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Middle School Matters - May 20, 2016

General Announcements

"Faith. Strong." Summer Camps:

For information or to sign up, choose from the links below:

Art - August 8-12

Tech - August 8-12

Drama - July 11-15

Laptop Turn-In Dates:

  • 6th grade - Tuesday, May 31
  • 7th grade - Wednesday, June 1
  • 8th grade -  Monday, May 23

The following forms with details about Laptop turn-in were due to homeroom teachers Thursday, May 19.
Parents of 6th & 7th Grade Students
Parents of 8th Grade Students

Donate books:

We have an opportunity to bless students in the Grand Rapids Public Schools with books to encourage and inspire them over the summer. As you are spring cleaning and you find any children’s books that you would like to donate please send them to school with your child. We will be collecting them until June 3. Jan Wilkins, a former teacher at ACS, is excited to help those books find a new home.

Summer Math Review:

5th Grade: Mr. Boersma has put together a summer math review packet that covers the 11 chapters your students worked through this year. The link below will bring you to that page. Feel free to print it off and use it for extra practice over the summer to keep their skills sharp. Answer keys are in the back. 5th Grade Summer Math Review

6th Grade: To keep your student fresh on their math skills over the summer Mr. Kiser and Mrs. Holtrop would recommend you take a look at this link to a Middle School Summer Math Skills Sharpener.

7th Grade: We recommend that 7th Grade students complete this Summer Math Activities review. The review has a brief recap of targeted concepts, practice pages, and activities/games that can be completed with another family member.

Fifth Grade:

Art: Classes will be working on learning about artists Keith Haring and creating art that is inspired by the artist.

Band: Our concert is Monday, May 23. Call time is 6:30pm. Bands will perform in the South Gym! 5th grade band members do not need to dress up for this event - - they will have to sit on the floor in the Commons for their camp slide show after the music portion of the evening, so they should wear something sort of nice, but also comfortable.

PE: Weather permitting, we will head outside to play lacrosse one more time! Students should wear appropriate clothing and shoes to go outside.

Spanish: The 5H Alphabet Quiz was rescheduled to Tuesday, May 24th due to their field trip last week. We will be reviewing the year and previous years’ Spanish through games next week.

Sixth Grade:

Craig’s Cruiser Permission Form was sent home with students earlier this week. It is due back by Friday, May 27.

Art: In class students are continuing to work on glazing their animal effigy pots. Please check the homework calendar for due dates and sketchbook homework.

Band: Our concert is Monday, May 23. Call time is 6:30. Students should come in Black and White (standard concert wear). We will do band music first and then will do our choir music after the 5th graders leave for their camp slideshow.

Bible: Final Bible Memory due on Wednesday.  Faith Nurture Project will begin next week.

History: Can your child rise in the Kingdom of DeWeerd?  They are all serfs and they can work their way up to a King or Queen.  This is our final unit on the Middle Ages.

Language Arts: We continue to read and enjoy Gary Schmidt’s The Wednesday Wars.

Math: We will finish up our look at data collection and display. The test for Chapters 11 and 12 will be Wednesday, May 25. There is a little bit of probability to touch on and the rest of the school year will be spent in year end review.

PE: Weather permitting, we will head outside to play handball! Students should wear appropriate clothing and shoes to play outside.

Science: A test over our Weather & Water unit will take place on Tuesday. A review sheet has been posted on moodle. Encourage your student to use his or her notebook and the review to study this weekend.

Spanish: Students will be presenting their Hispanic country projects, “Share and Prayer,” on Monday (6K) and Tuesday (6D.) If they provide visuals (slides, posters, tangibles) or country-specific food, they can receive extra credit. We hope to learn a variety of interesting things about these countries, including something for which each presenter will lead the class in prayer.

Seventh Grade:

Class Trip: Please be sure to look over the packing list this weekend. Your student should plan to bring all of their “stuff” for the trip on Tuesday. We will pack our backpacks on Tuesday afternoon and distribute various community gear items. Please pray that God will enrich our lives and relationships through this trip. We’re excited!

Art: The 7th grader are working towards completing their graphite bird drawings. Please check the homework calendar for due dates and sketchbook homework.

Band: We just went through 4 pages of songs from our method book. We are amazing learners with great ears!

Bible: Students are researching a variety of Bible stories and are sharing God’s message of love and forgiveness with each other. We hope to share our stories with some elementary students before the end of the year!

History: Over the last few days of history, we will be covering the events that lead into the American Revolution. We will use this as a lead in to the beginning of the American Revolution which will be covered in the fall.

Language Arts: The 7th graders will be closing down the year by working on a visual project on which we focus on the power of words and the verse Romans 12:2

PE: Weather permitting, we will head outside to play handball! Students should wear appropriate clothing and shoes to play outside.

Pre-Algebra (Holtrop): We will continue gaining confidence with graphing equations and understanding the parts of an equation. Thursday, May 26 we will do a chapter 11 retest. The students will be able to keep their highest mark from the two tests. The rest of the year will be spent in year end review.

Spanish: We have one class next week which will consist of Spanish review games.

Eighth Grade:

Class Trip: Reminder that we will be meeting at 6:45am at school on Tuesday morning to get sent off on our trip. We are scheduled to be back at school by 3:00pm on Thursday afternoon. You can follow our full itinerary, view packing reminders, and more for the trip at this link.

Monday at School: 8th graders will have a unique schedule on Monday. All students will meet with their teachers to review their exams. Students will also need to turn in their laptops on Monday. Later in the morning, students will head off to their Spanish Lunch. The 8th graders will end at the normal time on Monday (3:00pm)

Laptop Turn In: Monday morning students will be turning in their laptops for good. If your student wants to save any work or files that are stored on their computer, they will need to move those files to another place. Students should not save this work to their Ada Christian google account as they will soon lose access to that account. Saving files to another hard drive or to the cloud on a personal account are the easiest options. If you are purchasing the laptop, your students will still need to save these files and turn the laptop in on Monday as the laptop will be reset.

Algebra (Witte): Congratulations on finishing the course and taking the exam. Thanks for your hard work and your consistent effort throughout the year.

Art: Please check with your student to make sure that they have installed, taken a picture of the installed tile and set it to Mr. Wanner via email. This needs to be completed by Monday afternoon.

Band: I will miss these students so much. Praying for God’s blessings as they head to high school!

Geometry: Thanks for a great couple of weeks. Thank-you for your patience and your hard work. Have a great summer. Mrs. Kralt

History: We made it! We finished learning about the Civil War and we finished our exams. Thanks for your interest in history, your hard work, and great attitudes throughout the year.

Language Arts: In the coming days 8th graders will need to make sure that they have returned any novels/textbooks from class. Before the 8th graders graduate, they will bind their Book of Memories project.

Spanish: Today from 1:15 - 3:00 is an intensive study opportunity for students to prepare for placement testing coming up. Monday is our “Immersion lunch” at 7 Mares! Please be sure to either email Mrs. Weaver () with permission and daytime phone, or send in permission slip. Wednesday, June 1, students may take GRCH and NorthPointe placement testing for Spanish 2 in the ACS computer lab. Students will likely finish by 2:30 p.m., but are asked to remain with Mrs. Weaver and classmates until 3 p.m. (They should bring a book or something to do quietly.)

Wildcats Athletics:

Spring sports are wrapping up! Please turn in uniforms to Miss Prins.