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Middle School Matters – Nov 06, 2015

General Announcements – Christmas Concert

Weekly Grade-level News

General Announcements

MS Christmas Concert – You are invited to the MS Christmas Concert (grades 6-8) on Tuesday, Dec 15, 7:00pm in the ACS Gym. All 6-8 students need a white shirt (for boys: not a T-shirt, golf shirts are ok, button downs are even better, for girls: a pretty white shirt that meets dress code) and black pants or skirts (must fulfill dress code) and dark shoes/socks.

5th Grade News

Art: Printmaking work continues in the art room.

Band: You are invited to our first concert which will be Thursday, Nov 19 here at ACS in the commons at 2:30pm. Anyone is welcome to come see us. We cannot wait to show you what we can do!

Bible: This month we are focusing on global awareness and what life looks like in third-world countries versus second and first world countries. We’ll discuss how God is working and is calling us to help in either large or small ways.

Language Arts: We are working to finish up our personal narratives this week. We will be editing and typing our final drafts. Survival newspapers are due tomorrow! We look forward to seeing the finished products after months of work! We start a new reading unit by choosing books based on characters who live in, or have moved from, other countries.

Math: The long division quiz comes home in the take-home-folder today. Our next unit covers decimals - rounding, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing with decimals.

Orchestra: You are invited to our first 5th grade string concert on Thursday Nov 19 at 2:30pm in the Music Suite - Room 502. We are so excited to play for you and show you what we have learned on our stringed instruments.

PE: We will continue our volleyball unit in PE. Students are practicing the skills of serving, passing, and setting.

Science: The “cycles of life” - Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Water.

Social Studies: Colonial America & Discovery 2 wrap-up & test….on to the age of colonial revolution and the Revolutionary War.

Spanish: Students finished their unit on telling time. We will now be using time to talk about when activities take place.

6th Grade News

Art: The 6th graders are for the most part completed with the first project. The 6th graders will be learning about and explore portraiture. Please check the homework calendar for due dates and sketchbook homework.

Band: Amazing work on the band quiz this week. It was simply awesome.

Bible: Bible Memory Psalm 105:1-7 due Wednesday. Unit 2 Bible Test on Thursday. Bible brochure - rough draft due on Friday.

History: Ancient Egypt activities and lessons.

Language Arts: We are working hard on identifying prepositions, prepositional phrases, and objects of the prepositions. We also continue to learn new and important vocabulary. Students will be assigned a word and will need to give a 30 second presentation on this word on Friday, Nov 13. In addition, we working on a characterization project related to Tuck Everlasting. This project has many parts, all of which will be due on Wednesday, Nov 18.

Math: Wow students are doing great with fractions. Students are working on a Ch 4 practice test that is due Tuesday - it requires a parent signature. Test Wednesday.

PE: We are continuing our volleyball unit. There will be a quiz at the end of the unit. There is a review sheet is posted on Moodle.

Orchestra: Review pages 14 and 15. New material on 17 and 18 - a review of 2/4 time and rhythms with lots of 16th notes. Quiz on #70 and 71 on Tuesday, Nov 10.

Science: We’ll extend our study of matter with a specific look at gases and their properties.

Spanish: We will have a short quiz on the alphabet on Thursday. There will be an audio resource for pronunciation on Moodle.

7th Grade News

Algebra (7th): Quiz next week Wednesday on chapter 4 sections 1-6.

Art: 7th graders are working with positive and negative creating robots that help solve a personal struggle or issue.  Please check the homework calendar for sketchbook assignments and project due dates.

Band: Solo and Ensemble is Nov 17. Plenty of solo practice should be occurring at home.

Bible: We’ve completed sharing stories of Elijah through skits. Students will complete a reflection activity (posted on moodle) as a capstone to our unit.

History: We will continue to work through a new unit on East and Southeast Asia. We will be focusing on the different climate zones and some early history of this region. By the end of the week students will be picking a topic to research and will create a mini-presentation on their computer. Some of the topics include the Terracotta Soldiers, the Great Wall of China, the Silk Road, and the Forbidden City.

Language Arts: The 7th graders have finished reading The Witch of Blackbird Pond. Now they are reviewing for their test in groups by bringing the book to life in several mid-action snapshots, which they are compiling into posters that will hang around the classroom. Students can expect to have a test on the book on Friday, Nov 13. There will be a review guide up on Moodle for students by the end of the day on Friday, Nov 06.

PE: We will continue our volleyball unit. There will be a quiz at the end of the unit. There is a review sheet is posted on Moodle.

Pre-Algebra (Kiser): Monday we will have our test on Ch 4 Roots and Powers. Students should review using the study guide (p.180), review test (p.180), and online practice test.

Pre-Algebra (Holtrop): On Tuesday we will be taking our test on Chapter 3 - Real Numbers. Students should be completing their review packet which is due Monday.

Orchestra: We are busy practicing our pieces for Solo and Ensemble - Nov 17th. Everyone has worked on their piece with the piano accompanists and will be able to practice with them 3 more times before their performances.

