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Middle School Matters - May 05, 2017

General Announcements:

What a lovely Grand Friends Day! Thank you Grand Friends and Parents for your loving support of ACS!

No School Monday, May 08 - Teacher Prof. Development Day

5th Grade Spring Concert/Spring Camp Memories Event - June 05, 7:00pm.

6-8 Middle School Spring Concert is Thur May 18 at 7:00pm at ACS. Go ACS Musicians! We look forward to singing and playing for you, and honoring our 8th grade instrumentalists.

Fifth Grade:

Fifth Grade Outdoor Ed Camp……...First letter went home yesterday….many more details to come.

Art: 5th graders are working on their Wayne Thiebaud inspired compositions.

Band: Full band every Mon/Tue/Thu until our Concert June 05, 7:00pm. We have long since earned a Song 100 Party - we will have it Thur May 11. See your email for an opportunity to send food to share!

Bible: The Jesus Projects are all collected, and we are poring over all of the thoughts shared here. We will share them with our grand friends tomorrow.

Math: Estimating and measuring units of weight. We also created and used formulas on Google Spreadsheets to balance our “checkbooks.”

Orchestra: Full orchestra every day until the concert June 5. We have lots of fun songs that we still want to learn!

PE: We will wrap up our Eclipse Ball unit next week!

Science: We continue doing investigations with Mixtures and Solutions.

Social Studies: We have begun returned to our study of US History after the Civil War. The first part of this will be to investigate “The Industrial Revolution” and how our world changed dramatically.

Spanish: Happy “Cinco de mayo!” When I see students again on Tuesday, we will talk about why this celebration is celebrated here in the U.S. Meanwhile, it’s a good evening for enjoying some Mexican food! We are also continuing with our alphabet and pronunciation exercises. See if your student can say the Spanish alphabet at home!

Sixth Grade:

Preparing for Adolescence - Thursday your child came home with this parent letter and the book. The book will be used for the "mini-class" we will be having at school on May 22 - 25. Please send the book back to school with your child no later than Mon, May 22. If you have any questions please let us know.

Art: Study for the ceramic terms quiz on Friday. The animal effigy bowls are drying and will be ready for glazing next week. Check the homework calendar for project and sketchbook due dates.

Band: Spring Concert Thur May 18 at 7:00pm at ACS. We are getting ready!

Bible(6W): We continue to learn about the tabernacle, its purpose and furnishings and why it is no longer needed today.

Bible(6K): We continue to consider Psalms and songs of faith and how they help us worship.

History: You should be continuing your work on Ancient Rome Lessons. You should be able to finish lesson 3 by the middle of next week. Keep up the good work!

Language Arts: We have had fun learning about the do’s and don’ts of good speeches. Students will give speeches to the class next Tuesday. It has been an assignment for students to give the speech in front of a parent/sibling or videotape themselves. Besides speeches, students will be taking the last DEA test next week.

Math: We continue to study geometry. We are now learning about surface area and volume.

PE: We will wrap up our Eclipse Ball unit next week!

Orchestra: Spring concert Thur May 18 at 7:00pm! We are looking forward to playing awesome pieces for you.

Science: We are studying bacteria and are growing our own bacterial colonies in class.

Spanish: No Spanish class again until Friday the 12th, but we will continue then with our vocabulary for in and around the house.

Seventh Grade:

Algebra (7th): We will continue with Chapter 12 studying radical expressions.

Art: 7th graders should come to class on Tuesday with their final triptych photographs taken and ready for editing. Check the homework calendar for project and sketchbook due dates.

Band: Spring Concert Thur May 18 at 7:00pm at ACS. We are getting ready!

Bible: The 7th graders are bringing home their copy of the devotional books that we created as a 7th grade class this year. We are asking your 7th grader to share at least 1 devotional over this weekend with his or her family and on Tuesday we will reflect on this experience.

Language Arts: 7th graders will continue working on a grammar unit while they prepare for final revisions of their Paideia essays. A one-pager reading assignment is due on May 19.

PE: We will wrap up our Eclipse Ball unit next week!

Math: We have started our last chapter and it’s all about statistics! We will spend the remaining part of the year reviewing important concepts.

Pre-Algebra: We are now working with geometry concepts (Similarity, Congruence and Transformations).

Orchestra: Middle School Concert is Thur, May 18th!

Science: We will wrap up investigation 5 studying producers and talk about some decomposers in our own environment.

Spanish: Being able to say and understand higher numbers in Spanish is important for anyone who may have to do business or travel in a Spanish-speaking environment, even for doing a little tourist shopping. We will be writing, listening, and saying these higher numbers in a variety of ways these next couple weeks. A quiz on the numbers will be coming up on May 24.

Eighth Grade:

Art: 8th graders are learning about and thinking through street art. 8th graders will model their artwork after street artist Bern Bataclan. Check the homework calendar for project and sketchbook due dates.

Band: Wonderful lunch and concert at Cascade Chr Church Thursday. Spring Concert Thur May 18 at 7:00pm at ACS. 8th grade band members will be honored at this concert. We are getting ready!

Bible: Students will be presenting their plumb bob speeches this week. They may need an audience to practice on in the next few days. Don’t be surprised if they ask! It’s been amazing to hear the presentations so far. God is certainly at work in the lives of these young disciples!

Geometry: We have started the very last chapter of our book! We are also begin to review for the final exam.

Language Arts: 8th graders will continue to read through Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy.. The 7th chapter of the Book of Memories project is due Friday May 12.

PE: We will wrap up our Eclipse Ball unit next week!

Pre-Algebra Enhanced: Tuesday students take a test on Ch 10 - Statistics and Probability. In the textbook on page 490 you can find a chapter study guide and practice test. Next we will be working with geometry concepts (Similarity, Congruence and Transformations).

Orchestra: Spring Concert is Thursday May 18th and we will honour 8th graders at this final concert!

Science: Our chicks are scheduled to hatch this week as we wrap up our short study of genetics.

Spanish: We began learning the Lord’s Prayer in Spanish, but with only three actual Spanish classes left (excluding restaurant and cumulative test days,) we will NOT be reciting it for a grade. It IS being offered as an extra credit option for anyone interested. We are reviewing material from 3rd-8th grade, and students are given participation points for these classes. TEST day: May 16th. Restaurant outing: May 30th. Let me know if you’d like to chaperone!