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Middle School Matters - Mar 25, 2016

General Announcements:

Hot Lunch: May Hot Lunch must be ordered during Spring Break, from April 01-10. Note: the Middle School Only picnic is on May 20 and must be ordered through the hot lunch system. The picnic consists of a fresh grilled burger/cheeseburger, chips, pop, dessert. Grades 6-8 will be eating together that Friday on the lawn, and then the 8th grade goes home after the picnic due to exams.

Esther School: The Wolters Family will be traveling to the Esther School in Nyangwena, Zambia this spring break. The staff there has recently asked if they would be able to bring some medical supplies with them. As we live our vision to educate the whole child; mind, body and soul in Christian community what better opportunity could there be than to support the Wolters as they in turn offer support to the staff of The Esther School. Some specific requests: CPR masks, Epi pens, scabies cream, baby aspirin, ace bandages and other first aid supplies - band aids, Neosporin, splints, etc. They have also asked for flea and tick medicine for the school dog! If you would like more information about the Esther School visit

Spring Break: If you are planning to leave early for and/or coming back late from spring break with your family please notify the office and their teachers several days in advance. The parent must call or email, not the student. The teachers are not required to prepare assignments or school work in advance for students to take on vacation. For middle school, it is the student’s responsibility to ask the teachers what work needs to be made up following the absence.

Fifth Grade:

Art: 5th grade continues working on their O'Keefe project this week.

Band: 2 pages were finished this week - we are on to pages 25 and 26 now!

Bible: Work on our Jesus Projects continue! We are reading Bronze Bow as part of this project as well.

Language Arts: We started our last big writing on persuasive essays by choosing issues we are interested in. We will continue our work on this essay next week and after Spring Break. We are still working on our “Wild about Reading” project (due April 12) so keep reading at home! Spelling stories are due next week Wednesday (or before if you leave early!)

Math: The Geometry unit continues. We now know all about polygons (2-dimensional figures) and polyhedrons (3-dimensional figures). Next week we will start working with compasses to construct various figures.

PE: We will continue playing Eclipse Ball this week!

Science: Tech Olympics next week Tuesday and Wednesday! If your 5th grader is leaving early, he or she should bring in their projects on the last day they are here.

Social Studies: We will start our new unit after Spring Break.

Spanish: We continue practicing our places, using a la vs. al, and the verb forms voy, vas and vamos. Ask students if they can tell you how to say things like, “I’m going to the church, house, movies, park, airport, store, hospital, school, restaurant, market, country.”

Sixth Grade:

Art: 6th graders have started their clay unit. Students should start working on learning the ceramic terms sheet. Please check the homework calendar for due dates and sketchbook assignments.  

Band: Quizzes next Tuesday on Armed Forces and Chester. We gave a baby shower for Mrs. VanderVelde and it was super fun. Her baby is due during spring break!

Language Arts: We continue to work on writing. This week we will be writing about how the food and mealtimes in our country compare/contrast to the USA. We are also beginning to format our newspapers. Just a reminder, students have a display board requirement sheet. They have done much of “prep” work for the boards here at school already!

Math: We will begin studying area and perimeter. It will be a short week together before the start of spring break!

PE: We will continue playing Eclipse Ball this week!

Science: We have developed our understanding of air pressure and wind. We will discuss convection next week.

Spanish:  We’re finishing up our Fake Family Photo Albums and beginning our own Family Trees. These activities provide excellent practice with all vocabulary and grammar learned this year. Students should have an approved rough draft of their family tree, and may begin working on it over Spring Break. Due date is the Thursday after we return to school, April 14th.

Seventh Grade:

Algebra (7th): Just finished a cumulative review and test over chapters 1-9. This coming week we will begin studying chapter 10.

Art: 7th grade continue working on the layer of life project. Today we went outside and spray painted our Nevelson boxes. Please check the homework calendar for due dates and sketchbook assignments.  

Band: Quizzes next week on Chester and Armed Forces Salute. We gave a baby shower for Mrs. VanderVelde and it was super fun. Her baby is due during spring break!

Bible: We spent some time today reflecting on the meaning of Good Friday. Ask your student about his or her experience.

History: Next week Tuesday we will be taking a test on Chapter 2: The Age of Exploration. Students have access to flash cards on Moodle to help them learn the different terms and explorers. We also have a review sheet that we filled out during class that has a few short answer questions that students should be familiar with.

Language Arts: The first draft of the Paideia essay is due on Wednesday, March 30. We will be working on this during our remaining class periods before spring break.

PE: We will continue playing Eclipse Ball this week!

Pre-Algebra (Holtrop): We will continue to study equations and inequalities.

Science: The students just started FOSS investigation 4 which is on bacteria and fungi.

Spanish: Great job on the verbs quiz! We have some verb games to play next week Monday and Tuesday.

Eighth Grade:

Algebra (Witte): We will be taking a test on Chapter 9 on Wednesday morning. Next week we will also start looking at Chapter 10 which focuses on polynomials and factoring. This can often be a challenging chapter, so we will be very intentional in our progress over the next two weeks of Algebra.

Art: 8th graders should be completed with the building of their ceramic pot. Next, we will be exploring street art. Please check the homework calendar for due dates and sketchbook assignments.  

Band: 2 more scales to go and we will have all 16 from the Chorale book. YES!

Geometry: Students will be taking a test on Monday and Tuesday.

History: We are continuing our study of the Civil War. We will be looking at the advantages and disadvantages each side had going into the war, the strategies that each side was using, and a few of the early battles.

Language Arts: 8th graders will be reviewing for the Anne Frank test on Monday; the test itself will be Tuesday.

PE: We will continue playing Eclipse Ball this week!

Science: Open note iCheck quiz over Investigations 1 and 2 will take place on Monday. We will begin a study of sedimentation and sedimentary rocks before break.

Spanish: We are continuing with our unit on lunch and dinner and going through our interactive online “telenovela.” On May 23rd, we will be going out as a class to an authentic HIspanic Restaurant and ordering in Spanish. If you like Hispanic food and would like to help chaperone, please let Sra Weaver know!


Congrats to our 7th grade girls basketball team on winning the Cager Classic Championship!

Congrats to our 7th grade boys basketball team on being the regular season champions!

Congrats to our 8th grade girls basketball team on their 3rd place finish in the postseason tournament!

Spring sports practices have begun! Practice days/times can be found on the Wildcats Athletics website. Games will begin after spring break.