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Middle School Matters - Mar 17, 2017

General Announcements:

Online Re-Enrollment - PowerSchool Parent Account

Re-enrolling your child(ren) at ACS is about to get easier! As we move away from paper to an online re-enrollment process, we need your help. To prepare for and ensure a smooth transition, we need each returning family to:

  1. Create a PowerSchool Parent account
  2. Link your child(ren) to your account

We will be sending an email with important, individualized instructions to you later today. The process should take about 5 - 10 minutes and we are asking each family to complete the process by Monday, Mar 27.  

Families who already have an ACS PowerSchool Parent account (for a middle school child) do not need to make a new account, but do need to link your other child(ren) in K - 4 to your current account.

Need Help? If you have questions or difficulty creating your account or linking your children to your account, please email .

Effective today, the PowerSchool Mobile app will be disabled because the re-enrollment process must be completed in a web browser. The web version of is mobile friendly and will provide you all the information found in the mobile app plus additional features not found in the app.

Thanks in advance for your help and understanding as we work to improve the re-enrollment process for you.

ACS Track Pants may be ordered - here is the order form you may use. Money and order forms must be turned in to the ACS front office.

Spring Break: Please notify the office if you are leaving early/arriving home late for Spring Break

Dessert Theatre is Mar 23 and 24, 7:00pm; tickets available at the door

Fifth Grade:

5th grade parents- Please consider serving on the Middle School Support Council next year. Contact Bruce Uekert at will be chosen from a hat if a surplus of parents are interested. Please join this important team of parents.

Art: This week we are glazing our ceramic coil pots.

Band: Thank you for coming to see and hear us yesterday! It was great to share our music with you!

Bible: We continue with our Jesus project this week and look at the different kingdoms (Heaven, Earth, and Heaven on Earth) and kinds of crosses associated with Jesus life and death.

Language Arts: We continue on with our persuasive essays all about our favorite non-profit. For this paper we do self, peer, and parent editing. Look for them to come home soon for a parent edit (instructions provided!)

Math: The fractions test came home yesterday. Great job and a huge ‘thank-you’ to the 5th graders on their efforts during this unit, one that can be challenging at times. On deck is Geometry. We will seek to become experts on the characteristics of polygons, measuring angles and finding area and volume for various figures.

Orchestra: Keep up the great practice times. Some are practicing 40 to 60 minutes per day! Focus on #100- to the end of the book.

PE: We will begin our pickleball unit next week!

Science: We have begun our last big unit of the year: Mixtures and Solutions. Once again there will be lots of FOSS Science investigations into the amazing world of Chemistry and those 118 elements. We’ll wrap it up with a trip to Calvin College and a Chemistry Experiment Extravaganza in the Gezon Auditorium.

Social Studies: We wrapped up “Oh Canada” and now head to our neighbors to the south in our hemisphere.

Spanish: Great job on your memory verse! Going places is our current unit! We are using the verb “to go” and are learning how to say many common places in Spanish.

Sixth Grade:

Please sign up if you would like to lead Friday devotions for our 6th grade class. We have several open dates as we come toward the end of the year. Thank you to the many parents who have joined us so far.

Art: 6th grade students need to have their torn watercolor landscapes completed by next Friday for grading. Also next week students will need to bring to class a printed copy of their artist statement that accompanies the torn watercolor landscape. Please check the homework calendar for project due dates and sketchbook homework. Next up is our ceramics unit.

Band: We are learning a lot of great songs! We continue to develop fundamentals. Go band!

Bible (Koetje): We are making O.T. and N.T. connections.

Bible (Westrate): We’re wrapping up a study of Proverbs before spring break.

History: Continuing with the ACS 6th grade Ancient Greece Olympic Games this week. Final event is a test on Thursday. Student will need earbuds or headphones to keep in their computer case by Friday. We will be using them during our Ancient Rome unit for the next four weeks.

Language Arts: Students need to have the “people” paragraph ready for Wednesday. Also, the sixth graders have received instructions and started working through a checklist for the display board. Ask your child to show you the display board handout. Please help encourage your child to stay on top of things.

Math: Students will take their test on inequalities this Monday. Use the Study Guide to review this weekend. Next, we will begin studying geometry!

PE: We wrapped up our badminton unit with a test. We will begin our pickleball unit next week!

Orchestra: Wow- great practice records. They are due Mondays- 90 minutes. Work on Country Dance.

Science: We’ve begun to explore the ways we can determine if things are living or nonliving. This has proved more complicated than we originally thought!

