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Middle School Matters – Nov 13, 2015

General Announcements 

The All School Thanksgiving Chapel is Tuesday, Nov 24 at 8:15am, led by the 5th and 6th graders

The End of the First Trimester is Tuesday, Nov 24. Please be sure all your child’s work is up to date.

Fifth Grade News

Water Walk next Wednesday! (See permission slip coming home today, and 5th graders should dress appropriately.)

Cookie Dough Factory next week Friday.  The order forms went home yesterday.  An incentive is there for 5th graders who sell 10 or more tubs.  

Art: We are working on printing our cut designs now.  

Band:  Our first concert is Thursday, Nov 19 at 2:30pm in the Commons at ACS. Full band next week Mon and Tues as we prepare. This will be fun! We have a lot to show you!

Bible: We have started learning more about “our” country and the people that come from it. We had a great rice week and are learning each day to appreciate more the abundance God has given us. Next week Wednesday is our water walk, a permission slip will come home today with your child. Please return it by Tuesday!  Also, Cookie Dough Factory next Friday!  The order forms came home yesterday. Parent volunteers will be needed on Friday. A sign-up genius will be sent through email so be on the lookout for that.

Language Arts: We have been working hard on our narrative writings and we are finally finished! We will soon start work on researching for our next big project-Wax Museum. We have been adding to our CAFE board as well: reviewing comprehension, fluency, and expanding vocabulary concepts.

Math: Comparing, ordering, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals.  

Orchestra:  This is the week of our first orchestra 5th grade concert. The orchestra will play at 2:30pm in Mrs. VandenBosch’s room. Come one and all to hear us. We are excited to play a few of our songs for you.

PE: We will continue with our volleyball unit. Students are working on their serving, passing and setting skills in game play.

Science: The 5th graders have met and learned all about a new friend named CHON. Ask them.  :)

Social Studies: Moving on to the American Revolution - The “Sons of Liberty” and the “Daughters of Liberty.”

Spanish:  We will begin our new unit on “ropa” (clothing)!

Sixth Grade News

Art: 6th graders have moved on to their second project which works to explore and teach about drawing self-portraits.  Please check the homework calendar for sketchbook and project due dates.  The hands project is due next week Wednesday and Thursday.  

Band:  We are almost done with our book. We have a quiz Thurs Nov 19 on 185, 186 or 187. Some 6th graders are playing solos on Tues Nov 17. They should dress nicely for that day, but do not have to wear black and white - the schedule of events is on Moodle.

Bible:  Monday we will edit the final draft of their Bible Brochure, and turn it in. We will be starting a new unit this week looking at the first 11 chapters of the book of Genesis.

History:  We are finishing up our Egypt Unit with an on-line poster project. Student will receive the details and explanation on Tuesday next week.

Language Arts:  The 6th graders had some impressive and creative vocabulary presentations!  Next week we will continue working hard on our character projects. Most students have completed the poem and have started writing the diary entry.  Project is due on Wednesday,

Math: We have just started a new unit about ratios and rates.

PE: We will continue with our volleyball unit. Students are continuing to improve their volleyball skills through skill practice and game play. There will be a test at the end of the unit. A review sheet is posted on Moodle.

Orchestra: We will continue with our books and sheet music. Be sure to try to practice 15 to 20 minutes and focus on improving intonation!

Science: Students are studying gases and gas laws.  We will have a short quiz in class over Boyle’s and Charles’ Laws on Tuesday.  Students have a note page and there are video resources on moodle to help them prepare.

Spanish:   6th graders have begun a new unit, starting with adjectives to describe people.  They have hard copy vocabulary “flashcards,” but also have Quizlet flashcards/games on their Spanish Moodle page.  We will be doing more homework now (short assignments) on their Quia website.  Please note:  Students may do these assignments multiple times to get the best grade possible up until the due date; and they may use their Moodle resources to help them with the assignments.

Seventh Grade News

Algebra (7th):  On Monday, Nov 16, we will have a test on chapter 4.

Art: In 7th grade we are working to design and cut-out with an exacto knife a robot that helps the artist with a personal struggle.  This project is helping student understand space.  Please check the homework calendar for sketchbook and project due dates.

Band:  Solo Day is Tuesday, Nov 17 at ACS. Students should wear their black and white and bring a thank-you note for their accompanist (I will give time to make a note at school). The schedule is on Moodle. Parents are welcome to come and see us perform.

Bible: We are beginning to study the time period leading up to Israel and Judah’s downfall to Assyria and Babylon.

History:  Next week we will be studying the history of East Asia and Southeast Asia. Students have also been working on a keynote project that will be due on Tuesday.   

Language Arts: On Monday, Nov 16, the 7th graders will be taking their test on The Witch of Blackbird Pond.

After the test, we will begin our next unit on the novel The Westing Game. However, the 7th graders must NOT know about this. The novel is a murder mystery, and unbeknownst to the 7th graders, they will be assuming the roles of the characters in the book and living out the plot in an elaborate simulation throughout the week. Details will be given to the students as they “play” through the mystery.

