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Middle School Matters - Mar 24, 2017

General Announcements:

Thank you for all your fine support for our Dessert Theatre!

Spring Break dates: Thu Mar 30-Fri Apr 07.

ACS Track Pants may be ordered - here is the order form you may use. Money and order forms must be turned in to the ACS front office.

Fifth Grade:

Art: 5th grade students are learning about sculptor Alexander Calder and his wire sculptures.

Band: We are working hard on our book - already to page 22! Wonderful! Keep it up! Practice cards due every Thursday - see Power School to see if your student is turning in his/her work. Thank you!

Bible: Last day to say Bible Memory verses is Wednesday before break (or the last day you are here!) 20 points required. See email sent Thursday for a copy of verses.

Language Arts: We are learning to write a business letter and sending out a copy of our persuasive essay to the non-profit we wrote about. No spelling next week. Please return parent edited copies of the essay on Monday!

Math: The Geometry unit continues. We now know all about polygons (2-dimensional figures) and polyhedrons (3-dimensional figures). Next week we will start working with compasses to construct various figures.

Orchestra: Work on the new songs:Simple Square Dance and Medieval Kings. Hand in practice records this Monday and Tuesday! Keep up the great work.

PE: We will continue playing Pickleball!

Science: Tech Olympics--2 projects due Tuesday--last weekend to “get er’ done!”

Spanish: We’re putting all the pieces together and talking about who is going where. They are learning the pronouns and each form of the verb and how they fit together in sentences.

Sixth Grade:

Art: 6th Grade student began a ceramic unit this week. Student should be studying and review the ceramic terms for the quiz that is coming up. Please check the homework calendar for due dates and sketchbook homework.

Band: We have some new music to learn. Some practice cards are missing - - please check Power School to be sure your student is turning in his/her work.

Bible: (6W) We are working on a mini-project to help us understand what it means to be created in the image of God.

History: Ancient Greek Olympics are complete. Winner will be crowned on Monday. Beginning a new unit on Ancient Rome. Students will need earbuds or headphones to complete these activities.

Language Arts: We continue to work on writing. This week we will be writing about how the food and mealtimes in our country compare/contrast to the USA. We are also beginning to format our newspapers. Just a reminder, students have a display board requirement sheet. They have done much of “prep” work for the boards here at school already!

Math: We continue to work on geometry.

PE: We will continue playing Pickleball!

Orchestra: Work on all parts of Ear-i -gami! It is tricky.Hand in 90 minutes of practice either Monday or Tuesday!

Science: We will continue to investigate living and non-living things and will be introduced to using microscopes.

Spanish: We will continue Family Tree presentations this week.

Seventh Grade:

Parents of 7th Graders: the preparation for the 7th grade class trip has begun! You and the students will be receiving more information in the coming weeks and months, but mark your calendars: the trip will be taking place Jun 1-2 at Nordhouse Dunes.

Algebra (7th): A word problem project is on the horizon.

Art: 7th graders are working on building their Lousie Nevelson wooden assemblage sculptures. Please check the homework calendar for due dates and sketchbook homework.

Band: Great sounds and great work for Dessert Theatre. One more night to go. Yay 7th Grade!

Bible Huttenga: We will continue working on our sanctification haikus and artwork. Wanner: the 7th graders complete a letter writing project to the preschool family that are praying for and we began looking at the concept of being persistent in prayer. Next week we will finish up persistence and move to the prayer principle of mediation in prayer.  

Language Arts: Students will be revising their outlines during the class periods leading to spring break. Their final outlines are due on Wednesday, March 29 at the end of their LA class period. They also have a one-pager assignment due that day.

PE: We will continue playing Pickleball!

Pre-Algebra: Test on Wed - if you are skipping school Wed, your test is Tuesday.

Orchestra: Fantastic performances at dinner theatre! You all played just great-what fun! Thanks to all parents for making this happen.

Science: Continue with milkweed bug investigation.

Spanish: We continue working (and playing) hard with our many verbs! Our next test will be on Thursday, April 13th. We will review and have a practice test the Wednesday after Spring Break.

Eighth Grade:

Art: 8th graders are working on learning to write with dip-pens and different pen nibs. Also, the 8th graders should be working on creating an image that goes with the text of their plum-bob Bible project. Please check the homework calendar for due dates and sketchbook homework.

Band: Excellent progress. I cannot wait for you to hear how they are sounding. We’ll give a big concert on Fine Arts Night, April 27.

Bible: We continue working on the plumb-bob project. Students should have their plumb-bob passage memorized by Wednesday, April 12. Thank you, again, for having conversations with your students about this project. They had great things to say about how meaningful their conversations were. Please continue to talk with and pray with them as they consider this passage that they have selected to focus on.

Language Arts: We are studying Goodrich and Hackett’s play The Diary of Anne Frank. A Book of Memories assignment is due March 29.

PE: We will continue playing Pickleball!

Pre-Algebra Enhanced: Great job juggling life - math resumes next week.

Orchestra: Excellent progress. Work on Ships and Theme from Canon.

Science: We continue to learn about our senses. We completed a cow eye dissection and many activities to learn about our own eyes as well.

Spanish: TEST over our current unit (lunch, dinner, gustar, stem-changing verbs) on Tuesday, 3/28. After Spring Break, we will spend a few classes doing overall review before our final unit on reflexive verbs and daily routines. GRCH placement test will be given the week of April 17. We are awaiting further details, but plan on testing here at ACS. (NorthPointe is still TBD; Lowell students sign up for Spanish 2.) STUDY SESSIONS available after school April 12th and 13th (3:00 - 4:30.)


Spring sport practices have begun! Be sure that students are prepared for practices in our unpredictable Michigan weather.

Basketball Uniforms: Please return basketball uniforms to Miss Prins.