Spanish: We begin presenting our Family Trees this Friday. It is so fun to hear the language put to use in a conversational way! Students will field questions from other students (checking for comprehension, not perfection) and grades will be based on participation as well as fluency.

Seventh Grade:

Parents of 7th Graders: the preparation for the 7th grade class trip has begun! You and the students will be receiving more information in the coming weeks and months, but mark your calendars: the trip will be taking place Jun 1-2 at Nordhouse Dunes. Also, Dessert Theater is this coming Thursday and Friday (Mar 23 and 24)! Please remember to have your child wear a white top and black pants. We will need your child at school from 5:30pm-7:30pm ready to share their musical and serving talents!

Algebra (7th): We will be working on a math project dealing with angles and some geometry concepts.

Art: 7th graders are working on a sculpture project inspired by Lousie Nevelson. The Lego portraits were due this past week. If it is not completed yet it is now losing points, please make arrangements to come in and get this project complete. Please check the homework calendar for project due dates and sketchbook homework.  

Band: Dessert theatre is next week - Mar 23 and 24. We are ready to perform!

Bible Huttenga: Students are exploring their identity in Christ and the concept of sanctification creatively through haikus and artwork.

Bible Wanner: We have spent this week working on the Lord’s Prayer. Next up, is mediation in prayer. Make sure to study for the Bible memory quiz on Monday for Q & A 118.

History: We are working through our first chapter of U.S. History which covers the Age of Exploration. Next week we will continue to learn about the different explorers, where they went, and the impact that these explorers had on the Americas.

Language Arts: 7th graders are currently taking some time to read novels and/or conduct a little more research on their Paideia topics while the outlines are being reviewed. The outlines will be returned next week, and from there students will be revising for their final outline, which will be due March 29. A one-pager assignment is also due that day.

PE: We wrapped up our badminton unit with a test. We will begin our pickleball unit next week!

Math: We will continue to study volume and surface area.

Pre-Algebra: These students are doing so great. We continue to work with Functions, slope, and systems of equations. Our Chapter test will be on Friday, Mar 23. Page 430 in the textbook has a study guide and practice test.

Orchestra: Dessert Theatre is next week Thursday and Friday so continue to polish solos and ensemble pieces. We perform both nights!

Science: We will begin investigation 1 in Populations and Ecosystems and take some time to observe and study Milkweed Bugs.

Spanish: We will only meet once next week (the musical is on Wednesday) and will continue working with all verbs together - conjugations and meanings.

Eighth Grade:

Algebra: We will be reviewing Chapter 9 early next week. The hope will be to take a test on Chapter 9 on Tuesday.

Art: Frank Stella Family shape portraits and printed off artist statements are due next week Wednesday. Next week 8th graders will be learning about and exploring the art of calligraphy. Please check the homework calendar for project due dates and sketchbook homework.  

Band: 2 more scales done - after break each band student will record and share all 16 scales. Go band!

Bible: Students continue to work on their Plumb-Bob project. It is exciting and encouraging to see the thought and effort that students are putting into this assignment.

Geometry: We will finish out chapter on the distance and midpoint formulas and students will take their test on Tuesday.

History: Next week we will begin our study of the US Civil War. We will be studying the strengths, weaknesses, and early strategy of the North and South. We will also look at some early battles including Bull Run and Antietam Creek.

Language Arts: As the 8th graders prep for the Dessert Theater, they will also be studying drama in LA. We will be reading the Goodrich and Hackett adaptation of The Diary of Anne Frank to further explore brokenness, love and humanity in society and history.

PE: We wrapped up our badminton unit with a test. We will begin our pickleball unit next week!

Pre-Algebra Enhanced: We continue to work with Functions, slope, and systems of equations.

Orchestra: Gradually speed up notes in Small O and Ships of Ireland.

Science: We’re studying the nervous system and our senses.

Spanish: Test on current unit will be Tuesday AFTER the musical. COMING UP: GRCH Advanced Placement testing, week of April 17. Northpointe testing will be a little later (TBD.) Students who have done satisfactorily in Spanish at ACS go into Spanish 2 at Lowell. If you have questions about any other schools, please feel free to contact me and I’ll let you know what I can: planning to take a placement test at their respective high school are invited to meet the Wednesday and Thursday after Spring Break for a little Spanish cramming, 3 - 4:30 in Sra. Weaver’s room. (I’ll have snacks.)  


Basketball! All of our basketball teams have now wrapped up their seasons. Congrats to all of the teams on such amazing seasons!

Uniforms: Please turn in all basketball uniforms to Miss Prins as soon as possible.

Spring sports have officially begun! Uniforms will be handed out in the next couple weeks. Students should be prepared to practice indoors and outdoors.