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Middle School Matters - Mar 18, 2016

General Announcements

Good Friday Chapel: The All School Good Friday Chapel will be led by 7th and 8th graders on Friday, Mar 25 in the North Gym at 8:15am. Please join us for worship!

Esther School: The Wolters Family will be traveling to the Esther School in Nyangwena, Zambia this spring break. The staff there has recently asked if they would be able to bring some medical supplies with them. As we live our vision to educate the whole child; mind, body and soul in Christian community what better opportunity could there be than to support the Wolters as they in turn offer support to the staff of The Esther School. Some specific requests: CPR masks, Epi pens, scabies cream, baby aspirin, ace bandages and other first aid supplies - band aids, Neosporin, splints, etc. They have also asked for flea and tick medicine for the school dog! If you would like more information about the Esther School visit

Spring Break: If you are planning to leave early for and/or coming back late from spring break with your family please notify the office and their teachers several days in advance. The parent must call or email, not the student. The teachers are not required to prepare assignments or school work in advance for students to take on vacation. For middle school, it is the student’s responsibility to ask the teachers what work needs to be made up following the absence.

Fifth Grade:

Art: 5th grade is working on a Georgia O’Keefe project.

Band: We are working hard! Keep the practice minutes coming - it really helps!

Bible: Bible Memory is due a week from TOMORROW!! 20 points are required. We continue to work on parables, miracles, and other writings for our Jesus project.

Language Arts: This week we start our last writing unit on Persuasive Essays. We also continue working on Subject/Predicates and “Reading in the Wild” activities.

Math: The 5th graders are becoming experts on the characteristics of polygons, measuring angles, and finding area and volume in various figures.

Science: Tech Olympic projects are due the week leading up to Spring Break. If you will be gone early, they are due BEFORE you leave. We are still working on our FOSS kit about Mixtures and Solutions and having fun with some experiments!

Social Studies: Latin American test next Tuesday. The 5th graders will need to know the names of the countries + 10 capitals.

Spanish: Students are quickly learning how to say they’re going places, or asking if someone else is going somewhere.

Sixth Grade:

The Nooks and Crannies Field Trip was today! Thank you parents for coming with us. We enjoyed touring the nooks and crannies of DeVos Hall, and meeting Mr. Varineau who reminded us that God is a creator and we are musical and creative because we are made in God's image!

Art: Next week 6th graders need to complete their torn watercolor landscapes by the end of class. 6th graders should also be writing, uploading to moodle, and bring a printed copy of their artist statement to class. Please check the homework calendar for due dates and sketchbook assignments.

Band: Keep the practice minutes coming - - March is zooming by!

Language Arts: SAVE the DATE: Thursday, April 28 at 6:30 is Fine Arts Night. Sixth grade students will need be at school at 6:15 to set up and prepare to show off all of they have learned about their World Fair Country!! Students received a “Display Board” requirement sheet today.

Math: We will continue to explore geometry. The test is planned for Thursday.

Science: We’re studying weather and water. Students will explore air pressure this week and take an iCheck quiz on Thursday.

Spanish:  6th graders are creating a “Fake Family Photo Album” to be presented Monday (6K) and Tuesday (6D.)

Seventh Grade:

Algebra (7th): We are planning on a cumulative test over chapters 1-9 for Friday, March 25.

Art: 7th graders are working on the Layers of Life project, which is working to have the 7th graders create images that represent their faith, family, and self. Please check the homework calendar for due dates and sketchbook assignments.

Band: Dessert Theatre Performances this week. Next big performance is Fine Arts Night - Thursday, Apr 25.

Bible: We’ve been studying prophets and the exile of the people of Israel. God is faithful to his people!

History: We are working through a unit on the Age of Exploration. We are learning about the many different explorers who came to America and trying to understand what the real result was of these explorations.

Language Arts: The 7th graders will turn in the final version of their outlines on Monday, March 21. Throughout the rest of the week, the students will be learning more about essays - topic sentences, sentence structure in general, and transitions. That way, they can begin preparing for the first draft of their essay, which will be due on March 30.

Pre-Algebra (Kiser): We will continue calculating slope, direct variation, and slope-intercept form.

Pre-Algebra (Holtrop): There will be a test on probability this coming Monday. Next, we will be studying equations.

Science: We are planning a test over FOSS Investigations 1-3 on March 23.

Spanish: Students continue doing a great job with all their new verbs! There will be an -ER and -IR ending verb QUIZ next week: 7H & 7W on Wednesday, 7B on Thursday.

Eighth Grade:

Dessert Theatre: Tonight will be bittersweet as we close our show. I know they will, once again, do an amazing job! Many, many thanks to all of you wonderful parents who have made this year’s High School Musical, Jr. go so smoothly! From transporting your student to gathering armfuls of costumes, to bringing food for the masses, we couldn't do it without you. Thank you for sharing your talented child with us -- They were (are) AWESOME!

Algebra (Witte): We are working through Chapter 9 on Quadratic Equations. Next Friday, if all goes well, we will take a test on Chapter 9.

Algebra (8th): We are now working with exponents. Multiplication and division properties of exponents.

Art: 8th graders need to be completed with the building of their ceramic pots by the end of class Thursday for 8a and Friday for 8B. Please check the homework calendar for due dates and sketchbook assignments.

Band: We will give a big concert on Fine Arts Night! Thursday, April 28. Stay tuned!

Geometry: We are beginning unit 11!

History: Students are working on a Prezi Project highlighting the three most important events that led into the start of the Civil War. This project will be due on Wednesday. Next week we will also start studying the U.S. Civil War.

Language Arts: 8th graders will complete the play The Diary of Anne Frank. In the coming week. On Tuesday, they will have a small vocabulary quiz. Once the play is finished, they will begin preparing for a test to review the material and concepts covered - this will be on March 30.

Science: We continue to explore rocks and minerals; we’ll be specifically looking at weathering and erosion this week.

Spanish: We are learning lunch and dinner vocabulary, as well as cultural differences in meal expectations. We are gearing up for our annual 8th grade trip to an authentic Hispanic restaurant in May!