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Middle School Matters - May 03, 2018

General Announcements:

Grand Friend’s Day: Tomorrow, May 04 is Grand Friend’s Day. 

  • All School Chapel 8:15-9:00am in the South Gym, 78 Band/Orch will play
  • 9:15 - classes in the Middle School
  • 11:00am The 56 Band and Orchestra will give a concert in the South Gym
  • The day is done at 11:30am.

Dress Code: Spring is in bloom and we are blessed to finally begin to encounter warmer weather. This warmer weather brings a gentle reminder that Ada Christian School has a dress code policy in place.

The ACS Education Committee - which is comprised of administration and faculty, elected board board members, and additional parents - researched, discussed, and recommended an updated dress code policy to the ACS School Board. The School Board deliberated and voted to adopt this updated dress code policy.

What is printed in our handbook and what is communicated to families is a result of that vote. You may see the full dress code here. handbook-policies/policies- procedures

In summary, our dress code asks boys and girls to wear shorts and/or skirts at a specific length (below the fingertips when arms are relaxed at their side) and to have shoulders covered with no undergarments exposed. We ask that our students, with the support of their parents, adhere to these standards.

It is the task of the administration and faculty at Ada Christian School to, uniformly and to the best of their ability, enforce the dress code as written. If students do not meet the dress code requirements, they will be asked to change.

Thank you for your attention and understanding to this matter.


Kara VerMeulen, Board President

Melissa S. Brower, Principal

Dates for your calendar:

  • May 04 - Grand Friends Day, half day, opening chapel 8:15am, dismissed at 11:30am
  • May 07 - No School - Prof. Dev Day
  • May 17 - 5-8 Spring Concert
  • May 23-25 - 5th Grade Spring Camp
  • May 24-25 8th Grade Exams
  • May 30-Jun 01 8th Grade Class Trip
  • May 31-Jun 01 7th Grade Class Trip
  • Jun 07- 6th Grade Class Trip
  • Jun 07- 8th Grade Graduation at Thornapple Covenant Church
  • Jun 08 - Last day of school (half day)

Fifth Grade:

Goat Care - Please sign up by clicking here. Instructions are linked here and also on the sign up. Goat helpers should come at noon to help bottle-feed the young goats. Please text Leah Sienkowski if you cannot come at that time. Her contact information is at the link above. Thanks to all of you for your help!

PowerSchool: During the final trimester of 5th grade, students and parents have access to student grades on PowerSchool. Click this link for instructions and more information.

Reproductive Education: At the end of May, after Spring Camp, the 5th grade team plans to begin a short unit on Reproductive Education. Mrs. Witte will be meeting with the girls while Mr. Hoo will be meeting with the boys. In addition to going over the physical aspects of puberty, we plan to include discussions on God’s design for our bodies and reproduction, as well as treating our bodies with dignity and respect. If any parent would like more information, let one of us know and we would be happy to talk with you.

Art: Working on completing on Wayne Thiebaud inspired cupcake project and we will start a new project next week.

Band: Our GF Day concert is at 11:00am in the South Gym - wear nice clothes for GF Day! Our Spring Concert is May 17, 7:00pm.

Bible: We are continuing to move through the history of the early church and the life of Paul.

Language Arts: We have been busy writing and practicing our speeches (30-60 seconds) this week! The students can take them home to keep practicing over the long weekend. Next Thu May 10 is our Wax Museum at 2:10. A simple prop or costume would be great. Keep it simple! “Spring into Reading” has been extended to next Tue May 08. Our bulletin board is filling up with pictures, Wordles and book covers!

Math: Geometry! Your child should know how to classify triangles and quadrilaterals by their sides and angles. Next we will be focusing on 3D figures and volume.

Science: Seeds and flowers are our focus this week. Such a fitting topic for spring! Students have enjoyed dissecting a lima bean seed and also will dissect flowers this week as we learn about the different parts.

Social Studies: We are getting into our family “Roots” as we finish up the Civil War and Slavery (tests and worksheets coming home today) and watch some selected portions of the the movie “Roots”. Next week we begin

Spanish: Student are learning to retell a familiar children’s story. They are being encourage to use more Spanish each day and doing a great job with it!

Sixth Grade:

Chicken Checkup - Please sign up by clicking here. Instructions are linked here and also on the sign up. Thanks to all of you for your help!

Devotions: Please sign up to lead our class in devotions on a Wednesday this year. There is only one more date available. Click this link for details and an opportunity to sign up. Thank you to all who have come to share with us this year!

Preparing for Adolescence: Ada Christian School is committed to nurturing the whole child - mind, body and soul - in Christian community. To support this mission, the sixth grade curriculum includes an intentional focus on preparing for the physical, social and emotional changes that occur when students reach adolescence. During the week of May 21, we will take some time to think carefully about changes that students can expect as they reach adolescence. Please click this link for a letter describing the Preparing for Adolescence curriculum. A book will come home with your child next week. Please take time to read chapters 1 and 2 together. Return the book to school before Mon May 21.

