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Middle School Matters – Dec 20, 2019

General Announcements

Dates for your calendar:

Jan 06 - Back to School

Jan 07 - Geography Bee at 10:05am in the Commons

Jan 08 - Spelling Bee at 8:15am in the Commons

Upcoming Chapels/Small Groups for 6-8 (Chapel meets 8:15-8:45 in the Commons)

Jan 10 & 17 - Small Groups

Jan 24 - MS Chapel

Fifth Grade: 

Bible: This week we presented our country newspapers and talked about misconceptions related to Jesus’ birth. Your child needs to have filled out their Baptism sheet by Mon. Jan 6. If you have any items or pictures from their baptism, please send those in for a mini show-and-tell. If your child hasn’t been baptized, no fret! You will know which questions to fill out on the sheet. We will be having a discussion after break about the differences in how different churches approach baptism.

History: As we learn about the 1st colonies, we are participating in a series of simulations and Class Colony Projects. This week we learned what a colony is and what the voyage across the Atlantic Ocean would be like. Students completed their first Class Colony Project -- ask them about it!

Language Arts: We will start a reading incentive program (B.O.B. - Bring On the Books) in January. 

Music - Band/Choir: We will continue to review musical concepts, symbols and notation, and for choir we will be studying the music we will be hearing at our upcoming GR Symphony field trip. 

Sixth Grade:

Bible: This week we continued learning about Advent and presented Advent collages that displayed how each student sees God’s light in our world.

History: Students completed their unit on Ancient Mesopotamia this week. After the break, we will begin learning about Ancient Egypt!

Language Arts: We work through the parts of speech in January.

Music - Band: We have our new method books - - I think we will blaze right through them. 

Music - Choir: We will begin a unit about the Sound of Music after the break.

Seventh Grade:

Music - Band: We will be reviewing musical notation, symbols and things like key signatures and also musical math.

Music - Choir: We will be listening to The Moldau, The Planets, and other gorgeous classical pieces.

Eighth Grade:

Grand Rapids Christian High School Academic Advisor Meeting: GRCHS 8th Grade Scheduling Thur, Jan 09, 2020

Parents of Ada Christian 8th Graders you are invited to an 8th grade scheduling meeting with the Grand Rapids Christian High School Academic Advisors

Please join us on Thur, Jan 09 at 6:30pm at Ada Christian to learn about the exciting things happening at Grand Rapids Christian High School.  Academic advisors from Grand Rapids Christian High School will meet with parents and students to provide valuable information about the Grand Rapids Christian High School curriculum, graduation requirements, and freshman courses.

Please register.

Even if you are not sure which high school your child will be attending next year, we encourage you to attend this event and complete all of the scheduling forms. There is no cost to complete the paperwork and it does not serve as a commitment to enroll, by attending however, you will have the very best chance of getting the courses your student selects for their freshman year at GRCHS.

We appreciate your attendance as you contemplate this transition from middle school to high school and we look forward to meeting you soon. If you have any questions, please contact the Grand Rapids Christian High School Counseling Office at 574-5651.

If you are unable to attend this scheduling night, please contact Vickie Fischer, Director of Admissions,  at 616-574-5605 to make alternate arrangements.

NOTE: Both GRCHS and NPC counselors will be here during the school day on Fri, Jan 10 to meet with students wanting to complete the scheduling process.

BibleVN: We continue to work through Matthew. The parable projects were so great!! Well done!

Music - Band: We have our next method book - it’s a doozy, but they are totally capable.

Music - Choir: We are studying The Planets by Gustav Holst.