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Middle School Matters - Feb 18, 2016

General Announcements:

Parent-Teacher conferences TONIGHT (Feb 18). 5th Grade conferences are pre-scheduled with your homeroom teachers. Middle School conferences are 4:30-7:30pm in the Commons.

Fifth Grade:

Symphony Trip: Our field trip to the GR Symphony is Wednesday, Feb 24. We leave about 9:10 and return by about 11:00am.

Art: We continue to work on the George Seurat Pointillism project.

Band: Hooray for song 100! Thank you for coming to see us and share treats with us!! :)

Bible: Work continues on the Jesus Projects. Keep working on memorizing Bible verses-20 points due by Spring Break.

Language Arts: We continue to work on Literary Essays this week. BOB is finished and we’ll have our extravaganza next week Thursday. Thanks for all the encouragement to read, read, read at home!

Math: 5th graders are working on multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers.

PE: We finished our Badminton unit and will move on to Pickleball this week!

Science: We are finishing up space and constellations and moving on to Physical Matters.

Social Studies: We are finishing up Canada and moving on to learn about our neighbors to the south.

Sixth Grade:

Art: 6th graders will continue experiment with watercolor next week. Check the homework calendar for due dates.

Band: Military Marches! Engines of Resistance! Chester Variations! Practice, practice. We are keeping busy!

Bible: Bible memory for Wednesday - Commandments 1-4. Beginning a new unit on the 2nd half of the Old Testament.

History: Continuing our lessons on Ancient Greece.

Language Arts: The sixth graders have had a very productive week. They finished first drafts of the Culture Poem. Next week Tuesday students will swap poems with a classmate for a peer edit.  Final poems are due on Friday, Feb. 26. Students are also working hard on researching. We will continue this next week as well. Reminder: I have chosen legitimate website resources for students. They should NOT “google” anything.

Math: We continue to work with Function tables. Friday we will touch on Inequalities.

PE: We finished our Badminton unit and will move on to Pickleball this week! There will be a test at the end of the unit. A review sheet is posted on Moodle.

Science: We’re looking at chemical interactions this coming week. A quiz on balancing equations will take place on Thursday. Practice sheets are on moodle.

Seventh Grade:

Algebra (7th): Due to the two hour delay, our chapter 8 math test has been rescheduled for Tuesday, February 23

Art: 7th graders will spend this next week working on their sculpture projects based on Lousie Nevelson. Please check the homework calendar for due dates.

Band: Dessert Theatre music continues, along with loads of sheet music.

Bible: Students are participating in a Bible study and should be talking with you about some of the journals that they are writing. We are also doing a study about prayer.

History: Next week we will continue our study of the history of Latin America.

Language Arts: We continue researching for Paideia in the coming week! Pretty soon, the 7th graders will be tackling their first milestone: the outline. Much more specific information regarding this segment will be sent to parents to prepare them. During the coming week, 7th graders will also prepare for a small test on the book Trouble. The test will be on Friday, February 26. There is a review guide and book summary on Moodle.

PE: We finished our Badminton unit and will move on to Pickleball this week! There will be a test at the end of the unit. A review sheet is posted on Moodle.

Pre-Algebra (Kiser): Equations with variables on both sides and inequalities will be our two main concepts next week.

Pre-Algebra (Holtrop): We will continue to work with percents and students will have a test this coming Friday.

Science: Just started our FOSS investigation 2 which is on the microscope.

Spanish: TESTS coming up: 7H and 7W on Wednesday, Feb. 24th; 7B on Thursday, Feb. 25th. Details are on the Moodle homework calendar (click on the assignment line and details will display)

Eighth Grade:

NorthPointe: 8th Grade students and families are invited to visit NorthPointe Christian High School apart! Tuesday, March 1st at 7:00pm, join us for our Information Night. Discover more about NorthPointe's high performing athletics, college prep academics, award-winning fine arts, vibrant spiritual community, and much more! RSVP appreciated. Please contact Brittany Johnson with questions, 616.942.0350 x276


Algebra (Witte): Next week we will continue chapter 8, our study on exponents.

Algebra (8th): We have slowed down our pace and continue to wrestle with systems of equations. Next week we will focus on the elimination method of solving systems of equations.

Art: 8th grade will start clay next week. Please check the homework calendar for due dates.

Band: Still more scales have been added to our arsenal. Be ready to hear a festival of scales - they learn these so quickly!

Bible: Who is Jesus? Final Project due on Wednesday. Next Bible memory due on February 29.

Geometry: Students will have a quiz on chapter 9 on Thursday and we will begin chapter 10 on Friday.

History: Next week we will continue looking at our chapter on Western Expansion.

Language Arts: Our final week focusing on The Giver before moving on to a focus on grammar. We will be having a class activity on Thursday, February 25 that students and parents will receive more information about via email. There will be a test on The Giver on Friday, February 26.

PE: We finished our Badminton unit and will move on to Pickleball this week! There will be a test at the end of the unit. A review sheet is posted on Moodle.

Science: Our focus for the week is “What’s in the solar system...and what’s beyond it?” A test over our Planetary Science Unit will be on Wednesday, Mar 02. Review materials will be posted on moodle at some point this week.

Spanish: Skits were great! We will add more possessive pronouns, along with combining verbs.


Spring sport registration is now closed. You will receive information regarding spring sports as we near the beginning of the spring season. Information will also be posted on the ACS Athletics website. If you have any questions regarding spring sports please contact Carly Prins at .

Tennis: If your 5th – 8th grade son or daughter is interested in playing tennis this spring through Grand Rapids Christian Schools fill out this 5th - 8th Grade Tennis Sign Up. Please note, this is strictly run by the GRCS as Ada Christian does not have a tennis team.