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Middle School Matters – May 24, 2019

General Announcements

Cheerleading: Attention all girls interested in learning and improving cheerleading skills in grades 5-12. There will be four weeks, 8 sessions of summer cheer clinics at Grand Rapids Christian High School this summer. They will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays of the last two weeks in June and the last two weeks in July. Questions? Contact Jacquie DeJonge, 616.949.7516

Got Shoes? Give Shoes! Students will soon be cleaning out their lockers. If your child has outgrown their gym shoes this year, please instruct them to place them in a collection box in their hallway when they clean out their locker. Boxes will be placed in each hallway and the front lobby to collect the gym shoes which will then be donated to Baxter Community Center. Thank you.

From the Library: Reminder all books must be returned by Friday, May 24. If you have any questions about your child's books, please email or and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

It's very important to spend time reading all summer long. Here are links to a few Summer Reading Clubs. Check it out!

Baker Book House
Barnes & Noble
Schuler Books & Music

Fifth Grade: 

Reproductive Education: A parent letter was sent home this week with more information on the topic. Reproductive education is taking place May 29-31.

Gospel Theatre & End of Year Celebration: Join us June 05 at 12:45pm for theatre experience followed by a 5th grade celebration.

Art: Student are learning about artist Alexander Calder and his stabile sculptures.

Band: Full Band Tue May 28, Full Band June 03 and 04. No band on June 06.

Song 100+/end of year party on June 4 - - please email Mrs. VN if you could send a treat - we need about 4 dozen of something (maybe 2 people could each send 2 dozen?) Please let me know if you could help in this way and thank you!

Language Arts: Please make sure to read this note (also sent in a separate email) about next week’s Living Wax Museum. Fifth graders need to have the biography read and packet completed by next week Tue May 28. Living Wax Museum is on Friday, May 31 in the ACS Commons. See note for specific times. This will be a fantastic fifth grade memory. 

Orchestra: Full orchestra on Tuesday, May 28th and June 03 and 04.  Bring a treat in on June 04 - to celebrate all of the music we have learned ! Send me an e-mail to let me know what you plan to provide for the 5th grade party. Thanks so much

Science: We’ll be studying the digestive and circulatory systems this week.

Social Studies: Our final celebration of learning will be held on Thurs, May 30. This test will be on the American Revolution. Students should use their study guide and social studies notebook to review.

Sixth Grade:

Missing Work: Many students are collecting quite a number of missing assignments. Please ask your child to show you on PowerSchool whether or not they have missing work. Many would benefit from extra help at home to find time to complete these assignments.

Chicken Checker & Got Yolk: Mr. Hoo has assigned each family to chicken chores for 1 weekend between now and the end of the school year. This includes cleaning the coop, feeding the chickens and picking up eggs. Please look  at which weekend you have been assigned to be sure you are available. If you are not, please work with another family to make a switch. Questions? Talk to Mr. Hoo. We are counting on you!

Devotion Sign-up: All of our Thursday morning 6th grade devotion slots are full! Thanks to all who signed up and shared with us this year. We are blessed by you!

Auction Items We would love to collect new/gently used items for the 6th grade auction that will be held on Fri June 07. Thanks for considering a donation to celebrate the class’ good work this spring! 6th Graders are racking up their auction points in preparation for a good time.

Craig's Cruisers: Craig’s Cruisers Permission Form and Trampoline Waiver was sent home with students this week. It is due back by Wed, May 29.

Art: Students are working to glaze their ceramic animal effigy bowls. Glazing must be completed by next Friday 5/31. Please check the homework calendar for sketchbook and project due dates.

Band: Song 100+/end of year party on June 04 - please email Mrs. VN if you could send a treat - we need about 3ish dozen of something (maybe 2 people could each send 1.5 dozen?) Please let me know if you could help in this way and thank you!

History: Students have studied what daily life would have been like in the Roman Empire. On Tues., May 28, they will share their brochures they created with the class!

Language Arts: Students will work on introductory paragraphs with thesis statements and concluding paragraphs for their persuasive papers. Students will also learn the techniques of a successful speech. They will give their persuasive papers as a speech in front of the class next Friday and Monday.

