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Middle School Matters - May 13, 2016

General Announcements:

Summer Camps - August 8-12, 2016

For information or to sign up, choose from the links below:



Laptop Turn-In: As we are fast approaching the end of the school year, we have some details to share with you and your student about school laptops. Please take time to read through the appropriate links below, which were also sent home as paper copies with your child.

Fifth Grade:

Summer Math Review: Mr. Boersma has put together a summer math review packet that covers the 11 chapters your students worked through this year. The link below will bring you to that page. Feel free to print it off and use it for extra practice over the summer to keep their skills sharp. Answer keys are in the back. 5th Grade Summer Math Review

Please sign and return the paper permission slip to go to Calvin College for a chemistry demonstration next Tuesday.

Art: In class we are completing our study of Wayne Thiebald.

Band: Concert 5/23 at 7:00pm. Quiz on B-flat scale next week. Strong work!

Math: We are in full review mode to make sure that the major content of this year is fresh in our minds for middle school math - number sense, decimals, fractions, etc. Please see the note above about the summer review packet. I strongly encourage all levels of math ability to keep up their math skills over the summer!

Orchestra: Our next concert is Monday May 23rd at 7PM. We will put the finishing touches on a few pieces for this concert. Then we will hand out some music for summer time practice!

PE: We will wrap up the lacrosse unit next week. Students should be prepared to go outside.

Spanish: QUIZ on the alphabet next week: 5B and 5DW on Monday; 5H on Tuesday. Students should be able to identify letters as read off by teacher.

Sixth Grade:

Summer Math Review: To keep your student fresh on their math skills over the summer Mr. Kiser and Mrs. Holtrop would recommend you take a look at this link to a Middle School Summer Math Skills Sharpener.

Clorox Wipes Needed. To keep things clean for the next 3 weeks and to help with the end of year clean up, we would love to have a few brought in next week.

Art: In class we are working on glazing our ceramic animal effigy bowls. Please check the homework calendar for due dates and sketchbook assignments.

Band: Concert 5/23 at 7:00pm.

Bible: The music videos your children made this week were awesome! If you have not seen their video, ask them to show you. We enjoyed a few hours of watching them and worshiping together. Bible memory choice # 5 due on Wednesday.

History: Ancient Rome Lessons should be complete by Monday. We will be ending our year with a short lesson on the Middle Ages.

Language Arts: The sixth graders did an OUTSTANDING job on their persuasive speeches. Thanks for encouraging them in this area. They have officially completed World Fair! I, however, need to finish up some of the grading. As for the rest of the school year, we will be reading The Wednesday Wars by Gary Schmit. This is an entertaining story about a boy in the 1960s who is able to make sense of his own world as he reads through William Shakespeare plays.

Math: Statistics, Measures of Center, Measures of variability are on our mind.

PE: We will wrap up our lacrosse unit next week. Students should be prepared to go outside. Activity logs are due as well. Please check the Moodle calendar.

Orchestra: Today we did an instrument trade-just for fun. The bowing and fingering skills carry over from one stringed instrument to another. Next week we will learn the pieces that we will perform with the 5th graders for the concert on May 23rd .

Science: Students are learning about “water in the air” this week. An iCheck quiz will be coming up soon. The unit test for our study of weather will take place on Tuesday, May 24. A review will be posted on moodle in the coming week.

Spanish: Only four more Spanish classes before the end of the school year! We will take the time to review and combine things we have learned 3rd-6th grades, as well as do an in-class culture project.

Seventh Grade:

Summer Math Review: We recommend that 7th Grade students complete this Summer Math Activities review. The review has a brief recap of targeted concepts, practice pages, and activities/games that can be completed with another family member.

Art: In class the 7th grade are continuing the work on the graphite bird drawing. I am very impress with the quality of drawing that is happen.  There are 2 more classes planned to complete these drawings. Please check the homework calendar for due dates and sketchbook assignments.

Band: We had a little speed competition for a song in our books this week. We can play the song in less than 10 seconds.

Bible: Students did a nice job with their music and discernment project. We will wrap up the year with a devotional storybook project.