Science: Continuing our study of insects. This past week we have looked at the Emerald Ash Borer and the anatomy of the honeybee.

Spanish: We will combine objects in the living room and bedroom with prepositions that tell location. Although on crutches, I will try to teach them the “Peppy Prepositions” dance!

8th Grade News

8th Grade Parents: Earlier this week an email was sent out highlighting three important events. Please remember:

  • Class Trip Dates: Tuesday, May 24 till Thursday, May 26, no school for 8th only May 27
  • Babysitting Night: Dec 11 5:00-9:00pm
  • Yearbook Pictures and Baby Pictures are due by Thanksgiving

Dessert Theatre: The countdown continues...AUDITIONS are coming up Nov 16 and 18 (students choose one) after school. There will be some callbacks needed on Friday the 20th, TBD. Please check the website for more details:

Algebra (8AE): Next week we will already be finishing up Chapter 4: Graphing Linear Equations. We will have a test on Friday, Nov 14.

Algebra (8th): Your students are doing amazing with equations. Now we will work to graph linear equations and functions. Remember y = mx +b?

Art: 8th graders continue working on the calligraphy project. Many students have begun to ink their final layouts. Please check the homework calendar for project due dates and sketchbook homework.

Band: We will be performing for judges on Tuesday, Nov 17 from 10:55-11:40 in the band room at ACS. Parents are encouraged to come watch, listen and support us!

Bible: Continuing our study of the early ministry of Jesus.

Geometry: Next week we will be studying proofs! This chapter requires your student to spend extra time studying what we have covered in class. They’re ready for it! :)

History: Next week we will be finishing up a Civics Study and then we will jump into Chapter 8, which focuses on the early challenges that our new country faced and the rise of political parties.

Language Arts: 8th graders are continuing to learn about identity and characterization through John Steinbeck’s novella The Pearl. In the coming week, the students will finish this story. They will also be working a bit in class to prepare to hand in the 3rd draft of their NHD essays. This will be due on Nov 16. Parents will receive information about this soon.

PE: We will continue our volleyball unit. There will be a quiz at the end of the unit. There is a review sheet is posted on Moodle.

Orchestra: These awesome 8th graders continue to do outstanding work on the ensemble and solo pieces for Solo and Ensemble - Tuesday, Nov 17

Science: Water in the air is our next area of study. It is cool to see all the concepts we have studied building on each other!

Spanish: Chores. We will be learning how to express what we “are going to do,” “have to do,” and “have just done.”

High School Opportunities

NorthPointe Christian High School
You are invited to discover what sets NorthPointe Christian High School apart at one of our two upcoming events:

  • Monday, Nov 09
    Information Night at 6:30pm at Ada Christian. Discover more about NorthPointe's high performing athletics, college prep academics, award-winning fine Arts, vibrant spiritual community, and much more!
  • Thursday, Nov 12
    Preview Day: shadow a student 7:35-2:35pm (RSVP required) Experience firsthand what it is like to be a NorthPointe student. In the words of a recent Preview Day attendee " “Everyone was welcoming and kind. I felt like I actually went there.”

To RSVP or ask Questions: Contact Brittany Johnson (616.942.0350 x276, )

Grand Rapids Christian High School
You are invited to the Grand Rapids Christian High School FALL SHOWCASE 2016!

  • Tuesday, Nov 17, at 7:00pm
    Come to the Grand Rapids Christian High School Fall Showcase 2016! GRCHS is located at 2300 Plymouth Ave. SE. See how a Christ-centered, student-focused approach to learning has made us one of West Michigan's top-performing high schools and such a good fit for so many students!
  • The evening will include an introduction to Grand Rapids Christian High School, including a mini-chapel service, an introduction from Principal, Dr. Randy Morris, and hear about life at GRCHS from a current student.
  • Additionally, choose from over a dozen breakout sessions designed to help you learn more about our academic programs, athletics, Winterim program, transportation, and much more.
  • You will also have the opportunity to meet members of our Spiritual Life Team and hear about how they encourage our students in their spiritual journey, talk to teachers as you explore our outstanding academic programs, meet coaches and athletes as you learn more about our broad array of athletic opportunities, discover our exceptional Fine Arts program and the many hands-on experiences it offers students, and experience the difference our distinctive Christian education makes in student’s lives.

For more information go to ;or contact Jana Hoglund ()

Wildcats Athletics

Please turn in your child’s fall athletic uniform. Uniforms may be turned in to the front office, or to Carly Prins during PE class.

Winter Basketball start dates are listed below. As the season becomes closer you will receive an email from your child’s coach with specific team information.
5th & 6th Grade – Week of Monday, Nov 09
7th & 8th Grade – Week of Monday, Nov 30

If you have any questions regarding your child's sport season please contact:
5th & 6th Grade: Carly Prins ()
7th & 8th Grade: Angela Van Duyn ()