Orchestra: 6th graders are planning a party this coming Tuesday, May 28th and everyone signed up to bring in treats or pop! Thanks for remembering to do this! We are celebrating all of the wonderful music that we learned this year.

Science: We’re wrapping up our study of weather by looking at weather maps - we will even deliver our own weather reports as if we were meteorologists. Consider asking your student to watch the weather with you at home to share what they know.

Seventh Grade:

Class Trip: Our trip to Nordhouse Dunes is this week! We will be packing our gear at school the afternoon of May 29 - please send your child with the important information mentioned in the checklist that was sent home. We will be leaving ACS the next day at 8:30am, and will be arriving back at school around roughly 2:30. Barring unforeseen circumstances, the 7th graders will be ready to be picked up at the end of the school day.

Art: Students are working on theirs of life projects. Projects and artist statement are due on Monday 6/3. Please check the homework calendar for sketchbook and project due dates.

Band: We have learned 2 more pages and 2 more songs, a concert march and a festival piece. We’ve also learned to play some jazz licks - they are doing great with this too. Ask for a blues scale/jazz lick concert.

Bible: While we are continuing to look for opportunities to serve our community, we will also be exploring self-worth and image. What does God say about who we are and who we can be? The students are currently working on a writing project involving the fruits of the Spirit to help open our minds to the possibilities.

History: Thanks for studying and finishing up on Chapter 3 this last week. We only have 4 more history classes left this year--crazy!

Language Arts: Now that we’ve finished the research-writing of ProCon, students are beginning to enjoy some more creative writing, and learning about the strategies we can implement to help add important details. We’ve already been workshopping with imagery and “thoughts & feelings”. Next week we will discuss the “rule of a pebble” as well as theme.

Orchestra: Remember to bring in all music and books!

Eighth Grade:

Important Upcoming Dates:

May 28 - School all day

May 29 - Leave on class trip (be at school by 6:45am)

May 31 - Arrive back at school by 3:00pm

June 3 & 4 - School all day

June 5 - half day

June 06 - Graduation (no school during the day) Pictures at 6:15pm at ACS

Laptop Turn-In: On Tuesday afternoon, all 8th grade students will be turning in their laptops back to school. If there is any information that the students will want to save from their computer, they will need to find a way to download it to a removable drive or to back it up “in the cloud.” Please be sure that all student have all the parts to their power cord too. An email with more detailed information was also sent out to the 8th graders on Friday morning.

Class Trip: If you have questions about the class trip and what to pack, please be sure to look at the Digital Class Trip Info sheet that was emailed out this week. We are so excited for the trip next week! Please keep us in your prayers as we travel and to be safe and have fun.

Algebra: Thanks for a great year in algebra. I’m really proud of how well this group worked together this year. On Tuesday, we will be going over our exams and recapping our year in algebra.

Art: Installed street art photographs and calligraphy are due Tues May 28.

Band: The last day we play together as an 8th grade band is Tue May 28. I cannot believe the year is almost over! I am working on listening to the band exams. Grades will be up before the class trip.

Bible: Plumb Bob speeches are over, exams and book of memories are all due May 28 before the class trip.

History: Thanks for a great year in history. I have really enjoyed working with all the 8th graders this year. On Tuesday we will go over our exam in history, hear one more famous American history story, and maybe even play a year in review game.  

Language Arts: Congrats to the readers and writers of 2019. Next week we will discuss our LA exam, and we will be printing and binding together our complete Book of Memories to be taken home as a memento. Students have a writing reflection based on a portion of their Middle School careers that may be handed in after their trip. Revisions for Book of Memories will be accepted if students follow specific criteria they are already aware of. Resources for these revisions will be made available on Google Classroom and through email this weekend.

Orchestra: Final day  to play together  is this coming Tuesday, May 28th! Wow- this is an awesome group of talented string players and I will miss them! You have blessed us with your musical talents  this year at Ada Christian.

Wildcat Athletics

Congratulations Ada Wildcats on your GRACEAC 2019 Conference Champions!

Baseball Champs