PE: We will continue with our volleyball unit. Students are continuing to improve their volleyball skills through skill practice and game play. There will be a test at the end of the unit. A review sheet is posted on Moodle.

Pre-Algebra (Kiser): We just started Ratios, Proportions, & Similar Figures.

Pre-Algebra (Holtrop): We have just started a new chapter about collecting, displaying and analyzing data. The skills being taught in this chapter are very valuable and I’m excited to help your student understand them better!

Orchestra:  Just a quick reminder for Solo/Ensemble details:  Bring an extra copy of your music for the judge.  Write a thank you note to your piano player and dress in black and white concert dress.  Bring your order of events sheet  home to let your family know the approximate times that  you perform.

Science: During the coming week we will be studying pollination and the anatomy of a flower.

Spanish:  See if your 7th grader can take you on a tour of the living room and their bedroom, pointing out and naming in Spanish the various things found there!  This week we will learn the Peppy Preposition “dance.”

Eighth Grade News

Calendar Reminders 

  • Class Trip Dates:  Tuesday, May 24 till Thursday, May 26
  • Babysitting Night:  Dec 11 5pm till 9pm
  • Yearbook Pictures and Baby Pictures are due by Thanksgiving

Invitation to GRCHS: Tuesday, Nov 17, at 7:00pm come to the Grand Rapids Christian High School Fall Showcase 2016 at 2300 Plymouth Ave SE!  

  • See how a Christ-centered, student-focused approach to learning has made us one of West Michigan's top-performing high schools and such a good fit for so many students!
  • The evening will include an introduction to Grand Rapids Christian High School, including a mini-chapel service, an introduction from Principal, Dr. Randy Morris, and hear about life at GRCHS from a current student.  
  • Additionally, choose from over a dozen breakout sessions designed to help you learn more about our academic programs, athletics, Winterim program, transportation, and much more.  
  • You will also have the opportunity to meet members of our Spiritual Life Team and hear about how they encourage our students in their spiritual journey, talk to teachers as you explore our outstanding academic programs, meet coaches and athletes as you learn more about our broad array of athletic opportunities, discover our exceptional Fine Arts program and the many hands-on experiences it offers students, and experience the difference our distinctive Christian education makes in student’s lives.

Questions? Got to or contact Jana Hoglund ().

DESSERT THEATRE:  Auditions are this week!!!  Students have signed up for either Monday or Wednesday, from 3 - 4:30.  There may be some callbacks on Friday, and we will notify individual students who we need and for what if that is the case.  Please follow the link for more information:

Algebra (Witte):  Next week we will take our Chapter 4 test on Monday. Next up for our algebra class is a chapter on Writing Linear Equations.

Algebra (8th): We are graphing Linear Equations. Key concepts are: Function Form, x-intercept, y-intercept and slope.

Art: The 8th graders are continuing to work on their calligraphy project.  This past week we completed a critique of each other artwork.  Please check the homework calendar for sketchbook and project due dates.  

Band: Band Festival is Tues Nov 17. We perform for the judges in the band room at 10:55. Please come and hear us - it really helps to have a cheering audience!

Bible:  We will be finishing up our Early Ministry of Jesus unit this week, and will take a test the week of Thanksgiving.

Geometry: We have our first test using proofs this coming Tuesday. We have started to review and prepare for the test.

History:  Next week we will continue our study of Chapter 8 which focuses on the early years of our new country. We will also take time to honor and celebrate the long career of George Washington with the 2nd annual “Ode to George Day.” This big event will be next Thursday.

Language Arts: 8th graders will submit the 3rd draft of their NHD essays on Monday, Nov 16. Parents have received a detailed email about this. Students can expect a “quest” on The Pearl right before Thanksgiving break. From there, we will continue to study short stories such as “Flowers for Algernon”.

PE: We will continue with our volleyball unit. Students are continuing to improve their volleyball skills through skill practice and game play. There will be a test at the end of the unit. A review sheet is posted on Moodle.

Orchestra: This Tuesday- Nov 17th- is Solo and Ensemble Day at Ada Christian. Be sure to dress in black and white concert dress;bring a copy of your music for the judge and a thank you note for your accompanist.  Focus on improving all of the musical details!

Science: iCheck (quiz) over Investigation 7 “Water in the Air” will take place on Monday. Students should review from their notebooks to prepare.

Spanish:  We continue with the household chores.  A gold sheet will be coming up sometimes next week which your student is to go over with you and have you sign!  They wrote in Spanish the chores they said they were going to do, and then which ones they did or did not get done. (They will be graded on their grammar, not their work ethic.)


Uniforms: Please turn in your child’s fall athletic uniform.  Uniforms may be turned in to the front office, or to Carly Prins during PE class.

Basketball: The 5th and 6th grade basketball season is off to a great start.  As soon as we receive game schedules we will pass them along to you.  The 7th and 8th grade season will begin the week of Nov 30.

Sports Physicals:  If your child is playing winter basketball Sport Physicals must be turned in before the 1st day of practice.