portrait drawing for the next couple of weeks.  Check the homework calendar for project due dates and sketchbook homework.  

Band: Christmas Parade in Ada is Saturday! See info above.

Bible: (6K) Students are working to understand the furnishings of the tabernacle, their purpose, and how they point to Jesus and his reason for coming to earth.  In addition, we are using a book entitled, All Creation Waits by Gayle Boss to help us understand the season of advent.  

History: Global Studies Weekly about Mexico this week. Newspaper due on Friday. We will also begin a new project later this week researching about Ancient Egypt.

Language Arts: We are beginning a new reading unit on short stories.  We will also focus on dialogue, commas, and transitions as we write about a disappointing experience.

Math: Students will be taking a test this coming Friday on Ratios and Rates.

PE: We will begin our basketball unit this week!

Spanish: PLEASE NOTE that now your students are able to take their laptops home, it will not be uncommon for them to have online (Quia) Spanish homework.  Often, they will have a chance to begin these in class where I can help with questions, but they may (and should!) do these as many times as needed to get a good score prior to the due date.  I will always take the BEST score submitted prior to the deadline.  

Seventh Grade:

Algebra (7th): We will begin work with exponents in chapter 8, our test will be next week Thursday.

Art: 7th grade is going to stop working on their robot project and work on the animal sign project connected with LA, Science, and Outdoor Education classes.  This week student will paint the sign color of their choosing and begin image layout/design of the object being painted the signs. Check the homework calendar for project due dates and sketchbook homework.  

Band: Christmas Parade in Ada is Saturday! See info above.

Bible: (Wanner) quiz tomorrow on Lord’s day 45: questions 116 - 118.  The rest of the week we will spend looking at the Lord’s prayer and specific people praying in the Bible.  

History: We are continuing our study of East and Southeast Asia. By the end of the week we will be reviewing the material for a test early next week.

PE: We will begin our basketball unit this week!

Math: We will continue to study algebraic expressions.

Pre-Algebra: We continue working with Ratios, Rates and Proportions.

Science: We will begin our study of Earth History.

Spanish: Next week we talk about more things found in the kitchen, and begin learning how to conjugate regular -AR verbs.  This is a highlight for me, as the ability to communicate for the kids in Spanish escalates dramatically!

Eighth Grade:

Algebra: We will take a test on Ch. 5 on Tuesday.  Then we will begin our study of linear inequalities.

Art: 8th grade is working on their ceramic slab pots. There are 4 class left to complete the construction of this pot, including the lid and texture. Check the homework calendar for project due dates and sketchbook homework.  

Band: Christmas Parade in Ada is Saturday! See info above.

Geometry: There will be a quiz on Tuesday and a test on chapter 6 later this week.

History: We are preparing for a test on Ch. 8 this week.  A review sheet and flash cards are available to help students study on moodle.  

PE: We will begin our basketball unit this week!

Pre-Algebra Enhanced: We continue working with Ratios, Rates and Proportions.

Spanish: We will continue our unit by adding fruits (some recycled from 4th grade, plus several new ones) and using possessives.  We will also start doing some reading in Spanish, and watch another short episode of our mysterious “telenovela.”


Please return all fall sports uniforms to Miss Prins.