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Middle School Matters – Feb 22, 2019

General Announcements

Exploratory Week - Parents still needed! Next week we are still in need of a few parents to help with chaperoning students to a few of the activities off campus. Please use this link to see what times are needed and sign-up if you can help. Thanks!

8th graders heading to GRCH: At Grand Rapids Christian Schools, we believe a student’s learning and growth does not stop when second semester ends. Summer Session is an exciting way at Grand Rapids Christian High for students to participate in fun enrichment and immersion activities during the summer and earn high school credit. Incoming 9th – 12th grade students can participate in Courses, Workshops, College Prep Activities, and Drivers Training.

There are many great reasons to take a class during Summer Session:

For new students – get a taste of academics at Grand Rapids Christian High School. Make a few friends before high school starts!

  • Get ahead on graduation requirements.
  • Make room in your normal school-year schedule for electives and Advanced Placement classes.
  • Take unique classes that aren’t offered during the school year.
  • Demonstrate to colleges that you invested in summer enrichment.
  • Prepare for college entrance exams.

All summer offerings are posted online at Registration for Summer Session will open at NOON on Mar 01. 

Fifth Grade:

Top Secret (sshhhhhh): 5th graders don’t know about this yet and we would like to keep it a secret until Tuesday. While the 6th-8th graders participate in “Explore” classes next week, the fifth graders will have a theme week in which they will have the opportunity to UNCOVER some  MYSTERIES in each of their classes as well as DISCOVER their IDENTITY in CHRIST. 

Band: We are working on pages 20 and 21- these are “full band” numbers where each section has individual parts. We also have a great full band number called “We’re on a Mission to Rock.” You can probably guess that they like this one a lot!

Orchestra: We are working on orchestra sheet music Sword Dance and St. Lawrence O. as well as pages 30  and 33.

Sixth Grade, Seventh & Eighth Grade Exploratory News

No hot lunch this week for 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade: Due to the unique schedule of Exploratory Week, 6-8th grade will not be able to order Hot Lunch this week. Please be sure to send your students with a sack lunch each day. Thanks.

Missing Work: Students should use this week to get caught up with any late work. Students should check PowerSchool to see if any work is missing.

3D Printing: Next week Mr. Musch and I are really excited to join you in designing and printing 3D creations.

  • You will need your laptop (charged) each day
  • We will use tinkercad as our design tool. 
  • You will design a luggage tag for your laptop
  • You will design something you dream up.
  • The items need to be pretty small - 4” x 4” or smaller
  • Send an email to Mr. Kiser and Mr. Musch before Monday with an idea of something you think we could design and print.   

Bowling: Be ready to bowl! We are going to have a great time bowling at Eastbrook Lanes. If you have your own bowling ball and shoes, feel free to bring them along.

Construction Trades: We are going to have so much fun building a couple little houses.

  • Each day for session 3 (right after lunch) you will meet Mr. Bill in the bus garage.
  • The bus garage is heated, but not as warm as school (approx 60º). 
  • Please wear work clothes.
  • Bring a hammer and tape measure in you have one.

Creative Games: We will be meeting in the south gym (the one with the stage). We’ll be moving around quite a bit over our 4 days of games, so please be sure to bring appropriate gym clothes. There are drinking fountains in the gym, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a water bottle (just water, please, to avoid sticky spills).

Culinary Arts:  For Tuesday, please make sure that your baking group has all of the following supplies here at school. Thanks!

  • 1 large mixing bowl
  • 1 small mixing bowl
  • 1 potato masher
  • 1 rubber spatula
  • 1 fine-mesh strainer (for sifting dry ingredients; this is great if we can get these but if not, they aren't strictly necessary)
  • 1 set measuring cups
  • 1 set measuring spoons
  • 1 spring-loaded scoop (like an ice cream scoop)
  • 2 standard-size 12-count muffin tins

Digital Photography: We will be spending time indoors/outdoors and travelling around Grand Rapids/Ada to take pictures and develop our photography skills! Students will need their computer, camera, a cord to transfer pictures, and warm clothes. :)

Film Study: We are watching “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe” on Tuesday.  We will follow up with discussion on Wednesday. Thursday we will watch “Prince Caspian.”s  We will follow up with discussion and an artistic reflection. No materials necessary although students may bring their preferred art supplies.  Students may also bring a blanket and slippers for our viewing time. Popcorn will be provided as well as basic art materials.

MVP: Students should bring normal PE clothes for this activity and a water bottle.

Outdoor Adventures: Please come prepared to spend a significant amount of time outside each day. Our schedule for the week is as follows: Tuesday: Snowshoeing, Wednesday and Thursday: Cannonsburg, Friday: Ice skating at Rosa Parks Circle. An email will be sent out to students this weekend with more details.

OE with Mr. Hoo: Come dressed to work outside.  Good boots, snow pants, gloves, and a hat are helpful.  

Rock Climbing: During the week we will be traveling to Inside Moves and Higher Ground. Students should wear normal PE clothes for this activity. Please be sure to bring your lunch and water bottle with you each day as we will eat at the climbing center.  

Scrapbooking: Remember to bring a scrapbook, acid-free scrapbook paper, pictures, double-sided tape, and whatever embellishments (stickers, pens, etc) you might want to add to your scrapbook!

Soccer: Please be sure to bring your soccer gear for this activity

So You Dance?: Please be sure to wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move around in!

Strategy Games: Get ready to have fun playing old and new games that will test your wits and will! We will be meeting in Mr. Huttenga’s room on Tuesday to start, but every day after that we will meet in the MS student lounge.

Stop Motion: Come ready to make some fun and creative stop motion films this week. We will use school iPads and an app called Stop Motion Studio.

Yearbook: Please make sure that you bring your laptops to school each day and that they are charged.