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Middle School Matters - Jan 29, 2016

General Announcements:

Upcoming Middle School Events:
Feb 05 – Daddy-Daughter Dance
Feb 11&18 – Parent/Teacher Conferences
Feb 19-22 – No School (Winter Break)
Mar 17&18 – Dessert Theatre - 7th and 8th grade students involved

Fifth Grade:

Art: In class we are working on finishing up glazing our coil pots and completing our Modigliani style self portraits.

Band: We rocked page 18 and are now working on 19. Jan practice records are due the first week of Feb. Try for at least 300 minutes each month! I introduced some super fun music apps for tablets - some are also available on laptops and other devices. 2 in particular that are great learning tools and also very fun are Rhythm Cat(free) and Staff Wars ($1). I am on level 11 for Staff Wars. Can your 5th grader pass me? I bet they can!

Bible: The 5th graders have begun working on different Jesus plays in Mr. Hoo’s class. Some of them follow Pilgrim’s Progress, others fit in with our Jesus Project in other ways. They are also writing news reports on one of the miracles of Jesus.

Language Arts: We are learning how to write a literary essay. B.O.B. update - after this week the 5th graders will have two more full weeks to read and pass quizzes on as many books as possible. A quiz point and reading ticket update was sent home on the Weekly Report yesterday.

Math: Our first fraction quiz will be next Wednesday. This will cover greatest common factor, least common multiple, ordering fractions, and writing fractions as decimals. There are plenty of resources on that the 5th graders could use for reinforcement at home.

PE: We will begin our badminton unit!

Science: Astronomy and the stars.

Social Studies: Oh Canada!

Spanish: Great job on the memory verse in Spanish! Our focus will be back on clothing and adjective placement, along with seasons (and what we typically wear during each.)

Sixth Grade:

Art: In class next week students will work on their Picasso inspired self-portraits. These portraits will be due in two weeks. Students should also be working on completing their green watercolor video sheets by February 10 - 6d and February 11 - 6ki. All that is needed to complete this assignment is located on the 6th grade art moodle page. Please watch the homework calendar for due dates.

Band: We are learning some new pieces and working in our method books. Jan practice records are due the first week of Feb. Try for 300 minutes each month! I will introduce some great music apps this week for tablets and computers - SO FUN. 2 in particular that are great learning tools and also super fun are Rhythm Cat(free) and Staff Wars ($1).

Bible: New Bible memory to be handed out on Monday. We will be memorizing the Ten Commandments and the New Testament connections for each commandment. We are continuing our study of the first 9 chapters of the book of Genesis.

History: Mesopotamia Project # 3 and any extra credit project due on Tuesday. Wednesday we will be beginning a study of world cultures in connection with the beginning of World Fair.

Language Arts: We will continue to work on capitalization as well as determining if a word is an adverb or adjective. In addition, we will read some short stories about different cultures and culture shock. Students will need to have their one-inch binders ready for World Fair.

Math: This coming week we will build on our knowledge about expressions and begin a new chapter about solving equations.

PE: We will begin our badminton unit!

Science: We continue to study the water molecule and dissolving.

Spanish: We will get back into descriptions with hair color, length, texture and eye color, plus the verbs SER and TENER.

Seventh Grade:

Art: In class the 7th grade will be given on more week to complete their Lego self-portraits. Please check the homework calendar for due dates and homework.

Band: We are working on Dessert Theatre ensembles and music for our Spring Band Events.

Bible: Isaiah 55:1-7 due Friday, February 5.

History: Next week we will be reviewing material for a test on the history of Africa. Our test will be on Friday and it will cover two notesheets of information. There are a couple of review materials already posted on moodle that students can use to help them review.

Language Arts: While the 7th graders will continue to read Gary Schmidt’s Trouble, we will be shifting our focus a little more towards the Paideia research project during the week following Exploratories. Students have been informed that they must have a separate 3-ring binder (1 inch) for the project, in order to keep all of their notes and research organized. We will do a lot of research in class in order to get used to searching for sources, taking notes, and immediately working information into bibliographies. Note: as students search for notes, they may find it incredibly helpful to have access to a library other than our own at ACS. Parents, now would be a great time to get your child a library card for either KDL or GRPL if they do not have one already.

PE: We will begin our badminton unit!

Pre-Algebra (Kiser): Monday we will factor expressions. Tuesday and Wednesday we will review. Thursday is the test on expressions.

Pre-Algebra (Holtrop): This week we will be studying ratios and rates.

Science:  We have finished our study of butterflies and will be starting the study of cells.

Spanish: We are working with regular -AR verbs, conjugating, speaking, and writing, oh my!

Eighth Grade:

Dessert Theatre: Thank you for all your help in allowing these kids to stay for rehearsals - Just seven (7) more weeks to go!

Washington D.C. Trip: Earlier this week you should have received information about the opportunity to go on a bus trip to Washington D.C. from June 14 - 19. Please return any interest forms to school by Monday morning. If you need a new form, or have any questions, please email Mr. Witte.

Lowell High School Freshman Orientation: If you know that your child will be attending Lowell High School in the fall please join us in the Lowell Performing Arts Center on Thursday, Feb 11 from 7:00 to 8:00pm. Please enter on the West side of the building.

Algebra (Witte): Next week we will continue to look at how to solve systems of equations and inequalities. Later in the week we will be reviewing and preparing for a test as early as Friday.

Algebra (8th): Our focus this week will be to review graphing and solving inequalities. The test will be on Friday.

Art: The 8th graders will work on completing the painting of their Frank Stella family shape projects this week as the projects are due on 2/11 for 8a and 2/12 for 8b. The artist statement form for this project is a available for download from moodle. The artist statements for the project are due 2/17 for 8a and 2/18 for 8b. Please check the homework calendar for project due dates and homework.

Band: We will continue to work on new music of multiple genres, getting ready for spring events.

Bible: We are continuing our study of the characteristic of Jesus in the book of Mark. It would be a good idea to begin working on February Bible memory.

Geometry: This coming week we will be studying special right triangles, trapezoids and circles. There will be a quiz on Tuesday. It will not include special right triangles and trapezoids.

History: This week in history we will be preparing for a Thursday test on Chapter 11. We will be reviewing in class on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Language Arts: 8th graders will continue reading The Giver, as well as working on their Book of Memories project. A one-pager independent reading assignment is due on Friday, February 5.

PE: We will begin our badminton unit!

Science: We continue to study the moon. Stay tuned to the homework calendar for updates about upcoming iChecks.

Spanish: TEST for both 8A & 8B on Friday! More details are on the Moodle calendar (click on the assignment for more.) We will review on Monday in class.

ACS Athletics

Spring sport registration is now open on our ACS 5-8 Athletic Website. Registration will close at 11:45 PM on Tuesday, February 16. If your son or daughter is interested in playing a spring sport, you must register before it closes.

If your 5th – 8th grade son or daughter is interested in playing tennis this spring thru Grand Rapids Christian Schools fill out this 5th - 8th Grade Tennis Sign Up. Please note, this is strictly run by the GRCS as Ada Christian does not have a tennis team.