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Middle School Matters - Jan 20, 2017

General Announcements:

No school for students Mon Jan 23

No hot lunch for 6th - 8th grade students Jan 24-27 - Students must bring their own lunches

Fifth Grade:

Band: Full band Tuesday and Thursday next week. Quiz on The Good Life next Thursday - our first big solo quiz. Practice loads!

Bible: The Jesus Project is prompting so many great discussions: Jesus’ miracles, parables and teachings. The reading/telling of Pilgrim’s Progress is providing one example after another of God’s grace through Pilgrim’s journey, and we have been able to tie in situations in our own life as well through our writings.

Math: We took a quiz on greatest common factors and least common multiples today; these will come home next week. We will continue to build on what we have been working on, and next week we will move on to the second phase of the unit: adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers.  

Orchestra: Work on the FUN new sheet music and keep the tempo steady! Write in fingerings and note names if that is helpful.

Grades 6-8 Exploratory Info

Here are the classes our students could choose from for Exploratory Week 2017. Some classes require certain things brought to school - - please see what your student might need during exploratory week. 

Animals (Want to work with?)

Art of Painting - Make sure to wear clothes that you might not care too much about.
Come with an expression like “yikes” “ZOWIEE” “OH, Cheetos” that you use all the time written down on a notecard.

Bowling--Please be in Mr. Witte’s room on time so we can quickly take attendance and then leave for the bowling alley. I’m looking forward to having a lot of fun!

Build It Test It - Do you have old and unused CD’s or DVD’s? For our mouse trap cars we will be using CD’s and DVD’s as our wheels. Mr. Kiser would love to come across a hundred or more old CD’s or DVD’s.  On Wednesday, we will head outside to launch our model rockets - bring coat, hat and gloves.

Creative Games & Wacky Sports - Please bring PE clothes and gym shoes each day.

Digital Photography - Please remember to bring your camera with a fully charged battery and your computer. Also, if you have a USB cord for your camera please bring it along to help transfer pictures onto your computer. We’ll be spending some time outdoors so wear good shoes and bring warm clothing.

Doctor (Want to be one?)

Film Study - Students, your parents were sent permission forms for viewing the movies in this class. The form is in the style of a Google form, and was emailed. Please remind your parents that these should be completed before Tuesday.

Futsal - Please bring gym shoes and athletic clothes next week.

Geocaching - Please bring your computer and clothes/footwear for adventures outdoors.

Greenhouse Irrigation

Lego Robotics - You will need your fully charged laptop.

Life with Dairy Goats - A WAIVER was sent home Thursday. Students must have this filled out and returned by Tuesday morning. Wear “barn clothes/boots” on Tuesday. Wear long sleeves on Thursday.

Little Mermaid - Bring your script/book and a pencil

MVP Fitness - Be sure to bring PE clothes, athletic shoes, and a water bottle.

Outdoor Adventures - Be sure to bring a sack lunch and dress appropriately for being outside. Due to the warmer weather, some activities will be changed and we will let the students know so that they have what they need for each day.

Paint, Paint, Paint - students will get paint on their clothes. We do wear paint shirts and try to be careful but it is inevitable that they will get some on themselves. Please send some old clothes to wear.

Party Planning

Pinterest Fun

Preschool Aide I/II

Scrapbooking - Please bring an acid-free scrapbook, printed photos, acid-free double-sided tape, plain acid-free paper. It would be helpful if you organize your photos before class. Put similar events/trips together.

Self Defense - Please bring athletic clothes to wear for this activity.

Strategy Games

Work with Hoo - outdoor clothes and footwear

World War II - Bring your laptop to school each day for this class.

Yearbook - Please bring your laptop to school each day.

8th Grade High School Info

Lowell High School Class of 2021 Orientation Thursday, February 9, 2017 Lowell Performing Arts Center 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM Please enter on the West side of the building. This orientation is for parents and their children who will be entering high school in the fall of 2017.

NorthPointe Christian Schools Preview Day, Thursday, January 26th, Shadow a student / 7:35am - 2:35 pm (RSVP required)

Experience firsthand what it is like to be a NorthPointe student.  Students, partner with a current student for the day.  Parents, you are welcome to stay for a tour, breakfast with administrators, and chapel.  For details and RSVP, contact Mrs. Noll at or 616.942.0363