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Middle School Matters - Mar 11, 2016

General Announcements:

Dessert Theatre - Tickets are available online this year for Dessert Theatre. Please consider joining us on either Mar 17 or 18 for dessert and the 8th Grade Musical: High School Musical, Jr. Please order your tickets soon! We are so excited to share our show with you!

Spring Break: If you are planning to leave early for and/or coming back late from spring break with your family please notify the office and their teachers several days in advance. The parent must call or email, not the student. The teachers are not required to prepare assignments or school work in advance for students to take on vacation. It is the student’s responsibility to ask the teachers what work needs to be made up following the absence.

Fifth Grade:

Art: 5th graders are finishing up the Seurat project and begin a Georgia O’Keefe project.

Band: Pages 22 and 23. Charge!

Bible: The 5th graders are coming along on the Jesus Project Bible memory work. Several of them have earned all 20 of the points that are required for this portion of the Jesus Project. Their goal is to select passages that total at least 20 points, from the list of 12 passages from the book of Matthew. This is due 2 weeks from tomorrow- April 25.

Language Arts: Our literary essay is done and coming home today with the graded rubric. This week we have been focusing on subjects and predicates along with writing complete sentences with them. Our next writing unit is on persuasive essays.

Math: The fractions test is coming home today. Great job and a huge ‘thank-you’ to the 5th graders on their efforts during this unit, one that can be challenging at times. On deck is Geometry. We will seek to become experts on the characteristics of polygons, measuring angles and finding area and volume in various figures.

PE: We will continue playing Pickleball!

Spanish: We are going places! Our new unit is about places we go in the community, and the verb, “to go.”

Sixth Grade:

Preparing for Adolescence - Today your child will come home with this parent letter and the book. The book will be used for the "mini-class" we will be having at school on March 28-30. Please send the book back to school with your child no later than Monday, March 28. If you have any questions please let us know.

Art: The 6th grade is working toward completing their torn watercolor Landscapes. There will be a sketchbook assignment handed out next week. Please check the homework calendar for project due date and sketchbook homework.

Band: Practice time is important! We had another very good quiz this week. Yay!

Bible: Bible memory - Ten Commandments # 1 - 8 this week. Continuing our study of Abraham and his family.

History: Our Ancient Greece unit is complete, and our Olympic champions will be crowded next week. Next week we start a new unit looking at Ancient Rome. This unit includes more self paced, online activities that will be completed on Moodle and in their spiral notebook for each lesson. Headphones or earbuds are needed for these units, so please make sure you child has them in their computer case.

Language Arts: Students have started writing informative paragraphs for the World Fair newspaper. Paragraph #2 typed rough draft needs to be ready for a peer to edit by Wednesday, March 16. The final is due on Friday, March 18. Details regarding the World Fair display board will come home next week as well. This is the one part of the project that needs to be completed at home. It’s never too early to begin thinking about that! Life is crazy after spring break. Reminder: Mark your calendars: World Fair night is Thursday, April 28 6:30-8.

Math: We will be looking at some Geometry concepts over the next few weeks. Monday we will celebrate Pie Day. Your student may bring a pie to math to share with their class.

PE: We will finish up Pickleball and begin our spring fitness testing.

Spanish: We are beginning our unit on family.

Seventh Grade:

Algebra (7th): Working on quadratic equations. We plan on taking the chapter 9 test on March 17.

Art: All 7th graders Nevelson box project must be completed by next week Wednesday (just built not painted). The 7th graders are now work on visually represent their faith, family, and self for their next project. Please check the homework calendar for project due date and sketchbook homework.

Band: Dessert Theatre performances are Thursday and Friday, Mar 17 and 18.

PE: We will finish up Pickleball and begin our spring fitness testing.

Pre-Algebra (Kiser): Up Next: Linear Functions. Now we take our excellent equation and inequality skills and put them to use on the coordinate plane. Monday we will celebrate Pie Day. Your student may bring a pie to share with their class.

Pre-Algebra (Holtrop): We will be finishing our chapter on probability and students will take their test on Friday. We’ll also sneak a Pi Day celebration in as well!

Science: Continuing our study of cells.

Spanish: 7th graders are doing great with the -ER ending verbs!

Eighth Grade:

DESSERT THEATRE: We open next week! Encourage your son or daughter to get sufficient rest, drink water, and eat well: Next week is busy! Dress rehearsals from 3 - 6:30 both Monday and Tuesday. In-school matinee for students and teachers Wednesday (NO rehearsal Wednesday after school,) then...SHOWTIME Thursday and Friday. Link to the website:

Algebra (8th): Chapter 7 Test on Tuesday covering Systems of Equations and Inequalities. Students should use the study guide in their book and IXL (Level K) U.1 through U.10 for review materials.

Art: 8th grade continues work on their clay box project. These boxes will be due (just built not glazed) by the Mar 24 for 8a and Mar 25 for 8b. Please check the homework calendar for project due date and sketchbook homework.

Band: 2 more scales learned and also 12+ Chorales.

Bible: We will continue to look at the final week of Christ’s life on earth - The Garden of Gethsemane. We will also have a chance to read our stories to elementary classes on Thursday and next Monday.

Geometry: We will be finishing our unit on surface area and volume. The test will be on Tuesday and Wednesday.

PE: We will finish up Pickleball and begin our spring fitness testing.

Spanish: 8B has their TEST on Tuesday, Mar 15.


Spring sports begin this week! Please check the Wildcats Athletics website for more information.

Lacrosse Sign-up: If you are a 3rd - 8th grade girl we’d love to have you join the Lacrosse team this Spring. Whether you are interested in learning the fastest growing sport in America or just wanting to be active with other great girls their age, please come to one of the indoor practices and give it a try. No experience necessary! The girls will need gym shoes and gym clothes. All other equipment will be provided for these practices. Following are the times:

All Grades: Sat, Mar 5 from 12:30-1:30pm in the All City Gym At GRCHS (Girls Lacrosse Clinic/Parent Info meeting)
3rd/4th Grade: Wed, Mar 16 from 5:30 – 6:30pm at Grand Rapids Christian Elementary School
7th/8th Grade: Wed, Mar 16 from 6:30-7:30pm at GRCES
5th/6th Grade: Wed, Mar 16 from 7:30-8:30pm at GRCES

Questions? Contact:

7/8 Grade Coach: Ashley Schrotenboer –