History: Next week we will continue to learn about early life in the colonies. We are taking notes in class which will be used for an open-note quiz later in the week.

Language Arts: 7th graders will continue their novel study of The Skin I’m In, by Sharon Flake. A one-pager independent reading assignment is due Friday, May 20.

PE: We will wrap up the lacrosse unit next week. Students should be prepared to go outside. Activity Logs are due as well. Please check the Moodle calendar.

Pre-Algebra (Kiser): Rotation, congruence, and dilation with shapes are our current focus. We will have a test on Ch 11 next Monday, May 23.

Pre-Algebra (Holtrop): We will finish up our look at slope and writing equations of the line. Our test will be Wednesday, May 18. After the test there is some more equation work to finish up.

Orchestra: We will hand in the rest of our sheet music so check to see if you have any more at home. Next week we will work on Pirates and Star Wars!

Spanish: Though we will continue to work with higher numbers for our last few classes of the year, students will be taking a short QUIZ on identifying numbers 0 - 999,999,9999 next week: 7H and 7W on Tuesday; 7B on Thursday. They received a cream-colored handout for study.

Eighth Grade:

Exams: This week Thursday and Friday 8th grade students will be taking their exams. Please note that students will need to be picked up early on both days--Thursday at 11:45 and Friday at 12:30.

Class Trip: Information about the trip including the itinerary, what to bring, and the final cost will be sent home early next week.

Sandwich Sale: Remember to pick up your sandwiches after school on Tuesday.

Needed...Babysitting Help: Next Tuesday, May 17, ACS is hosting an informational night regarding Outdoor Education. We are looking for 10+ students to volunteer to help babysit children during this event. The time commitment is from 6:30 - 8:30pm. Students can sign up with Mr. Witte or Mrs. Van Noord. Thank you.

Algebra (Witte): We will be reviewing for our exam all next week.

Algebra (8th): An exam review was given out. We are reviewing a bit each day but students should also be using their review guide, textbook, and IXL to practice for Thursday’s exam.

Art: In class we are working to complete our Space Invaders project. Next week your 8th grade students will be taking home their artwork from this year. First, make sure you receive the bag of art. Second, you might want to plan on picking up your student from school due to the size of some of the projects. 8a artwork will be coming home on Tuesday and 8b art will come home Wednesday. Please check the homework calendar for due dates and sketchbook assignments.

Band: Monday is the last day we play - all books and music must be turned in. Please check your house for anything band or music related, and send it in to the band room.

Bible: Final Bible memory due this week on Tuesday. There will be no Bible exam, so we will finish looking at the book of Revelation, and reviewing our year.

Geometry: Friday we will finish up the notes for the circle unit. We will have a short test on Tuesday and spend Wednesday answering any questions before the exam. The students have three review packets for the exam and the answer keys are available on Moodle. Just a reminder that the exam has to be written within the time frame given.

History: We are reviewing for our exam next week. Review materials are posted on moodle.

Language Arts: The 8th graders will spend their two remaining LA periods preparing for the exam. The review guide can be found on Moodle. They will also be working on binding their Book of Memories into a physical compendium of their experiences.

PE: We will have our last class together next week. I have truly enjoyed this 8th grade class. They are a joy to teach!

Orchestra: Be sure to look for any and all orchestra music and bring it in on Monday! We will play Star Wars and Pirates after all of our music is turned in! Thanks!  

Science: Our exam will take place on Friday. A review sheet has been posted on moodle. We will review in class throughout the coming week.

Spanish: Today, Friday, is our Cumulative Test. Students used a dual-purpose study packet to prepare for both this and the upcoming HS placement testing. For your convenience, Placement Testing for GRCH and NorthPointe will be offered here at in the ACS computer lab on June 1 after lunch. (You may also schedule with the schools, themselves.) On May 23rd, we will enjoy an outing to “7 Mares,” an authentic Mexican restaurant, where students will order in Spanish. Each student will receive a $5 stipend to go toward their meals (meals typically cost between $7 - $12.) *Please sign the permission slip coming home today!