Missing Work: Many students are collecting quite a number of missing assignments. Please ask your child to show you on PowerSchool whether or not they have missing work. Many would benefit from extra help at home to find time to complete these assignments.

Art: Ceramic terms quiz next week. Students should study the green ceramic terms sheet and students have received an extra copy via an email if by chance the original sheet was lost. Effigy bowls need to be built and drying by the end of class. Please check the homework calendar for project and assignment due dates.

Band: Our GF Day concert is at 11:00am in the South Gym - wear nice clothes for GF Day! Our Spring Concert is May 17, 7:00pm.

History: This week we are focusing on the Roman military and its soldiers. Students will reflect on each piece of armor and what the Bible (Ephesians 6) has to say about its ability to protect us from spiritual and physical warfare. Your child will be asked to fill out an Armor of God Reflection sheet with a parent to talk through specific ways we can use each piece of armor in our everyday lives. This will be due (6K) Tues May 8 and (6W) Wed May 9. Note that there is a “Punic Wars Extension” activity that is extra credit if your child is interested. This extra credit is due Fri May 11.

Language Arts: WOW! What a fabulous Fine Arts Night! Congratulations to the the sixth graders who worked so hard! The displays were beautiful and the food was delicious. Thank you, parents, for your encouragement during this project! Next week, the students will finish up the persuasive papers and learn the techniques of giving a successful speech. Also, I am finally catching up on the grading after the big World Fair week preparations and a week of battling sickness. Thanks for your patience.

Science: We’re investigating water and its link to weather this week. We’ve done investigations about dew point and are thinking about clouds. Encourage your student to make cloud observations when you’re out and about!

Spanish: Test for 6K on Wednesday the 9th.

Seventh Grade:

Algebra(7th): We will wrap up our study of Rational Equations and Expressions on Wed and begin problem solving with radical expressions on Thurs.

Art: 7th grade students need to have their robot on the clay and slipped by the end of class next Friday. Please check the homework calendar for project and assignment due dates.

Band: We perform on GF Day at the opening chapel at 8:15am. Students should dress up for GF Day. Our Spring Concert is May 17 at 7:00pm at ACS.

Bible(Huttenga & Wanner): Students will be embarking on various acts of service around the school and reflecting on what it means to give back to and cultivate community.

History: Next week we will continue our study of the first English settlements and colonies in America. We will learn how the different regions of New England, the Middle Colonies, and the Southern Colonies take on different characteristics.

Language Arts: 7th graders will continue working through the ProCon 2018 research-writing project.

Science: We will continue investigating Igneous rocks, their formation and the landforms we can expect to see in areas where igneous rocks are found.

Spanish: Our novel continues!

Eighth Grade:

Special 8th Grade Dates: Over the last couple of weeks a few parents have asked about the end of the year schedule for 8th grade. There will be a few special days where 8th grade students will have half days instead of full. Mark these dates on your calendar...thanks!

  • Exams will be on May 24 and 25. These will be 1/2 days for 8th grade students--dismiss at 11:30.
  • Monday, May 28: No School—Memorial Day
  • Tuesday, May 29: Normal School day
  • Class Trip May 30 - June 1; Be at school at 6:45 am on Wed. May 30! We will be back by 3:00 pm on Friday.
  • Monday, Tuesday, June 4-5: Normal School days
  • Wednesday, June 6: Final 1/2 Day of school for 8th Grade Only--dismiss at 11:30
  • Thursday, June 7: No School for 8th Grade Only
  • Thursday, June 7: Graduation at Thornapple Evangelical Covenant Church at 7 p.m. (Students arrive by 6:15 pm)

Sports Physicals: Current 8th graders planning to play high school sports in 2018-19 school year need to have an MHSAA physical form on file with the high school athletic office before they are allowed to participate. A valid physical for 2018-19 must be completed anytime after April 15, 2018. You can print out a physical form here. This form must be completed with all signatures in order to participate in sports in high school. You may attach your doctor's office physical form for the doctor portion of this form but the parent portion and signatures need to be completed on this form.

Algebra: Students continue to do a great job in algebra--this group has been one of my most outstanding algebra classes over the years. Next week we will start working on simplifying and solving rational expressions and equations and beginning some exam review in class.

Art: 8th students are working on their plumb-bob calligraphy and illumination projects and need to have the project ready for inking by the week of May 14. Please check the homework calendar for project and assignment due dates.

Band: We perform on GF Day at the opening chapel at 8:15am. Students should dress up for GF Day. Our Spring Concert is May 17 at 7:00pm at ACS.

Bible(Huttenga/Van Noord): Students will be finalizing their oral presentations and their calligraphy projects.

History: Next week we will plan on finishing our unit on the Civil War and taking the test next Friday.

Language Arts: 8th graders will be studying Gary Schmidt’s Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy and then begin preparations for their end of the year exam.

Science: We will continue our investigation on the Nervous system and the senses.

Spanish: We are almost finished with our novel! Final test in 2 weeks.